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Best Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mowers

Electric walk-behind lawn mowers are one of the most common type of lawn mowers found in backyard gardens.

They are easy to use, safe to operate when used properly, relatively cheap, and can last for a long time with minimum maintenance and care, etc. However, when buying one, there are a few things to consider.

The main advantages of cordless lawn mowers, when compared with gas-operated units, are lower noise, easier maintenance, no smelly gases, zero CO2 emission, and similar. More than enough reasons to choose a cordless lawn mower over a gas lawn mower for your backyard garden.

Published: December 20, 2023.

cordless lawn mower 1

Corded vs. Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers

Electric lawn mowers can be corded or cordless. Corded electric lawn movers use mains power as a power source and require a long electric power cord to be pulled behind.

Cordless electric lawn mowers use the energy stored in the onboard batteries. Their main advantage is that there are no cords to pull around, and they don't depend on the availability of an electric grid and mains power.

However, operating time is limited by the capacity of the battery, and it ranges from 20 to 60 minutes or even more on a single battery charge.

The main advantages and disadvantages of corded electric mowers vs. cordless lawn mowers are:


Corded electric lawn mowers are cheaper than cordless lawn mowers. Cordless lawn mowers usually operate using expensive but light and powerful lithium-ion batteries.

Such batteries require dedicated chargers, have very low discharge rate, "fade-free" power output, can be charged quickly (30 or so minutes, sometimes even faster than that), store huge amounts of energy per weight of battery, when treated properly, can be charged and discharged 500+ times, etc.

But again, they are expensive. The good thing about these batteries is that they are often standardized - each manufacturer has "standard" types of batteries for power tools, including cordless lawn mowers.

So, if you have power tools from one manufacturer, including a set of lithium batteries, and you need a cordless lawn mower, consider such a unit from that manufacturer first. Savings can be quite large - sometimes even hundreds of dollars/euros.

cordless lawn mower 2

Covered Area

Cordless lawn mowers can cover a limited area, depending on the battery capacity, the number of batteries, and similar.

Corded lawn mowers' area depends on the length of the extension cord - a long extension cord is much cheaper than a set of new batteries. However, if you do need a lawn mower for your garden and patio only, and a cordless unit can cover it, consider cordless units, too.

Having a pack of two high-capacity lithium batteries can be very helpful since one battery can be used in lawn mower, while the second battery is being charged.

Depending on the capacity and type of terrain and grass, such batteries can provide zero lawn mower "downtime".

Nonetheless, if you do operate two batteries that way, it is highly recommended to let the batteries cool down a little bit after being fully charged - after all, before using them, read the manual thoroughly.

Batteries are often replaced quickly and easily, within seconds. If they are operated on heavy terrain, be careful, they can be quite warm, even hot. Although lithium batteries come with all sorts of safety features (over-current protection, over-charge or over-discharge protection, high-temperature protection, and similar), treat them carefully and, if required, let them cool down - they will last longer.

To extend the operating time, cordless lawn mowers are often equipped with 'smart' motor controllers - they adjust the strength and hence the power drawn from the batteries according to the terrain and grass, prolonging the operating time on a single charge without sacrificing performance.

extension cord

Ease of Use

Corded units pull extension cords behind or aside from lawn mowers. One must be aware of the cord position all the time, or a high-speed rotating steel blade can catch the cable, make a short-circuit and slice the cable.

Note: Trust me, it is not fun when something like that happens - 110V (US) or 220V (EU) can be dangerous, even if you have fast, automatic circuit breakers.

When choosing an extension cord for your corded lawn mower, be sure that it is not green (yellow, orange, and similar bright colors are highly recommended) and that cable is thick enough - if you have 12 Amps lawn mower, go for a 16A or thicker extension cord, especially if it is longer than 50-75 feet (15 - 23m).

Note that most of the corded lawn mowers don't come with an extension cord, and it has to be purchased separately.

When using a cordless lawn mower, forget the extension cord and enjoy your work :)

Control Systems

Most corded units just have a power handle to turn the lawn mower on and off, while cordless units usually have a power handle and indicator lights (or even small speakers) for battery charge status, battery temperature, and similar.


Maintenance of corded and cordless lawn mowers is very similar. The differences are the extension cord (when worn out, buy another cable, cheap) and the batteries (when capacity decreases, buy another battery - it can be quite costly).

Other maintenance jobs like keeping the blade(s) sharp or lubricating the moving parts are essentially the same - just be sure to check the manual before using your lawn mower.

Electric lawn mower, cordless or corded?

Well, for smaller lawns and backyards, cordless lawn mower is much easier to use - just be sure that the battery/batteries are fully charged and that the blade is sharp.

For larger areas, You will need a good corded unit or cordless unit with enough batteries and a good, fast battery charger.

Other Electric Lawn Mower Features

Number and width of the blades - one of the most common specifications is the cutting/mowing width, which is given in inches (US) or centimeters (EU).

Lawn mowers usually have one single blade, and it's length defines the width of the mowing. Common blade size for small gardens is between 14 inches (~36 cm) and 21 inches (~53 cm).

A larger blade cuts more grass in one single pass, but it also increases the size, weight, and footprint of the lawn mower, decreasing maneuverability and requiring a stronger motor and more area for storage.

To achieve larger mowing width, some models have two motors and two blades positioned side-by-side and slightly behind one another. This way, mowing width is increased without increasing the size of the mower, at the expense of having two blades and two motors.

corded lawn mower 1Height adjustment system - in order to mow the grass at the desired height, lawn mowers have some sort of "height adjustment system."

The simplest one is in the form of 3-4 holes for wheels' axles - in order to change the height, one has to unscrew the wheel axle first from the current position and then screw the axle in the required hole to achieve desired mowing height.

This is a very simple and very durable system - just set the desired height once you buy your mower and forget about it :)

More expensive models of lawn mowers have a special handle for quick and simple mowing height adjustment - such a system increases the price and mechanical complexity, but if you have to change mowing height often, it is simply a must-have feature.

A grass catcher is a plastic or rubber, rigid, semi-rigid, or fully flexible bag at the end of the mower's body. As the blades spin, they cut the grass and create the airflow that carries it into the bag for easy disposal.

Such grass is an excellent material for mulching or for making homemade compost. Some lawn mowers even come with an additional impeller, which creates even stronger airflow for better grass removal and for additional slicing of the grass blades - important for keeping the lawn clean and for mulching and composting but adds to mechanical complexity and price.

cordless lawn mower 3 storageUnit storage - in order to occupy as less storage space as possible, most lawn mowers can be folded and stored upwards. Such a position requires very little space and can come in very handy when storage space is limited.

Personally, I don't like storing heavy objects vertically because they can easily fall over - people with little kids and pets know what I am talking about.

Lawn mowers can come with several safety systems, but one of the most important is an automatic shut-off system when the power handle is released. When the power handle is released, the motor is turned off, and the automatic brake quickly slows down and stops the spinning blade.

If your blade continues to spin for more than 1-2 seconds after the handle is released, check the manual and, if required, take the lawn mower to the service center.

Other safety systems include, if present: motor and battery temperature check (switch the motor off to prevent overheating), motor speed and Amps check (to detect jammed axles and blades), and similar.

All those systems add to the complexity and the price of the unit, so don't expect them in cheaper models.

Most Popular Cordless Electric Mowers

Here is our list of the best, most popular cordless electric lawn mowers:

Greenworks 25322 40V 16-Inch 2-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25322 is a cordless walk-behind lawn mower powered by a single Greenworks G-MAX 40V Li-Ion battery, offering low-noise operation with reduced vibrations, with no fumes, and output power that ensures clear and uniform cuts.

Greenworks 25322 is a mid-size cordless 2-in-1 unit, suitable for lawns up to 1/3 acre (~1700 m2) that are regularly mowed. Thanks to its lightweight construction and good maneuverability, Greenworks 25322 is also suitable for lawns with various objects and even obstacles, like trees, bushes, walls, walkways, etc.

greenworks 25322 1

Greenworks 25322 is a 2-in-1 unit, suitable for mulching and rear grass catcher bag operations - in order to keep the unit as lightweight as possible and as strong as possible, a side-discharge option is not available.

Greenworks 25322 weighs 37.8 pounds (~17.2 kg) and features 16-inch (~40.6 cm) cutting deck.

The no-load blade speed is ~3500 RPM (~58 rotations per second), but it drops down depending on the grass toughness - nonetheless, if the mowing speed is kept at a moderate level, Greenworks 25322 provides clean and uniform cuts.

Front wheels feature a diameter of 6 inches (~15.2 cm) and rear wheels feature a diameter of 7 inches (~17.8 cm) - wheels are gentle on the grass and help with maneuverability.

A single height adjustment lever features 5 positions, ranging from 1 1/4” to 3 3/8” (~3.0 - 8.5 cm), which is more than enough for most users.

Greenworks 25322 is a cordless lawn mower kit, consisting of a 40V 16" cordless lawn mower, grass collection bag, 4.0 Ah Greenworks G-MAX Li-ion battery, battery charger, and Owner's Guide.

Note: Greenworks 25322 is a very simple to use and maintain cordless walk-behind lawn mower, but when the unit arrives, be sure to read the manual (Owner's Guide) in order to get familiar with your new lawn mower - better safe than sorry.

greenworks 29472 battery

Greenworks 25322 cordless lawn mower is powered by a single Greenworks 29472 G-MAX 40V 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery which is able to store up to 146 Wh of energy.

Greenworks 29472 G-MAX 40V 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery is able to power Greenworks 25322 lawn mower up to 45 minutes constantly, allowing the users to mow up to 1/3 to 1/2 acre (~1700-2000m2) on a single battery charge.

And when the battery is discharged, it takes only 2 hours to fully recharge it again.

Also, the battery features a LED battery charge meter, allowing the user to easily check the battery condition.

greenworks 29482 charger

Greenworks 25322 lawn mower also comes with a Greenworks 29482 quick battery charger, featuring a charging time of 60 minutes for the 40V G-MAX 2.0Ah lithium-ion battery and 120 minutes for the 40V G-MAX 4.0Ah lithium-ion battery.

Note: Greenworks G-MAX 40V 4.0Ah battery is suitable for powering a large set of gardening tools, saving plenty of money in the long run.

Greenworks 25322 lawn mower, Greenworks 29472 battery, and Greenworks 29482 battery charger come with a 3-year limited warranty.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a new cordless lawn mower, consider Greenworks 25322 lawn mower. This walk-behind lawn mower doesn't support side-discharge operation, improving the strength of its cutting deck and, at the same time, making the whole unit lighter.

Greenworks G-MAX 40V 4.0Ah battery ensures a long operating time on a single battery charge, while its quick battery charger recharges the battery rather quickly.

In the end, fast-spinning blade help with clean and uniform cuts.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to follow the Greenworks 25322 40V 16-Inch 2-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

Ego Power+ 21" 56V LM2100SP Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower

Ego Power+ LM2100SP is a cordless lawn mower powered by 56 volts Ego Power+ lithium-ion batteries, providing high-torque and long operating time on a single battery charge. 21-inch wide cutting deck and self-propelled feature help the user to cover more ground quickly, saving time and effort.

Although Ego Power+ LM2100SP may be powered by any Ego Power+ 56 volts battery, a large 7.5 Ah battery is highly recommended in combination with the rapid charger. Also, all other Ego Power+ tools may be powered by this or any other Ego Power+ batteries, providing great operational flexibility and decreasing costs in the long run.

ego lm2100sp 1

Ego Power+ LM2100SP is designed as a 3-in-1, walk-behind lawn mower and is powered by an onboard lithium-ion battery.

Recommended battery size is a 7.5 Ah battery, which is able to store an impressive 420 Wh of energy and is able to power Ego Power+ LM2100SP for a long time - operating time on the single battery charge depends on many things, more on that later.

Also, Ego Power+ BA4200 is a 56V 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery that features a battery management system that protects the battery from damage due to heat, overcharging, over-discharging and similar. Best of all, even such a high-capacity battery may be fully charged in 60 minutes using Ego Power+ rapid charger or in 145 minutes using Ego Power+ standard battery charger.

ba4200 battery

Ego Power+ BA4200 weighs 6.31 pounds (2.86 kg) and comes with a 3-year limited warranty, while Ego Power+ LM2100SP lawn mower comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

When being powered by a 7.5 Ah battery, the operating time of the Ego Power+ LM2100SP on the single battery charge is:

- light load: 60+ minutes,

- medium load: 45 minutes,

- heavy load: 30 minutes.

Actual operating time depends on many conditions like the density of the grass, species, moisture if the self-propelled drive system is engaged or not, etc.

As a 3-in-1 lawn mower, Ego Power+ LM2100SP features side discharge of grass clippings, can be used for mulching, or it can store grass clippings in the large grass collector bag, which features a capacity of 70 liters.

Despite having 21 inches (~53.3 cm) cutting deck, Ego Power+ LM2100SP is a relatively lightweight unit weighing 62.61 pounds (28.4 kg) without a battery pack and ~69 pounds (~31.2 kg) with a 7.5 Ah battery.

ego lm2100sp controls

Controls of the unit are rather simple and easily accessible by the user.

The self-propelled feature drain the unit faster, but it may be very helpful during mowing, especially on uneven terrain (be very careful when mowing on such terrain or on the slopes!) and when mowing is done by elderly people.

The self-propelled feature is not mandatory, and many users operate Ego Power+ LM2100SP like an ordinary lawn mower and use the self-propelled feature before and after actually moving when it is time to store the unit.

When the self-propelled feature is used, speed varies between 1.8 and 3.6 mph (~2.9 and 5.8 km/h).

Note: Engaging a lawn mower blade does not automatically start the self-propelled feature, and vice versa, starting the self-propelled feature does not automatically start the mowing blade - these are two independent systems! Ego Power+ LM2100SP is a relatively simple unit to assemble, use and maintain, just be sure to thoroughly read the manual that comes with the unit.

The front wheels of the Ego Power+ LM2100SP are 7 inches (~17.8 cm) in diameter, and the rear wheels are 9 inches (~22.9 cm) in diameter, ensuring good maneuverability on flat terrain. Self-propelled drive engages only the rear wheels - it is not 4x4 drive (most of the self-propelled walk-behind lawn mowers feature drive on the rear axle only).

Note: Ego manufactures two very similar cordless lawn mowers, Ego Power+ LM2100SP (reviewed in this article) and Ego Power+ LM2100 - the main difference between these models is that Ego Power+ LM2100SP is a self-propelled lawn mower while Ego Power+ LM2100 is not self-propelled.

ego lm2100sp heigth adjustment

For operations in low-light conditions, Ego Power+ LM2100SP comes with a pair of strong LED headlights, helping the user to see what is ahead of the unit - just be very careful when mowing in such conditions due to the low visibility in general.

LED headlights are a questionable feature on home lawn mowers since mowing in low light conditions is not the safest thing to do.

However, during the summer heat, it is perhaps safer to mow the lawn early in the morning or late in the evening - safer for both the user and the cut grass/lawn!

The maximum, no-load blade speed is 2800 rpm, ensuring clean cuts with the sharp blade.

Cutting height is adjustable using a single lever, featuring 6 positions: 1 1/2" (41 mm), 2" (51 mm), 2 1/2" (65 mm), 3" (77 mm), 3 1/2" (93 mm) and 4" (107") - be sure to adjust the cutting height to the grass, season, heat, moisture, etc.

Ego Power+ LM2100SP features foldable handles, allowing the user to store the mower either horizontally or vertically, saving storage space.

Note: Although vertically stored Ego Power+ LM2100SP is rather stable, don't let pets and kids play around it - if pushed with enough force, it can fall down and hurt somebody or damage something. Safety first!

Long Story Short: If you are looking for a cordless lawn mower that features power, almost like a gas unit, but emit no fumes and is rather quiet during mowing, consider Ego Power+ LM2100SP.

If you don't already have a 56V 7.5Ah battery and the required battery charger, the initial investment is perhaps a little bit larger, but in the long run, it allows the user to purchase other Ego garden tools without the battery at very affordable prices, saving the money in the long run.

Of course, other batteries may be used as well, but the smaller the battery, the shorter the running time on a single battery charge. And here is where 2 or more batteries and a rapid charger may come in very handy.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check Ego Power LM2100SP Lawn Mower Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO is a cordless lawn mower, featuring a serious 80V operating voltage, a steel 21-inch deck, a high-torque brushless motor, large wheels, vertical storage, etc.

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO is designed for both commercial and domestic use, differing only in warranty. It can be purchased as a 'bare-tool', with 2 Ah and 4 Ah batteries, with 4 Ah batteries being recommended.

greenworks pro 21 inch 80v lawn mower glm801602 1

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO is a large and sturdy cordless lawn mower. It weighs 79.5 pounds (~36 kg) and features a wide, 21-inch (~53.3 cm) deck.

Since the unit is made for both commercial and domestic use, most parts are made of steel, leading to a slightly larger weight but increasing the durability of the lawn mower.

To increase the maneuverability and decrease the stress on the lawn, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO features 7-inch (17.8 cm) front and 10-inch (25.4 cm) rear wheels.

The unit also features a 7-position single lever cutting height adjustment, ranging from 1-3/8 inch to 3-3/4 inch (3.5 - 9.5 cm) cut.

Greenworks GLM801602 PRO comes with a 3-in-1 design for mulch, side discharge, or rear bag operation.

greenworks pro 21 inch 80v lawn mower glm801602 3

Conversion from one mode of operation to another can be done quickly and easily.

Note: Greenworks GLM801602 PRO is easy to use and maintain lawn mower, but in order to use it fully and safely, when the unit arrives, read the manual first.

greenworks pro 21 inch 80v lawn mower glm801602 2To help with the storage, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO can be stored vertically, greatly saving storage footprint area - although the unit is stable in a vertical position, don't let kids or pets play around it since if it is pushed strong enough, it can tip over and cause some damage, or worse, injuries.

To improve performance and efficiency, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO features the so-called 'DigiPro', a digitally controlled brushless motor, and 'SmartCut Technology', which improves performance and extends the run-time by automatically adjusting the power based on the grass height and toughness.

Since it is powered by an onboard battery, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO features several more improvements over corded or gas-powered lawn mowers:

  • very quiet during operation,
  • no smelly fumes,
  • no fuel/oil mixing,
  • no spark plug/easy to start,
  • no power cord to pull around,
  • easy and simple maintenance, etc.

 Of course, the biggest drawback of cordless lawn mowers, in general, is the amount of energy stored in the onboard battery. Greenworks GLM801602 PRO features 80V(!) electric system and can operate using 2.0 Ah and 4.0 Ah lithium-ion, power fade-free batteries.

2.0 Ah battery stores enough energy for up to 20 minutes of operation, and 4.0 Ah battery stores enough energy for 40-45 minutes of operation - in real life. According to the manufacturer, 4.0 Ah battery can provide energy for up to 60 minutes, but that is in ideal conditions.

Note: when mowing high or tough grass, even a 4.0 Ah battery's operating time is shortened to 25-30 minutes.

greenworks gba 80400

Since Greenworks GBA80200 and GBA80400 are lithium-ion batteries, a standard Greenworks GCH8040 charger can charge a 2.0 Ah battery (GBA80200) in 30 minutes and a 4.0 Ah battery (GBA80400) in 60 minutes, ensuring almost no downtime with just two batteries.

Note: lithium-ion batteries controlled via onboard electronics are safe batteries, but in order to prolong their operating life, don't charge them right after use and don't use them right after charging - let them cool first for at least 10-15 minutes.

greenworks gch8040

When charging lithium-ion batteries, be sure to always use battery chargers recommended by the battery manufacturers, in this case, that is Greenworks GCH8040 rapid charger.

Few other brands manufacture batteries that are very similar in appearance to Greenworks GBA80200 and GBA80400 but can fit only after modifying these batteries - this is not only not recommended but can be dangerous and can void the warranty.

For domestic use, Greenworks GLM801602 PRO comes with a 4-year limited warranty on the lawn mower and a 2-year limited warranty on the batteries. Nice warranty conditions for such a unit.

Greenworks also manufactures a whole range of other cordless tools and accessories (40+ models) that can be powered via GBA80200 and GBA 80400 batteries, making future purchases much cheaper since the user is buying only the 'bare-tool'.

Even if you are not interested in future purchases of Greenworks tools, having a cordless lawn mower like Greenworks GLM801602 PRO can save time and effort when keeping your lawn properly mowed.

For more reviews and recommendations, check Greenworks GLM801602 PRO 21-Inch 80V Cordless Lawn Mower Amazon link (link opens in the new windows).

Of course, there are many other cordless lawn mowers on the market, offering great performances at acceptable prices. When looking for a new lawn mower, choose according to your own needs and preferences.

Note: Always read the Owner's Guides, and when operating a lawn mower or any similar tool, keep yourself safe.

Electric walk-behind lawn mowers are one of the most common type of lawn mowers found in backyard gardens.

They are easy to use, safe to operate when used properly, relatively cheap, and can last for a long time with minimum maintenance and care, etc. However, when buying one, there are a few things to consider.

The main advantages of cordless lawn mowers, when compared with gas-operated units, are lower noise, easier maintenance, no smelly gases, zero CO2 emission, and similar. More than enough reasons to choose a cordless lawn mower over a gas lawn mower for your backyard garden.