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50 Amp Generator Cord

50 Amps generator cord is used to connect power generators with NEMA 120/240V 50A 14-50R receptacle and RVs and other vehicles, boats, off-the-grid, and other installations utilizing the 50 Amp receptacles, usually SS2-50R or 14-50R receptacles.

50 Amps generator cords are heavy-duty cords, usually made using pure copper wires coated with a heavy-duty flame retardant, heat, and UV resistant PVC. Such construction provides excellent protection from rain, wind, snow, soil, sand, rocks, etc.

Published: August 13, 2022.

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50 Amps Generator Cord Features and Specifications

As its name suggests, 50 Amps generator cord must be able to transfer 50 Amps with energy losses at an acceptable level.

Simple, right? Well ...

50 Amps generator cords consist of four (4) wires, including:

  • 2 (two) phase 120V wires, usually 6 Gauge Wires,
  • 1 (one) neutral wire, usually 6 Gauge Wire,
  • 1 (one) ground wire, usually 8 Gauge wire.

This allows 50 Amps generator cords to transfer up to 12kW of electric power:

2 x (120V x 50A) = 12000W = 12 kW


1x (240 x 50A) = 12000W = 12 kW

regardless of how they are used.

Note: 50 Amps generator cords' wires are usually written as "6/3+8/1 Gauge", which means three 6 gauge wires and one 8 gauge wire. However, in order to decrease energy losses, especially if longer cords are used, having a 4/3+6/1 gauge 50 Amps wires are recommended, although they are heavier, bulkier, more difficult to work with, and in the end, more expensive.

Here is a video that explains a lot regarding 30A and 50A cords:

How To Make a 50 Amps Generator Cord?

The main parts of the 50 Amps generator cord are:

  • 14-50P plug, which is plugged in the 14-50R receptacle, found on, for example, 50 Amps power generator,
  • Extension cord consisting of 6/3+8/1 or preferably 4/3+6/1 pure copper wires, with a heavy-duty protective coating,
  • SS2-50R twist lock receptacle (or 14-50R receptacle, depending on the intended use) for connecting to RVs, homes, and similar.

Since they are rather simple, 50 Amps generator cords can be easily made at home, using the required parts - a required plug on one side, a required receptacle on another side of the cord, and a strong-enough cord in between.

Although factory-made high-quality 50 Amps generator cords are not cheap, neither are their parts. Also, it takes some time and effort to make such a cord.

Personally, if You are not in a hurry, either buy 50 Amps generator cord in local hardware or a similar store or order it from the online shops - with fast delivery, You can have it in 24-72 hours at your doorstep.