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Author's Bio: Mateo Bernadic, MD

Mateo Bernadic has a Master's Degree in Electronics since 1997., with a strong background in IT Sciences, Physics, Math, and Chemistry.

University link:

Note: Number #100. The page is in Croatian, but even with Google Translate, one can see the title of his thesis.

After working for decades as an IT System Admin and Architect (MCSA, MCSE, etc.) for various companies and as a blogger in his free time, in 2021, Mateo Bernadic turned to blogging as a full-time job.

Microsoft link: started as a hobby project due to a large amount of misinformation found on the Internet regarding batteries and everything related to them.

Other areas of interest include Sports, Outdoors, Gardening, Nutrition, and Cooking.

Mateo Bernadic's LinkedIn Profile:

So, stay tuned, and see You around!