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ANCHEER AT1 Electric Mountain Bike

ANCHEER AT1 Electric Mountain Bike is a very popular electric bike suitable for everyday commuters, but also for people who like offroad rides as well.

ANCHEER AT1 Electric Mountain Bike features a very balanced design, with a high capacity removable battery, efficient brushless motor, Shimano 21-speed gear system, aluminum frame, front and rear disc brakes, etc.

Published: September 9, 2021.

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ANCHEER AT1 Electric Mountain Bike Features and Specifications

ANCHEER AT1 electric bike is powered by a removable high-capacity 36V 10.4Ah lithium battery and the brushless electric rear-hub 350W motor.

In order to remove the battery, the user has to use the key - a very important safety feature.

The bike comes with LED 4-speed smart battery charge meter button on the left handle, easily visible by the user. When the battery is fully discharged, it takes some 6 hours to fully recharge it again.

Since lithium batteries don't suffer from the memory effect, the battery can be recharged regardless of its current charge condition.

ANCHEER AT1 electric bike comes with 26 inches (66 cm) wheels with double-walled aluminum rims and tires that offer good grip on both road and offroad terrain.

Note: for extra soft terrain, like snow and sand, generally one needs a fat-tire electric bike. Lighter users may use ANCHEER AT1 even on soft terrain, but heavier users may have issues with mountain bikes and "normal" tires when riding on the really soft terrain.

rear hub

ANCHEER AT1 electric bike support all three electric bike ride modes:

- Full Electric Mode offers a maximum speed of 19-20 mph, with a maximum range of 22 miles (38 km) - note that the maximum range depends on the terrain, user weight, tires, battery charge, and condition, etc.

- Pedal Assist Mode offers 5 different levels of assistance and features a maximum range between 22 and 40 miles (38-65 km).

- Pedal-Only Mode is manual mode and the maximum speed and range depend only on the rider's stamina.

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ANCHEER AT1 electric bike comes in several colors, including Blue Sunshine, Orange Sunshine, and Red Sunshine - all these models practically differ only in the color, with all other features and specifications being practically the same.

ANCHEER AT1 electric bike weighs ~44 pounds (~20 kg) and supports users up to 300 pounds (~136 kg) with a height between 5'1" and 6'2" (~155 - 188 cm).

The entire frame is made from 6061 aluminum alloy, making it lightweight and durable.

The suspension system is based on the front steel fork, ensuring smooth and comfortable rides even over moderately bumpy terrain.

handle controls

The bike's controls are on the left and right handle, allowing the user to quickly and easily change settings when required and to stop the bike when necessary - ANCHEER AT1 electric bike features disc brakes on both wheels.

front disc

Both disc brakes do their job well, allowing the user to control the speed and to stop in a rather controlled manner. Also, disc brakes increase the rider's safety when controlling the speed down the hills.

Electric Bikes and Climbing the Slopes

ANCHEER AT1 electric bike is a good hill climber, however, its ability to climb the slopes depends on many things, but first and foremost on the rider's weight.

For example - if the ANCHEER AT1 electric bike is used by 120 pounds (54.4 kg) and 300 pounds (136 kg) users:

- 120 lbs (54.4 kg) user: total weight 164 lbs (74.3 kg) → maximum vertical speed equals ~0.48 m/s → maximum speed on 10% slope ~4.8 m/s (~17.3 km/h, ~10.8 mph).

- 300 lbs (136 kg) user: total weight 344 lbs (155.9 kg) → maximum vertical speed equals ~0.23 m/s → maximum speed on 10% slope ~ 2.3 m/s (~8.3 km/h, ~5.2 mph).

Users wanting better slope climbing features for heavier riders should go for electric bikes with stronger electric motors and preferably 48V batteries - both of which increase the bike's price.

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Long Story Short: ANCHEER AT1 electric bike is a very popular electric bike for a reason - it features a very balanced design, including an aluminum frame, steel fork with suspension, Shimano 21-gear speed system, 36V 10.4Ah lithium battery, 350W motor, 26-inch wheels, disc brakes, etc.

ancheer at1 mIf You are looking for a sturdy and durable everyday electric bike, consider ANCHEER AT1 electric bike. Also, if You like offroad adventures with your bike, this bike can also provide it.

And yes, there are better electric city ebikes and better offroad ebikes, but they are more expensive units often specialized for one of those roles, not both of them.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the ANCHEER AT1 Electric Mountain Bike Amazon link (link opens in the new window).