Battery Equivalents and Replacements

BTX5L-BS, YTX5L-BS, CTX5L-BS Battery Equivalents and Replacements

BTX5L-BS batteries are small and compact cranking batteries very often used for starting small gas internal combustion engines in Powersports applications, for starting small power generators, lawn mowers, and for all other applications where the electric start of small engines is preferred over manual starting.

BTX5L-BS are also labeled as YTX5L-BS, CTX5L-BS, GTX5L-BS, PTX5L-BS, STX5L-BS, AZTX5L-BS, BTX5L-BS, DTX5L-BS, etc, with the YTX5L-BS being the most common one.

Updated: June 24, 2023.

mighty max ytx5l bs

YTX5L-BS Battery Features and Specifications

YTX5L-BS battery features physical dimensions of 4.4375 x 2.75 x 4.125 inches (113 x 70 x 105 mm), and on average lead-acid YTX5L-BS battery features a nominal voltage of 12 volts, nominal 10h capacity of 4 Ah, and CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) rating between 65 and 80 Amps.

Most popular YTX5L-BS batteries are sealed, spill-proof, Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. These batteries are practically maintenance-free batteries, very reliable, and very resistant to vibrations and mechanical impacts (don't abuse this!). They come at a very low price, justifying investing a few dollars/euros more into more quality brands (Chrome, Weize, Everlast, Mighty Max, etc.).

weize ytx5l bs

YTX5L-BS battery features a positive terminal on the right side. Its nuts and bolts terminals ensure firm fit; just check periodically (every few months, depending on the use) to ensure there is no corrosion on the terminals.

The following YTX5L-BS batteries cross-reference chart lists some of the most popular YTX5L-BS batteries with their most important features and specifications:

Model 10h Capacity (Ah) CCA (Amps) Weight (lbs/kg) Review
AJC ATX5L - 70 4.14 lbs; 1.87 kg -
AMPXELL YTX5L-BS 3.5 210 (Lithium) 1.77 lbs; 0.80 kg -
Chrome YTX5L-BS 4 70 4 lbs; 1.82 kg -
Chrome YTX5L-BS iGel 4 70 4.05 lbs; 1.84 kg -
Chrome YTX5L-BS Pirate Bay 4 70 3.7 lbs; 1.68 kg -
Energizer TX5L 4 70 3.92 lbs; 1.78 kg -
Everlast CTX5L-BS 4 80 - -
ExpertPower YTX5L-BS 5 75 3.62 lbs; 1.64 kg -
ExpertPower YTX5L-BS Gel 5 - 3.61 lbs; 1.64 kg -
Interstate YTX5L-BS 4 80 4.77 lbs; 2.16 kg -
MaxLithium YTX5L-BS 3.5 210 (Lithium) 1.76 lbs; 0.80 kg -
Mighty Max YTX5L-BS 4 65 3.62 lbs; 1.64 kg -
Mighty Max YTX5L-BS Gel 4 80 3.69 lbs; 1.67 kg -
MMG YTX5L-BS Gel 5 (20h) 80 4 lbs; 1.82 kg -
MMG YTX5L-BS 1.67 120 (Lithium) 1.07 lbs; 0.49 kg -
Moskee YTX5L-BS 4 70 3.97 lbs; 1.80 kg -
Neptune YTX5L-BS 5 (20h) 70 3.7 lbs; 1.68 kg -
NOCO NLP5 2 250 max. (Lithium) 1.5 lbs; 0.69 kg NOCO NLP5
PowerStar PS5L-BS 4 145 4.5 lbs; 2.04 kg -
PowerTex PTX5L 2.5 75 (Lithium) 1.1 lbs; 0.50 kg -
SDULIBITIY YTX5L-BS 2 200 (Lithium) 0.84 lbs; 0.38 kg -
SigmasTek ST5L-BS 4 80 4.14 lbs; 1.86 kg -
TPE YTX5L-BS 3 200 (Lithium) 0.86 lbs; 0.39 kg -
UPLUS EB5-3 4 80 3.97 lbs; 1.80 kg -
Yuasa YTX5L-BS 4 80 4.2 lbs; 1.90 kg -
Weize YTX5L-BS 4 125 3.38 lbs; 1.53 kg -

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YTX5L-BS AGM and Gel-cell batteries weigh ~4 pounds (~1.8 kg) and represent almost no additional load for any Powersports vehicle - if those 4 pounds are of an issue, even lighter lithium-ion YTX5L-BS batteries may be used which weigh on average only 0.8 - 1.8 pounds (~0.36 - 0.8 kg) and are even able to crank slightly larger engines with their 100+ CCA.

mighty max ytx5l bs lithium

Personally, unless You are a professional driver, You will hardly feel the ~2-3 pounds difference between AGM and lithium YTX5L-BS battery.

However, lithium YTX5L-BS batteries often come with the onboard voltmeter, allowing the user to verify the remaining battery charge directly. Also, the built-in Battery Management System (BMS) protects the battery from unwanted events, including over-discharge, over-charge, too-low and too-high temperatures and similar, making their use rather safe.

On the other hand, many manufacturers of lithium Powersports batteries claim too high CCA values, which are often CA values or even maximum discharge currents for "only" 3-5 seconds - be aware of this when checking the specifications of lithium starting batteries of all sizes, not only of YTX5L-BS.

How to Charge YTX5L-BS Battery?

In most cases, AGM/Gel-Cell YTX5L-BS batteries are delivered almost fully charged and can be installed in the vehicle right away.

Once in the vehicle, an AGM/Gel-Cell YTX5L-BS battery is charged via an onboard charger (alternator/charge controller) powered by the main engine.

However, if the battery is discharged and has to be recharged out of the vehicle, a smart AGM or lithium battery charger with a maximum charging current of 0.5-1.0 Amps is recommended. Stronger AGM battery chargers may recharge the lead-acid YTX5L-BS battery faster, but it is questionable if they can accept such charge without excessive overheating (some models can, but ...).

Also, such intelligent AGM battery chargers often feature maintenance charging mode. If the battery is going to be stored over a longer period, store it in a cool and dry area and connect it to the battery charger/maintainer.

Note: AGM battery chargers should not be used for charging lithium batteries unless they feature a special lithium battery charging mode or the lithium battery comes with the Battery Management System (BMS) that allows charging with an AGM battery charger. Lithium batteries should be charged using lithium battery chargers that support CC/CV (Constant Current/Constant Voltage) charging algorithm.

Lithium batteries, on average, accept charge faster and can be recharged with stronger lithium battery chargers. Since lithium batteries come with different maximum charging currents, it is recommended to either get one after deciding on the battery model or purchase a lithium battery charger with a maximum charge current in the 0.7-1.0 Amps range.

What Kills YTX5L-BS Battery?

If You have issues with the longevity of your YTX5L-BS batteries, note that there are few main reasons why the YTX5L-BS battery may have a very short lifespan - and they usually come with a 1-year warranty, meaning that they are meant to last 1 year as Powersports battery.

The most common reasons are:

  • the battery is stored at high temperatures for a longer period of time without the battery maintainer - this may cause the buildup of lead-phosphate crystals on the lead plates, which can warp the plates and can even short-circuit the battery cell.
  • excessive vibrations and mechanical impacts can physically damage the battery, especially lead plates. AGM batteries feature separators between the plates and are much more vibration resistant than flooded/wet lead-acid batteries, but they are NOT indestructible!
  • overcharging may also shorten the operating time of any battery. If You suspect that overcharging is killing your batteries, check the charging voltage of your vehicle while the engine is idle and while the engine is revved up - in both cases, the voltage on the battery terminals should not be above 15 volts.

Of course, there are other things that can 'kill' the battery, but these are the most common ones.

chrome pirate bay ytx5l bs

Long Story Short: BTX5l-BS, YTX5L-BS, CTX5L-BS, GTX5L-BS, PTX5L-BS, STX5L-BS, etc. batteries are very popular small starting batteries, they are reliable and are available in many car/hardware shops and online stores.

If possible, avoid wet/flooded batteries and go for AGM batteries of reputable brands.

Note: there are also some Gel-Cell batteries of this size as well, for example, Chrome Battery YTX5L-BS iGel (Amazon link, opens in the new window) that even comes with LCD screen, 70 CCA, 88 CA/MCA, 6 min Reserve Capacity and 18 months warranty - not bad for 4 lbs battery :)

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