Battery Equivalents and Replacements

CR2430 Battery Equivalents and Replacements

Lithium 3.0 volts non-rechargeable CR2430 batteries are button/coin-cell type of batteries, commonly used in watches, fitness wearable electronics, car keys, remote controllers, healthcare devices, dog collars, as backup battery and similar.

CR2430 battery is rather common, but it is often labeled using other labels. Also, the round 2430 battery can be found in other chemistries, even rechargeable ones, leading to some confusion in users.

Published: January 23, 2021.

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CR2430 Battery Features and Specifications

CR2430 batteries are non-rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) button/coin-cell batteries, featuring physical dimensions of (D x H) 24.5 x 3.0 mm (~0.9646 x 0.1181 inches).

CR2430 batteries feature a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts, cutoff voltage of 2.0 volts, and nominal capacity of ~270-320 mAh - as usual with the batteries, actual capacity depends on the battery age, storage temperature, drain conditions (current, temperature), and similar.

The standard discharge current of CR2430 batteries is ~0.2 mA, while pulse current depends on the pulse length, but generally, it is in the 7-15 mA range.

Thanks to the Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) chemistry features a very low self-discharge rate (at room temperature) with most brands having a shelf life of 5-10 years - if the storage/discharge temperature is increased, the self-discharge rate is increased, too.

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Standard labels of button/coin-cell 24.5x3.0 mm round batteries are CR2430 (IEC) and 5011LC (ANSI), but other labels are used as well not just for CR2430 batteries, but also for other batteries of this size, but using other chemistries as well.

These labels include DL2430 battery, ECR2430 battery, KCR2430 battery, KECR2430 battery, BR2430 battery, KL2430 battery, LM2430 battery, ML2430 battery, etc.

DL2430, ECR2430, and other labels are just 'customized' CR2430 labels used by some battery brands (Duracell, Energizer, ...) - nonetheless, these batteries are standard CR2430 batteries.

 BR2430 vs CR2430 Battery

BR2430 are non-rechargeable 24.5 x 3.0 mm batteries featuring Lithium Carbon Monofluoride chemistry.

BR2430 batteries feature a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts (2.8V older batteries), cutoff voltage of 2.0-2.25 volts, and nominal voltage somewhat smaller than the capacity of the CR2430 battery.

Also, BR2430 batteries feature lower discharge currents than CR2430 batteries.

But, BR2430 batteries feature a very low self-discharge rate, having a shelf life of 10+ years and a wider temperature operating range.

BR2430 batteries are used in low drain devices/applications like memory-backup batteries, CMOS batteries, and similar.

ML2430 vs LiR2430 vs CR2430 Battery

CR2430 battery is non-rechargeable 3.0 volts battery, while ML2430 and LiR2430 batteries are rechargeable 24.5 x 3.0 mm batteries.

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ML2430 battery features a positive electrode made of Lithium Manganese Oxide and a negative electrode made of Lithium Aluminum alloy.

ML2430 battery features a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts, average discharge voltage of 2.5 volts, cutoff voltage of 2.0 volts, and charge voltage of ~3.2 volts.

The typical capacity of the ML2430 battery is ~100 mAh, with a standard continuous discharge current of ~0.5 mA, maximum continuous discharge current of ~10 mA, and maximum pulse current of ~20 mA.

The number of charging cycles vary, but generally, it can withstand at least several hundred charging/discharging cycles.

ML2430 batteries feature the same voltage as CR2430 batteries, better drain features in terms of maximum current, and a larger self-discharge rate.

However, these batteries should not be considered equivalents since devices that use ML2430 batteries often have built-in battery chargers - and charging a CR2430 battery can be dangerous.

For short, if your device uses an ML2430 battery, replace it with an ML2430 battery. If your device uses a CR2430 battery, it can be replaced with an ML2430 battery, but don't expect it to last a long time.


LiR2430 battery features lithium-ion chemistry, with a nominal voltage between 3.2 and 3.7 volts, depending on the actual chemistry.

Nominal capacity is in the 90-100 mAh range with maximum continuous discharge current up to 20 mA (0.2C).

Charging voltage depends on the battery chemistry, but for the 3.6-3.7V batteries, it should be kept to 4.2 volts or somewhat lower.

LiR2430 batteries may withstand 300-500 charging/discharging cycles using proper battery chargers, even when being discharged almost completely.

CR2430 and LiR2430 batteries should not be considered directly interchangeable unless explicitly stated by the manufacturer of the device in question - voltage difference is not large, but nonetheless, it can cause certain devices to malfunction, or it can even destroy sensitive devices.

CR2430 Battery Cross Reference Chart

The following cross reference chart lists some of the most popular CR2430, ML2430, LiR2430 batteries with their most important features and specifications:

Battery Nominal Voltage Cut-Off Voltage Nominal Capacity Operating Temperature Annual Self-Discharge Rate Standard Discharge Current Other Datasheet
Duracell DL2430 3.0V 2.0V 270 mAh, 15kΩ, down to 2.0V -20°C to +60°C - - - Duracell DL2430
EEMB LiR2430 3.7V 2.75V 95 mAh -20°C to +60°C - 19 mA (0.2C) 95 mA max. continuous EEMB LiR2430
Energizer CR2430 3.0V 2.0V 320 mAh, 15kΩ, down to 2.0V, @21°C -30°C to +60°C ~1% 0.19 mA 9.3 mA @2.7V, 2s, 300Ω, @21°C Energizer CR2430
FDK ML2430 3.0V 2.0V 100 mAh -20°C to +60°C - 0.5 mA 10 mA max. continuous
20 mA max. pulse
FDK ML2430
GP Batteries GPCR2430E 3.0V 2.0V 300 mAh, 15kΩ, down to 2.0V, @20±2°C - - 0.19 mA - GP Batteries GPCR2430E
muRata CR2430 3.0V 2.0V 300 mAh, ~1k2Ω, down to 2.0V, @23°C -30°C to +70°C - 0.2 mA - muRata CR2430
Renata CR2430 3.0V 2.0V 285 mAh -40°C to +85°C <1% 0.5 mA 4.0 mA max.  continuous Renata CR2430
Varta CR2430 3.0V 2.0V

300 mAh, 5k6Ω, down to 2.0V, @20°C

320 mAh, 15kΩ, down to 2.0V

-20°C to +70°C <1% ~0.5 mA - Varta CR2430

As one can see, each battery chemistry has its own pros and cons, with a Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) being the most common one.

CR2430 Battery Safety Issues

Modern CR2430 batteries don't contain mercury, cadmium, lead, and other heavy and toxic metals.

However, if the CR2430 or any other similar battery gets swallowed by kids or pets, body fluids short-circuit the battery causing various electrolytic processes that are very dangerous, even lethal - that is why most CR and similar batteries come in 'child-proof' and similar packages.

Although CR2430 batteries are not small, this may happen - if it happens, contact the nearest emergency center ASAP and do as instructed.

Please, this is a serious warning and should be treated as such!

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a non-rechargeable button/coin-cell 24.5 x 3.0 mm lithium battery, go for a CR2430 battery from reputable brands with good reviews.

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Such batteries are tried and tested by countless users in many real-life situations and they worked well.

Rechargeable 24.5 x 3.0 mm batteries are present as well, but their use is rather specific.

Although CR2430 and rechargeable ML2430/LiR2430 batteries are interchangeable in certain situations, they may replace each other only if explicitly permitted by the device's manufacturer.