Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CR2354 Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CR2354 is a non-rechargeable lithium 3.0V button/coin cell battery, often used in devices that require constant voltage for years to come and in small and compact devices that periodically need a reliable source of constant power combined with power pulses.

Thus, CR2354 batteries are commonly used in digital wrist watches, key fobs, medical devices, toys, calculators, wearable electronics, as CMOS backup batteries, and similar.

Published: December 6, 2022.

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CR2354 Battery Features and Specifications

CR2354 battery is based on the Manganese-Dioxide Lithium chemistry and features a nominal voltage of 3.0V, a cutoff voltage of 2.0V, and a nominal capacity of 500-560 mAh, model dependent.

The physical dimensions of the battery are (D x H) 23.0 x 5.4 mm (~0.90551 x 0.212598 inches), and it weighs around 5 - 5.8 grams.

Thanks to the Manganese Dioxide Lithium chemistry, CR2354 batteries have a very broad temperature range, usually at least from -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F), with some models supporting even a broader temperature range.

The annual self-discharge rate is usually in the 1-3% range, allowing these batteries to have a shelf life of at least 3-4 to 10+ years.

The standard discharge current is ~0.2 mA, while pulse currents can be much stronger, depending on the model, but also on the length and frequency of the pulse.

The CR2354 batteries are offered as standard button/coin cells, but there are also models with various soldering tabs, allowing the users to mount the batteries semi-permanently in their position, usually on the electronic motherboard of some kind.

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The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular CR2354 batteries and their most important technical specifications:

Capacity Operating Temperature Annual Self-Discharge Rate Discharge Current
EEMB CR2354 500 mAh, 7.5kΩ down to 2.0V @20°C -20°C to +60°C ≤3%  -
Jauch CR2354 530 mAh, 7.5kΩ down to 2.0V -30°C to +70°C - 0.2 mA std. cont.
Panasonic CR2354 560 mAh, 7.5kΩ down to 2.0V @20°C -30°C to +85°C ~1% 0.2 mA std. cont.
Varta CR2354 530 mAh, 7.5kΩ down to 2.0V @20°C -20°C to +60°C - -

As one can see, the Panasonic CR2354 battery sets a golden standard for all other CR2354 batteries and is the preferred choice for many people when looking for a new CR2354 battery.

Panasonic CR2354 Battery

As with all other Manganese Dioxide Lithium batteries, the Panasonic CR2354 battery features a nominal voltage of 3.0V and a cutoff voltage of 2.0V, although the actual cutoff voltage often depends on the device being powered.

panasonic cr2354 1

When the battery is discharged at 20°C over 7.5kΩ, its nominal capacity is 560 mAh, which is among the highest capacities in this battery class.

Also, it has an excellent operating temperature range of -30°C and +80°C and expected shelf life of 10 years - when stored properly, the battery retains 90% of its original capacity after 10 years of storage.

CR2354 Battery vs. BR2354 Battery vs. LiR2354 Battery

CR2354, BR2354, and LiR2354 batteries share the same physical dimensions of (D x H) 23.0 x 5.4 mm, but they use different chemistry:

  • CR2354: Magnesium Dioxide Lithium chemistry, 3.0V nominal voltage, 2.0V cutoff voltage,
  • BR2354: Carbon-Monofluoride Lithium chemistry, 3.0V nominal voltage (2.8V older batteries), 2.0V cutoff voltage (2.25V older batteries),
  • LiR2354: Lithium-Ion batteries, 3.6-3.7V nominal voltage, 2.7-3.0V cutoff voltage.

BR2354 battery also features a somewhat smaller capacity than the CR2354 battery, but it has a somewhat broader temperature range and an even smaller self-discharge rate. But, BR2354 batteries are unable to provide stronger current pulses without adverse effects on the battery longevity.

Since modern CR2354 already has a rather broad temperature range and low self-discharge rate, BR2354 batteries are very rare and are often replaced with good CR2354 batteries.

LiR2354 batteries are not directly compatible with CR2354 batteries due to the different voltages. Although LiR2354 batteries feature a smaller capacity than the CR2354 batteries, they can be recharged for 300-500x, somewhat even more. Thus, LiR2354 batteries can rarely be found on the market, but they are used in certain devices that can be recharged using small dedicated chargers or even small solar panels.

However, if You are looking for a button/coin cell with the dimensions of (D x H) 23.0 x 5.4 mm, You are probably looking for a non-rechargeable lithium 3.0V CR2354 battery.

CR2354 Safety Issues

Modern CR2354 batteries don't contain mercury, cadmium, or similar toxic metals. Nonetheless, they are packaged in "child-safe" packages, preventing kids and pets from reaching these batteries.


Well, CR2354 batteries are not the smallest button/coin cell batteries, but they feature relatively large capacity and voltage and if swallowed, they can cause chemical burns inside the human or pet body.

Thus, keep them away from pets and kids - they are shiny, tiny objects, and one must be careful.

However, if they get swallowed, contact the nearest emergency center and follow their instructions.

cr2354 mLong Story Short: If You are looking for a (D x H) 23.0 x 5.4 mm 3.0V battery, go for the CR2354 battery from a reputable brand and don't look any further.

However, if your device does use a BR2354 or LiR2354 battery, You will have to dig a little bit deeper since these batteries are not very common on the market.

The most popular CR2354 batteries are (Amazon links; the links open in the new windows):

And, of course, recycle the old CR2354 battery properly.