Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CR1025, DL1025, BR1025 Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CR1025 batteries are non-rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) 3.0V batteries featuring very stable output voltage, good tolerance to low and high temperatures, and a very low discharge rate.

CR1025 batteries are commonly used in some calculators, wrist watches, remote controls, car key fobs, and similar devices that require a compact but reliable and stable power source.

Published: July 16, 2022.

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CR1025 Batteries Features and Specifications

CR1025 batteries feature physical dimensions of (D x H) 10 x 2.5 mm (~0.39370 x 0.09842 inches) and feature a nominal voltage of 3.0V, a cutoff voltage of 2.0V, and a nominal capacity of ~30 mAh.

Actual capacity depends on the battery temperature, age, brand, discharge conditions, and similar.

The typical continuous discharge current is 50-100 μA, with a maximum continuous discharge current of 300-400 μA.

Thanks to their LiMnO2 chemistry, CR1025 batteries tolerate well discharge pulses, making them a good choice for remote controls, car key fobs, and similar devices.

Also, CR1025 batteries feature stable voltage output and a very low self-discharge rate, typically ~1% per year when the battery is stored at room temperatures, making the battery also suitable as a CMOS memory battery in various smaller devices where "standard" CR2032 would be too large.

CR1025 battery typical labels are ECR1025, DL1025, 5033LC, and similar, but all these labels represent the very same non-rechargeable 3.0V LiMnO2 battery.

Note: DL1025 label was used by Duracell for their CR1025 battery. The last time we checked, Duracell has been discontinued this battery.

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular CR1025 batteries with their most important features and specifications:

Capacity Operating Temperature Annual Self-Discharge Rate Discharge Current
Energizer CR1025 30 mAh, 68kΩ down to 2.0V @21°C -30°C to +60°C ~1% 43 μA @2.9V 68kΩ
Panasonic CR12025 30 mAh -30°C to +85°C  - 100 μA
Renata CR1025 30 mAh -40°C to +85°C <1% @23°C 50 μA

BR1025 Battery vs. CR1025 Battery

BR1025 battery is also a non-rechargeable lithium battery, but it is based on the Carbon-Monofluoride Lithium chemistry, offering somewhat lower capacity with an inability to provide strong current pulses. Older BR1025 batteries had a nominal voltage of 2.8V and cutoff voltage of 2.25 volts, while newer have a nominal voltage of 3.0V and a cutoff voltage of 2.0V.

However, Carbon-Monofluoride Lithium batteries have a very low self-discharge rate (less than 1% annually) and are commonly used as memory/CMOS batteries.

On the other hand, newer CR1025 batteries also feature a very low self-discharge rate (typically ~1% annually) and are replacing BR1025 batteries even as memory batteries.

LiR1025 Battery vs. CR1025 Battery

LiR1025 batteries are 10 x 2.5 mm button/coin cell batteries based on lithium-ion chemistry. These batteries are rechargeable batteries with a typical capacity in the 5-8 mAh range with a nominal voltage in the 3.6-3.7V range.

3.6-3.7V LiR1025 batteries are not very common, while 3.2V LiR1025 batteries based on the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry are even rarer.

Note: due to the voltage differences, devices powered by CR1025 or BR1025 batteries should NOT be powered by LiR1025 batteries unless explicitly allowed by the device manufacturer.

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CR1025 Battery Safety Issues

Although modern CR1025 batteries don't contain toxic elements like mercury, lead, cadmium, and similar, they are nonetheless being sold in "child-safe" and "pet-safe" packages.

CR1025 and similar batteries are small and shiny objects that can attract pets and kids - if these batteries get swallowed, they can cause electrolytic reactions that can cause chemical burns.

If they get swallowed, contact the nearest emergency center, explain what happened and act according to their instructions - CR1025 batteries don't feature capacity like some larger coin/button cell batteries, but better safe than sorry.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a non-rechargeable button/coin cell battery with physical dimensions of 10 x 2.5 mm, go for the CR1025 battery from some reputable brand with many good reviews - these batteries have already been tested by many users in various real-life situations.

Just in case, keep the away from pets and kids and be sure to recycle old batteries properly.