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ANCHEER AN-EB5 14" 500W Electric Commuter Bike

ANCHEER AN-EB5 14" 500W Electric Commuter Bike is a lightweight and compact electric bike, supporting all three riding modes and featuring a rather strong and efficient 500W brushless rear hub electric motor, ensuring good power reserve.

ANCHEER AN-EB5 14" 500W Electric Commuter Bike doesn't feature suspension and is suitable for flat terrain. But, air-filled tires are robust enough even for trail and other off-road rides...

Published: August 25, 2021.

ancheer 500w 14 inch 48v electric bike 1

ANCHEER AN-EB5 Electric Bike Features and Specifications

ANCHEER 14" 500W Electric Commuter Bike is very similar to ANCHEER 12" 350W Electric Commuter Bike - both units share a similar design, and both units are offered in similar colors (white, black).

The main differences are:

- ANCHEER AN-EB5 features a stronger motor (500W vs 350W),

- ANCHEER AN-EB5 features pedals, ensuring all three riding modes (Full Electric, Pedal Assist, Manual Only),

- ANCHEER AN-EB5 comes with a 48V 7.5Ah battery, while ANCHEER 12" 350W Electric Commuter Bike comes with a 36V 6Ah battery,

- ANCHEER AN-EB5 supports the use of a smartphone app to monitor the battery condition (charge and temperature, for example),

- ANCHEER AN-EB5 features a maximum speed of 20 mph (32 km/h) and a maximum range of ~20 miles (vs. 15 mph max speed and 15 miles max range).

All in all, ANCHEER AN-EB5 is a faster and stronger electric bike, having more features than the weaker 12" 350W ANCHEER electric bike.

ancheer 500w 14 inch 48v electric bike 2

ANCHEER AN-EB5 features an aluminum alloy frame, ensuring a strong frame and a total weight of the bike of only 39.7 pounds (18 kg), having a maximum load weight of 265 pounds (120 kg).

Since the bike is rather compact (41.3 x 37.8 x 19.7 inches, ~105 x 96 x 50 cm), recommended user's height is between 4'11" and 5'11" (150-180 cm), preferably between 5'1" and 5'10" (155-178 cm). This also depends on the riding style as well.

To help with the storage, the headset is foldable just above the head tube, but the bike's frame is NOT foldable.

ANCHEER AN-EB5 features a rear hub brushless 500W electric motor, ensuring good acceleration and hill-climbing.

The maximum range depends on the user weight, which is ~20 miles (32 km) for 132 pounds (60 kg) users and ~18 miles (~29 km) for 165 pounds (75 kg) users.

If the user is even heavier, the range is decreased even further.

On the slopes, ANCHEER AN-EB5 can climb 50m track under 20° with the user lighter than 160 pounds (~72.5 kg).

Note: 500W brushless electric motor develops 70 Nm max, which means that with 14" wheels, a maximum pulling force is ~393 Newtons (N). And no, it is not possible to convert force in Newtons to "force" in pounds or kilograms, but to make things simpler, 393 N is the force of ~88 pounds (~40 kg) body on the surface of planet Earth (gravity → 9.81 m/s2) - sorry because the physics and math ;)

Anyway, with 500W 70Nm 48V electric motor, ANCHEER AN-EB5 is well powered compact electric bike.

rear hub motor

ANCHEER AN-EB5 comes with a pair of disc brakes (one front, one rear), ensuring good stopping power, increasing safety.

Also, to increase safety even more, ANCHEER AN-EB5 also features front light.

front light

However, ANCHEER AN-EB5 doesn't feature rear red LED light.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a city electric bike that can also go off-road, consider ANCHEER AN-EB5 electric bike.

It comes with a 500W brushless motor, durable 14" tires, IPX5 water protection of the battery and electronics, it supports all three riding modes, it features good range (up to 20 miles) and speed (up to 20 mph), etc. It is a for a reason one of the most popular electric bikes in its class.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the ANCHEER AN-EB5 14" 500W Electric Commuter Bike Amazon link (link opens in the new window).