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Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel Battery

The Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery is a very popular starting/cranking battery among Powersports enthusiasts, offering a reliable and robust power solution for their vehicles.

The Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery is also used in other applications requiring compact and affordable starting batteries and is, as such, often used as a power generator battery, tractor battery, boat battery, etc. As battery technology advances, finding the right battery for your motorcycle is crucial to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Published: April 21, 2023.

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Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel Battery Features and Specifications

Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery is based on the Chrome iGel technology, ensuring strong and robust construction resistant to vibrations and mechanical impacts, good performances in wide temperature range, good starting performances, etc.

Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery is completely maintenance-free - the battery is factory activated, sealed, and ready to install, making it hassle-free for users.

The physical dimensions of the battery are (L x W x H) 5.8 x 3.26 x 5.71 inches (~148 x 83 x 145 mm), and it weighs ~9.92 pounds (~4.5 kg).

Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery belongs to the YTX14-BS battery group and is intended for starting/cranking applications only - it features a 200 Amps CCA rating, 250 Amps CA rating, and even 18 minutes RC value (down to 10.5V).

Note: Thanks to advances in technology, the Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery can be used as a dual-purpose battery, just be sure not to discharge it below 50% DoD. Also, the number of supported cycles is not provided by the manufacturer. Personally, the battery is designed and advertised as starting/cranking battery and, as such, should be used.

The Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery boasts a long service life due to its iGel technology and built-in Intelligent LED Digital Display.


This display indicates the battery's state of charge, helping users maintain the battery's health and avoid potential issues.

The battery is compatible with a wide range of vehicles and applications, featuring charging voltage up to 14.4V-15.0V - just connect it to the vehicle and let the onboard alternator, in combination with the onboard charge controller, keep the battery charged.

When the battery is kept outside the vehicle for a longer period of time (months, for example), it is highly recommended to store the battery in a cool, well-ventilated area.

Also, if You don't know how long the battery will not be in use, connect it to an advanced lead-acid battery charger/maintainer with the recommended maximum charging current of 1.0-1.5 Amps.

Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel Battery vs. Other YTX14-BS Batteries

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular YTX14-BS batteries:

Model 10h Capacity (Ah) CCA (Amps) Weight (lbs/kg)
AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B 8 480 (Lithium) 3.2 lbs; 1.45 kg AMPXELL AMX12-ST080B
Banshee YTX14-BS 14 200 10 lbs; 4.53 kg -
Banshee YTX14L-BS 8 380 (Lithium) 3.1 lbs; 1.41 kg -
Chrome YTX14-BS iGel 12 200 9.92 lbs; 4.5 kg Chrome YTX14-BS iGel
Chrome YTX14-BS Pirate Bay 12 200 9.7 lbs; 4.4 kg -
DEESPAEK YTX14-BS 9 520 (Lithium) 3.5 lbs; 1.58 kg -
Deka ETX14 12 220 12 lbs; 5.44 kg -
DS18 YTX14-BS 14 210A @5sec 10.2 lbs; 4.62 kg -
Energizer YTX14-BS 12 200 9.81 lbs; 4.44 kg -
EverLast CTX14-BS 12 190 10.71 lbs; 4.85 kg -
ExpertPower ETX14-BS 14 220 10 lbs; 4.53 kg -
Interstate YTX14-BS 12 200 11.42 lbs; 5.17 kg -
KMG YTX14-BS 12 180 9 lbs; 4.08 kg -
Mighty Max YTX14-BS Battery 12 200 9.92 lbs; 4.5 kg -
Mighty Max YTX14-BS Gel 12 200 10.42 lbs; 4.72 kg -
MMG YTX14-BS MMG-4 - 300 (Lithium) 2 lbs; 0.91 kg -
NiCHE YTX14-BS 12 180 9.7 lbs; 4.40 kg -
NOCO NLP14 4 500 max. (Lithium) 2.58 lbs; 1.17 kg NOCO NLP14
PowerSource WP14-BS 12 210 11.8 lbs; 5.34 kg -
PowerStar PM14-BS-HD 14 225 10 lbs; 4.53 kg -
Shorai LFX21A6-BS12 - 315 (Lithium) 3.03 lbs; 1.4 kg Shorai LFX21A6-BS12
SigmasTek YTX14-BS 12 200 9.5 lbs; 4.3 kg -
TPE YTX14-BS 12 520 (Lithium) 4.15 lbs; 1.88 kg -
UPLUS YTX14-BS 12 200 9.5 lbs; 4.3 kg -
Upstart UB-YTX14-BS 12 200 9.9 lbs; 4.49 kg -
Weize YTX14-BS 12 235 9.46 lbs; 4.29 kg Weize YTX14-BS
Yuasa YTX14-BS 12 200 8.2 lbs; 3.7 kg -

Note: Amazon links ("Model" column) open in the new windows, feel free to check them for the most up-to-date offers and prices.

At first sight, Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery doesn't stand out from the rest of the YTX14-BS batteries, but Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery is one of the most popular YTX14-BS batteries thanks to its acceptable price, good performances, and though design, ensuring expected battery life of 3-5 years.

Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel Battery vs. Lithium YTX14-BS Batteries

As one can see, lithium YTX14-BS batteries feature a CCA value that is, on average, 1.5-3x larger than the CCA value of Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery, while being ~2.5-3x lighter, which is excellent.

However, when manufacturers of lithium starting batteries advertise CCA values, these values are often given for room temperatures(!?), so they must be taken with a grain of salt.

Also, lithium batteries feature built-in Battery Management Systems (BMS), which protect the batteries from unwanted events - if there is, for example, an electric glitch of some kind, the BMS will most probably disconnect the battery from the rest of the electric system.

And last but not least, lithium batteries are more expensive than lead-acid batteries.

Personally, AGM and Gel-cell lead-acid batteries are still the first choices for many applications not requiring weight savings.

But, if You are looking for a lightweight alternative and You don't mind paying some extra more, go for a lithium YTX14-BS battery.

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Long Story Short: If You are looking for a new YTX14-BS battery for your motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, boat, or similar, consider the Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery.

The battery is leak-proof, maintenance-free, and very resistant to vibrations, shocks, and impacts (don't abuse it, though!), comes at a very acceptable price, and is very popular among its users.

Also, Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel battery comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Chrome Pro YTX14-BS iGel Battery Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).