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AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B 12V 8Ah 480A Lithium Powersports Battery

AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B 12V 8Ah 480A Lithium Powersports Battery is a compact and ultralight starting battery based on the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, combined with a built-in Battery Management System, which protects the battery from unwanted events.

AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B battery features quad terminals and a spacer, allowing the battery to be a direct replacement for YTX12-BS and YTX14-BS Powersports/motorcycles lead-acid batteries.

Published: March 29, 2023.

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AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B Lithium Powersports Battery Features and Specifications

AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B battery feature physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 5.91 x 3.43 x 5.1 inches (~150 x 87 x 130 mm), making it a YTX12-BS Powersports/motorcycle battery.

But, the battery also comes with a 0.6 inches (15 mm) spacer, increasing its height to 5.71 inches (~145 mm), essentially making it a YTX14-BS Powersports/motorcycle battery.

Thus, regardless if you are looking for a YTX12-BS or YTX14-BS battery, consider AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B battery.

To help the users with mounting the batteries in tight and narrow battery compartments, AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B battery features quad terminals - the battery comes with four M5 terminal screws and screws for the battery spacer.

AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B battery also features a very low self-discharge rate, allowing the user to store the battery without worrying too much about the battery's remaining capacity. However, it is recommended to recharge the battery every few months.

Note: to verify the remaining battery charger, feel free to use the test button on top of the battery.

The battery weighs 3.2 pounds (~1.45 kg) and is, on average, at most half the weight of lead-acid YTX12-BS and at most one-third the weight of lead-acid YTX14-BS batteries.

The battery's nominal voltage is 12V, with an actual battery voltage of 12.8V and a nominal capacity of 8Ah.

Since the battery features very low internal resistance, AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B battery ensures stronger and more reliable starts than similar lead-acid batteries.


AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B battery features a broad operating temperature range of -18°C to 60°C, ensuring 280 CCA and 480 CA ratings, which is a good result for a LiFePO4 battery.

 How To Charge AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B Battery

When the battery is connected to the electric system of the motorcycle, ATV, jet-ski, or any similar vehicle, let the onboard charger keep the battery charged.

When the battery is kept outside the vehicle and needs to be recharged, consider using a dedicated lithium battery charger or advanced AGM battery charger with lithium battery charging mode.

Note: Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are not charged using the same charging modes as lead-acid batteries.

Since it features a battery capacity of 8Ah, it is recommended to use battery chargers with 1-2 Amps charging current.

AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B Battery As Deep Cycle Battery

AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B battery is designed and intended as starting/cranking battery, and as such, it should be used.

However, the battery provides stable ~12V output even when being deeply discharged - such use may include a fish finder battery, LED lights battery, and similar.

The battery tolerates such use well, but it must be completely recharged after each use, or You are risking the battery not to properly crank the engine at the next use.

For short, the battery can be used as a deep-cycle battery, but it is not what this battery is intended for.

amx12 st080b mLong Story Short: If You are looking for a new lithium Powersports YTX12-BS or YTX14-BS battery, consider AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B battery - it is a strong and lightweight battery that accepts charge well and features a very low self-discharge rate.

When being stored for a longer period of time, to prevent parasite currents from discharging the battery, disconnect the battery from the vehicle.

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