Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CR-P2, BR-P2, 5024LC, 223A, CR17-33 Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CR-P2, BR-P2, 5024LC, 223A, CR17-33 batteries are very popular non-rechargeable lithium batteries, commonly used in photo and film cameras, medical systems, security systems, standby devices and other applications where reliable and strong source or energy is required, even after a long time of being stored away.

CR-P2, BR-P2, 5024LC, 223A, CR17-33 are made by practically all most reputable battery brands and can be easily found at most hardware and online shops. But, since manufacturers use several, often non-standardized labels, to describe these batteries, some confusion may arise ...

Published: June 24, 2020.

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CR-P2 Features and Specifications

CR-P2 is a rectangular lithium battery with physical dimensions of (H x L x W) 36 x 35 x 19.5 mm. It features two lithium cells connected in series with a nominal voltage of 6.0 volts and a cut-off voltage of 4.0 volts, although actual cut-off voltage depends on the device being powered by this battery.

Nominal capacity is in the 1300-1500 mAh range, but it depends on the discharge current and the actual cut-off voltage.

But, since CR-P2 batteries are lithium batteries, their main task is providing energy for high-current devices, including photographic equipment.

One of the very interesting features of CR-P2 battery is its shape - CR-P2 battery is shaped so that it can fit the battery compartment only one way, allowing the user to quickly replace the empty battery with a new one even in low light and similar stressful conditions.

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 The most common label for this battery is "CR-P2 battery" although other labels are used as well, for example: BR-P2, 5024LC, 223, 223A, CR17-33, 6204, etc.

Thanks to lithium chemistry, CR-P2 battery commonly has shelf/standby life of 7-10 years, with some models featuring shelf life of even longer.

Also, CR-P2 batteries often have a very broad range of operating temperatures, often from -40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C), although this parameter is model/brand dependent.

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CR-P2 vs CR123A Battery

With its dimensions of (H x L x W) 36 x 35 x 19.5 mm, CR-P2 battery looks very similar to two CR123A (H x D: 34.5 x 17.0 mm) batteries side by side.

Technically, many manufacturers use their CR123A cells to make CR-P2 batteries by placing CR123A batteries in a suitable battery package.

Also, some devices designed to accept one CR-P2 battery feature a battery holder for a pair of CR123A batteries, allowing the user to power the device with multiple batteries.

Note: When placing two CR123A batteries in such battery holder, be very careful regarding their orientation.

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However, the use of rechargeable CR123A batteries, often labeled as RCR123A batteries, is not recommended unless explicitly allowed by the manufacturer of such a device.

The actual problem are not dimensions, but voltages - CR-P2 battery features a nominal voltage of 6.0 volts, while two RCR123A batteries connected in series feature nominal voltage of 7.2-7.4 volts.

Such voltage difference doesn't sound large, but it can damage or even destroy sensitive electronic equipment, or at least cause them to malfunction.

For short, when replacing 6.0 volts CR-P2 battery with CR123A batteries, use non-rechargeable 3.0 volts CR123A batteries.

cr p2 w150 mLong Story Short: CR-P2, BR-P2, 5024LC, 223, 223A, CR17-33, 6204, etc. batteries are non-rechargeable, 6.0 volts lithium batteries. When looking for a replacement, go for reputable brands, especially if you need the battery that features long shelf life.

While some devices come with 2xCR123A battery holder that may replace one CR-P2 battery, be sure to use only non-rechargeable 3.0 volts CR123A batteries, unless stated by the manufacturer of the device that that device supports the use of 2xRCR123A (again: 7.2-7.4 volts nominal voltage) batteries.