Battery Equivalents and Replacements

A23, 8LR932, 1811A, V23GA, MN21, 8LR23, A23S Battery Equivalents and Replacements

The A23 battery is a non-rechargeable alkaline cylindrical cell battery often used in small electronic devices requiring higher voltage, like home security systems, garage door openers, Bluetooth headsets, key-less vehicle entry systems, video games controllers, cameras, and other similar devices and electronic gadgets.

The A23 battery is manufactured by most battery brands and finding a replacement battery shouldn't be a problem. But, like many similar batteries, the A23 battery comes with a broad set of labels, often used by just one manufacturer.

Updated: February 20, 2023.

a23 battery

A23 Battery Features and Specifications

The A23 battery's physical dimensions are 10.3 mm in diameter and 28.5 in length, and it weighs around 0.3 oz (8 grams).

According to the IEC standard, the battery's label is 8LR932, and according to the ANSI standard, its label is 1811A.

However, the A23 battery is also commonly known as V23GA, MN21, 8LR23, A23S, 23A, 23AE, L1028, 1811A, etc.

Internally, the A23 battery consists of 8 alkaline LR932 batteries connected in series - hence the label according to the IEC standard of 8LR932.

LR932 battery itself is an alkaline battery, 9.3 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm in height, with a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts and a cut-off voltage of 0.9-1.0 volts.

Note: LR932 battery is almost never used as a single battery.

Thus, the A23 battery's nominal voltage is 12.0 volts, the cutoff voltage is 6.0-8.0 volts, and the nominal capacity is in the 50-60 mAh range - cutoff voltage also depends on the cutoff voltage of the device, while the capacity also depends on discharge current, battery age, temperature, and similar.

Since LR932 are alkaline batteries (1.5V nominal voltage, 0.9-1.0V cutoff voltage), A23 battery voltage also drops over time, and when the voltage drops down to 6.0-8.0 volts, the battery is considered to be fully discharged.

Note: Temperature also influences voltage, especially when the battery is in use for a longer period of time. If you are facing issues with an 'almost dead' battery due to freezing temperature and need your battery for 'just one more click,' try to warm it in your armpits for a few minutes - voltage might increase above the required threshold for the device You are having, giving You a chance to use it one more time. Obviously, change the battery as soon as possible!

Energizer A23 Battery

energizer a23 w300px

Energizer A23 battery is a non-rechargeable alkaline battery featuring a nominal capacity is 50 mAh, measured using a 20 kΩ resistor at 21°C down to 6.0 volts.

Higher discharge currents lead to capacity drop, for example, at 5 mAh, capacity drops down to ~43 mAh, at 10 mAh, down to ~30 mAh, at 15 mAh, down to ~26 mAh, etc.

Also, actual capacity and the battery runtime depend on the cutoff voltage of the used device - for example, when the battery is discharged using a 20 kΩ resistor/load at 21°C, the typical discharge duration is:

  • down to 8.8 volts: 92 hours,
  • down to 7.2 volts: 98 hours,
  • down to 6.0 volts: 100 hours.

So, the Energizer A23 battery, although alkaline battery, features an output voltage above 9.0 volts for almost 90% of discharge time when discharged using a 20 kΩ resistor/load at 21°C.

That is why it is one of the most popular A23 batteries on the market, used for powering various devices.

For more about this battery, feel free to check the Energizer A23 Battery (Amazon link, opens in the new window) and/or Energizer A23 Battery Datasheet (PDF) (link opens in the new window).

Duracell A23 Battery

duracell mn21 a23 battery

Duracell A23 battery is a non-rechargeable alkaline battery featuring a nominal capacity of 60 mAh, measured using a 20 kΩ resistor/load at room temperature (~20°C) down to 6.0 volts.

The battery features an annual self-discharge rate of 10% (@20°C), recommended storage temperature range of 5°C to 30°C, and an operating temperature range of -10°C to +60°C. 

Duracell A23 battery supports both high- and low-load applications, including pulse applications as well.

For example, when the battery is discharged at room temperature, it can operate:

  • 46kΩ load, initial current 0.22 mA, down to 6 volts: up to 315-320 hours,
  • 20kΩ load, initial current 0.52 mA, down to 6 volts: up to ~130 hours,
  • 10kΩ load, initial current 0.96 mA, down to 6 volts: up to 60-62 hours,
  • 470Ω, down to 8.25 volts: ~40-42 minutes,
  • 15mA, 5s/55s On/Off, down to 6.0 volts: ~2150 pulses.

That is why the Duracell A23 battery is also one of the most popular A23 batteries on the market used for various electronic gadgets, Bluetooth devices, game controllers, door openers, medical devices, calculators, etc.

For more about this battery, feel free to check the Duracell A23 Battery (Amazon link, opens in the new window) and/or Duracell A23 Battery Datasheet (PDF) (link opens in the new window).

Of course, there are other reputable and popular battery brands on the market that also make dependable and reliable A23 batteries, for example (Amazon links, open in the new windows):

A23 Battery vs A27 Battery

A23 batteries and A27 batteries are two very similar batteries, sharing similar dimensions and internal design.

While the A27 battery features dimensions of 8.0 x 28.2 mm and internally consists of 8 (eight) LR632/LR732 batteries, the A23 battery features dimensions of 10.3 x 28.5 mm and internally consists of 8 (eight) LR932 batteries.

A23 Battery A27 Battery
a23 battery m a27 m

So, A23 and A27 batteries have very similar heights (28.5 mm vs. 28.2 mm), but the A23 batteries are wider (10.3 mm vs. 8.0 mm).

Both batteries feature a nominal voltage of 12 volts, but due to the larger internal volume, A23 features a larger capacity (on average, 50-60 mAh vs. 20-22 mAh).

In most situations, the A27 battery may easily fit into the battery compartment intended for the A23 battery, but with the placement issues - due to the smaller diameter, the A27 battery may have issues with contacts, especially when the device is in motion.

Some devices that are designed to be powered with A23 batteries also feature small plastic battery adapters, being able to hold the A27 battery firmly in place of the A23 battery - this allows the user greater flexibility in finding the required battery replacement, but if the device is regularly used, A27 battery will be discharged much faster than the A23 battery.

A23 Battery vs. N-Cell (E90) Battery

enrgizer e90 n cell battery

A23 and N-cell (E90) battery feature very similar physical dimensions:

  • A23 battery: 10.3 x 28.5 mm
  • N-cell (E90) battery: 12 x 30.2 mm.

Battery compartments intended for N-cell (E90) batteries may easily accept A23 batteries (again, with possible contact issues), while some (but not all) battery compartments intended for A23 batteries may accept N-cell (E90) batteries.

Also, both A23 and N-cell (E90) batteries are alkaline batteries - and that is where the similarities end!

A23 batteries feature a nominal voltage of 12V, while N-cells feature a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts - if the A23 battery is placed into the battery compartment intended for the N-cell battery, there is a great chance of damaging the device due to the huge voltage difference.

For short, A23 and N-cell batteries are not compatible and should not be used interchangeably!

A23 Battery vs. AAA Battery

duracell aaa ultra w250

Both A23 and AAA batteries are cylindrical batteries featuring similar diameters:

  • A23 battery: 10.3 x 28.5 mm,
  • AAA battery: 10.5 x 44.5 mm.

However, two AAA batteries placed one on another feature physical dimensions of 10.5 x 89 mm, while three A23 batteries placed one on top of the others feature physical dimensions of 10.3 x 85.5 mm.

Battery compartments intended for two AAA batteries (total of 3.0 volts) may accept three A23 batteries (total of 36 volts), but such voltage difference may damage even the toughest device.

For short, two AAA batteries cannot and should NOT be replaced by three A23 batteries.

A23 Battery vs. 2/3AAA Battery

pkcell 2 3rds aaa battery

A23 and 2/3AAA batteries feature very similar physical dimensions:

- A23 battery: 10.3 x 28.5 mm,

- 2/3AAA battery: 10.5 x 29-30 mm (length may vary among the models).

While the A23 battery is a non-rechargeable alkaline 12V battery, 2/3AAA batteries are mostly rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries with a nominal voltage of 1.2V and are commonly used in solar lights, solar lawn lamps, compact LED flashlights, digital cameras, remote control devices, toys, etc.

Obviously, due to the voltage difference, A23 and 2/3AAA batteries are not compatible.

Note: there are several more standard battery sizes that are very similar in size to the A23 batteries, but due to the voltage differences, they should not be used to replace A23 batteries and vice versa.

A23 Battery Safety Issues

Just like any other small and shiny object, the A23 battery may get swallowed by a child or pet - some people consider 10.3x28.5 mm batteries hard to swallow, and they are hard to swallow, but ...

Modern A23 batteries don't contain heavy metals like mercury, lead, and cadmium, but they are nonetheless dangerous, especially 12V batteries, which may cause heavy internal injuries and burns due to electrolysis when they come in contact with the body's fluids.

If the A23 or any similar battery gets swallowed, call the local emergency center immediately and act according to their instructions.

That is the reason why most brands package their A23/MN21 and similar batteries using so-called 'pets and kids safe packages', which are sometimes hard to open even by adults - but better safe than sorry...

A23 Battery Frequently Asked Questions - A23 Battery FAQ

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions about A23 batteries:

Is A23 Battery the same as N?

No, the A23 battery and N-cell battery have similar dimensions but have different voltages and should not be used interchangeably.

What is the maximum current drawn from a 12V A23 battery?

The maximum recommended pulse current for a 12V A23 battery is somewhere in the 10-20 mA range, usually around 15 mA.

Are A23 and 23A batteries the same batteries?

Yes, they are different labels for the same battery. Just in case, if unsure, always check the battery dimensions, chemistry, and voltage.

At what voltage is an A23 battery considered dead?

Around 6.0 volts, although a voltage of 8.0 volts means that the battery has very little charge left.

How long does a 23A 12V battery last?

On average, they last 2-3 years, but some models support a 3-5 years shelf life. When the battery is used, its operating life can be much shorter, depending on the used device.

Is Energizer N the same as A23?

No, it is not.

Can I use A23 batteries instead of A27?

If the A23 battery can fit the A27 battery compartment without damaging it, then yes, the A23 battery can be used instead of the A27 battery.

What size is a 23A 12V battery?

The same as the size of the A23 12V battery: 10.3 x 28.5 mm.

Where to buy an A23 12V battery?

A23 12V battery can be found in local hardware stores or can be ordered from online shops.

a23 energizer

For Short: A23 battery may easily be found at local hardware shops, online stores, and similar places. Since they have a good shelf life (3-5 years, sometimes even more), and are rather cheap, having a few of them stored is not a big expense.

When looking for a new A23 battery or batteries, always go for batteries from reputable brands that have many good reviews - they have already been tried and tested by numerous users in real-life situations.

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