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Antigravity AG-802 Lithium 6V Motorcycle Battery

Antigravity AG-802 is a compact and ultralight 6V lithium starting battery intended for older classic motorcycles that are still using a 6V electric system.

Also, Antigravity AG-802 can be used for all other high-discharge 6V applications where a small and powerful battery is required.

Published: September 16, 2021.

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Antigravity AG-802 6V Lithium Starting Battery Features and Specifications

Antigravity AG-802 features physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 4.25 x 2.25 x 3.75 inches (~110 x 57 x 95 mm) and weighs only 1.56 pounds (~0.7 kg), ensuring great weight savings when compared with lead-acid flooded, AGM and Gel-Cell batteries.

When compared with lead-acid batteries, Antigravity AG-802 is comparable with 6V 12-20Ah lead-acid batteries, while Antigravity AG-802 itself features 10Ah nominal capacity - although lithium batteries generally cycle much better than lead-acid batteries, Antigravity AG-802 is intended as starting battery only.

Note: Personally, I would rather cycle Antigravity AG-802 than any similar lead-acid battery...

When the battery arrives, the package also contains adhesive-backed foam, helping with the installation in the battery compartments of various sizes.

One of the very interesting features of the Antigravity AG-802 battery is its very low self-discharge rate, allowing the user to store the battery for up to a year, assuming that there are no parasite loads that would drain the battery during storage/wintering.

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Note: In order to protect the Antigravity AG-802 battery, voltage regulators of old motorcycles should be updated, to prevent voltage spikes - Antigravity AG-802 can be charged with the vehicle's charging system and, if required, with a suitable 6V lithium battery charger with the maximum charging current of 4 Amps.

Long Story Short: If You have a 6V motorcycle that is not converted to 12V and which requires a 6V battery with a CA of 120 Amps or less, consider Antigravity AG-802 6V lithium battery.

Considering its weight, it is a surprisingly strong battery, being able to crank relatively large engines. Also, it can be used in other high-current 6V applications as well.

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