Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76, 2LR44 3V Lithium Non-Rechargeable Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76, 2LR44, 2KL1/3N, 5008L, VL1/3N, etc. are non-rechargeable 3V lithium batteries, most commonly based on the Lithium Manganese Dioxide chemistry.

Commonly, they are known as CR11108 or CR1/3N batteries and are often used in cameras, calculators, dog collars, gun sights, PDAs, computer motherboards, etc.

Updated: June 1, 2022.

cr11108 lithium 1

As its name suggests, CR11108 battery dimensions are 11.6 mm in diameter and 10.8 mm in height.

Also, its common labels include:

- CR1/3N or CR-1/3N, because the CR11108 battery is 1/3 in height of the N battery, which is 12 mm in diameter and 32 mm in height.

- 2L76 or 2LR44, because the CR11108 battery is double in height of the SR44SW/LR44/L76/357 battery, which is 11.6 mm in diameter and 5.4 mm in height.

energizer 2l76CR11108 or CR1/3N batteries are lithium non-rechargeable 3V batteries, featuring lithium negative electrode, with the positive electrode being commonly manganese-dioxide or rarely carbon-monofluoride.

Manganese-dioxide lithium batteries come with labels that start with the 'C' letter.

Generally, their operating temperature range is between -20°C (-4°F) and 70°C (158°F), the nominal voltage is 3.0 V, and the cutoff voltage is 2.0 V, with a typical capacity of 160-170 mAh and a shelf life of 5-10 years, depending on the storage temperature.

The typical labels are CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76, 2LR44, 2KL1/3N, 5008L, VL1/3N, etc. battery.

Carbon-monofluoride lithium batteries of this size are rare, and their label is BR11108 or BR1/3N.

Note: some manufacturers use 'BR11108' or 'BR1/3N' when labeling their manganese-dioxide lithium batteries in order to emphasize that their manganese-dioxide lithium batteries are equivalent to the carbon-monofluoride lithium batteries of the same size - and that is mostly correct.

CR11108 or CR1/3N Similar Batteries

As said before, CR11108 labels 'CR1/3N' and '2L76' come from the fact that the CR11108 battery is 1/3 of the N battery height, and that it is double the height of the SR44SW/LR44/L76 battery.

bluedot 2cr1 3nAlso:

- one CR11108 battery can be replaced in certain devices with 2 individual SR44SW/LR44/L76 batteries, preferably using silver-oxide chemistry. Such a combination features a nominal voltage of 3.1 volts, a cutoff voltage of 2.4 volts, and a capacity in the 150-200 mAh range.

- two CR11108 batteries can replace one 6 volts battery labeled as 2CR1/3N or 2CR11108 which is often used in digital cameras, game controllers, shavers, and similar.

- three CR11108 batteries can replace 9 volts battery labeled as an 'N-Cell' battery. Also, labels like 3CR1/3N or 3CR11108 are often used to emphasize that such battery is 9 volts N-cell battery.

CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, 2L76 Batteries Comparison Chart

The following comparison chart lists several CR11108 batteries with their technical features and specifications:

Capacity Operating Temperature Annual Self-Discharge Rate Discharge Current
Duracell DL1/3N (CR1/3N) 160 mAh, 15 kΩ down to 2V @20°C -20°C to +75°C <1% @20°C 2.0 mA standard continuous
Energizer 2L76 160 mAh, 15 kΩ down to 2V @21°C -40°C to +60°C - 60 mA max. cont.; 80 mA max. pulse
GP Batteries CR1/3N 160 mAh - Shelf life: 5 years at room temperature 2.7 mA @1kΩ

Of course, there are many more CR11108 battery models on the market, so choose according to your own needs and preferences.

CR11108, CR1/3N Battery Safety Issues

Modern CR11108 batteries don't contain heavy elements like lead, mercury, and cadmium, but they are small, shiny objects that may appear attractive to pets and kids.

If a CR1108 battery or any similar battery gets swallowed, it can cause chemical burns in the body due to the electrolytic processes - body fluids short-circuit the battery and chemical reactions start.

If a battery gets swallowed, contact the nearest emergency center, explain to them what has happened, and act according to their instructions.

CR11108, CR1/3N, 2L76 Batteries Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about CR11108 batteries:

Are CR-1/3N batteries rechargeable?

No, CR-1/3N (CR11108, CR1/3N, 2L76, etc.) batteries are not rechargeable.

What are CR1/3N batteries used for?

CR1/3N batteries are used in devices that need from time to time strong currents like laser pointers, laser sights, dog collars, some ultra-compact flashlights, and similar.

What battery is equivalent to CR1/3N?

Practically, any 3.0V 11.6 x 10.8 mm lithium non-rechargeable battery is equivalent to CR1/3N.

The most common labels of these batteries include CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76, 2LR44, 2KL1/3N, 5008L, VL1/3N, etc.

cr11108 lithium mLong Story Short: If you are looking for CR11108 or CR1/3N battery replacement, practically all most popular brands manufacture batteries in this size.

Be sure that the battery is labeled as CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76, 2LR44, 2KL1/3N, 5008L, VL1/3N, or similar, that it has a shelf life of 5+ years, and capacity of ~160 mAh - if unsure, go for the popular models from established brands with many positive results.