Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CP1 and EN-EL5 Battery Equivalents

CP1 and EN-EL5 batteries are prismatic lithium camera batteries, being able to power other high-drain devices as well.

CP1 and EN-EL5 batteries feature the very same physical dimensions, but they differ in chemistry and thus their discharge characteristics.

Published: July 26, 2021.

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CP1 and EN-EL5 Batteries Features and Specifications

CP1 and EN-EL5 batteries are prismatic lithium batteries, featuring physical dimensions of (H x L x W) 57 x 35 x 7 mm (2.244 x 1.378 x 0.276 inches).

Battery terminals are on top of the battery - the whole battery is shaped so that it cannot be inserted the wrong way, allowing the users to quickly replace discharged battery with the new one even in low light conditions.

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These batteries are usually labeled as CP1, EN-EL5, CP3553, DLCP1, DL-CP1C, and similar, with the CP1 and EN-EL5 being the most common labels.

However, there are few, very important differences between these two models.

CP1 battery is a non-rechargeable lithium battery featuring a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts, a cutoff voltage of 2.0 volts, and a nominal capacity of ~2300 mAh.

Actual capacity depends on the battery age, battery temperature, discharge currents, cutoff voltage of the device, and similar.

After use, the CP1 battery must be disposed of properly.

Non-rechargeable CP1 battery is rather hard to find these days, even at online shops thanks to the popularity of the rechargeable lithium-ion EN-EL5 battery.

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EN-EL5 battery, sometimes labeled as "Nikon EN-EL5" battery is a rechargeable lithium-ion 3.6-3.7 volt battery with a nominal capacity of 1100-1600 mAh.

Good EN-EL5 battery features a built-in Battery Management System (BMS) that protects the battery from unwanted events like overcharge, over-discharge, low temperature, overheating, and similar.

Although EN-El5 batteries feature smaller capacity when compared with CP1 batteries, EN-EL5 batteries support hundreds of charging/discharging cycles, saving money in the long run.

Note: EN-EL5 batteries should be recharged only using dedicated battery chargers intended for EN-EL5 lithium-ion batteries.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a prismatic 57 x 35 x 7 mm battery, You are most probably looking for a rechargeable lithium-ion 3.6-3.7 volts EN-EL5 battery.

Non-rechargeable CP1 batteries are really hard to find, with practically all devices being based on 57 x 35 x 7 mm batteries supporting the use of rechargeable EN-EL5 batteries.

EN-EL5 batteries may be found at online stores and sometimes in local shops. One of the most popular models is the Kastar EN-EL5 3.7V 1700 mAh Lithium Battery (Amazon links, opens in the new window), but other brands also offer this battery.

When replacing old battery, be sure to dispose of it properly.