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DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT Portable Power Station/Battery Charger

DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT Portable Power Station/Battery Charger is a tough and versatile unit intended for powering various corded tools and appliances that accept modified sine wave 120V AC power on construction sites, workshops, at homes, and similar.

Also, the DeWalt DCB1800B power station doubles as a 4x battery charger, being able to charge DeWalt 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT batteries using 120V AC power.

Published: September 12, 2022.

dewalt dcb1800b 1

DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT Features and Specifications

DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT features physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 12.75 x 10.75 x 21.3 inches (~32.4 x 27.3 x 54.1 cm) and it weighs without the battery ~18 pounds (~8.15 kg).

The unit runs on 4 DeWalt 20V MAX or FLEXVOLT batteries and offers 1800 running watts and 3600 starting watts - the unit can easily replace a smaller power generator in terms of power at home or on the construction site.

Actual runtime depends on the unit's load and the used batteries - if high loads are anticipated, the manufacturer recommends using at least 20V 3.0Ah batteries.

DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT is very simple and easy to use, but when it arrives, be sure to read its instructions, just in case.

dewalt dcb1800b 2

While DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT can be used as both a battery charger and as a power station, it features only ONE power receptacle - this single output port is enough for powering a single corded tool that requires less than 1800 running watts and 3600 surge watts.

If the unit is going to be used as a power station for powering several tools and appliances, an extension cord with multiple receptacles must be used, just be aware of the combined power of attached tools and devices.

Note: DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT uses modified sine wave output voltage and is unsuitable for powering very sensitive appliances and devices. For such units, consider a power station with pure sine wave output.

As a charger, DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT charges simultaneously up to four DeWalt 20V MAX and FLEXVOLT batteries with all the safety features that other DeWalt battery chargers offer.

Also, DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT supports connecting/attaching to the DeWalt ThoughSystem Tool Box System, but it is recommended to keep the DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT at the very top.

dewalt thoughsystem

Also, the unit's weight may increase the height of the center of gravity of the whole system, so be careful regarding the stability.

DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT is offered as:

  • Bare Tool - highly recommended for people already having four DeWalt 20V MAX or FLEXVOLT batteries,
  • Power Station/Battery Charger Kit with 4x DeWalt DCB205 20V 5.0Ah batteries - highly recommended for people requiring both the power station, battery charger, and batteries.

dewalt dcb205 battery

When four new, fully charged DeWalt DCB205 batteries are used, one may expect:

E(Stored Energy) = 4 x 18V x 5.0Ah = 360 Wh

and with ~85% energy efficiency of the device:

E(Effective Energy) = 0.85 * 360 Wh = 306 Wh

So, four new, fully charged DeWalt DCB205 batteries provide ~300Wh effectively.

Considering the price of the DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT and four DCB205 batteries, 300Wh is not a commendable result, but:

  • DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT is not just a power station; it is also a 4-port battery charger,
  • DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT is a much tougher unit than most similar power stations/battery chargers,
  • DeWalt DCB205 and similar batteries used for powering DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT can also be used to power a long line of DeWalt power tools.

Of course, DeWalt also offers larger batteries with larger capacities, increasing the stored energy and prolonging the runtime on a single battery charge.

Long Story Short: DeWalt DCB1800B FLEXVOLT power station/battery charger can come in handy in many situations, from construction sites to homes and garages.

While there are smaller and more compact power stations with more receptacles and smaller and more compact DeWalt battery chargers, DeWalt DCB1800B is a 2-in-1 unit, simplifying storage and delivery. Also, it is a rather tough and durable unit.

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