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Gyroor C3 Electric Bike for Adults

Gyroor C3 is a compact, foldable, electric bike, intended for daily city commuting and leisure rides over flat terrain. Gyroor C3 electric bike features a strong motor, good-size battery, dual brake system, it supports all three riding modes, etc.

Gyroor C3 is a fast and agile electric bike, but it is not intended for trail rides and other off-road adventures.

Published: October 12, 2021.

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Gyroor C3 Electric Bike Features and Specifications

Gyroor C3 electric bike features non-removable lithium 36V 10Ah battery and is powered by a 450W rear hub electric motor, providing a maximum speed of 18.6 mph (~30 km/h).

Gyroor C3 electric bike support all three electric bike modes with the maximum range of:

- Full Electric Mode: 28 miles (~45 km),

- Pedal Assist Mode: up to 38 miles (~61 km).

Note: Maximum speed and ranges depend on the user weight, battery charge and condition, terrain, riding habits, and similar. Gyroor C3 electric bike is rather simple to use and maintain city commuter, but when it arrives, be sure to read the Owner's Guide/Manual. Also, charge the battery completely, since lithium batteries are transported in semi-charged condition, for safety reasons.

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Gyroor C3 electric bike weighs 47.8 pounds (~21.7 kg) and supports users up to 265 pounds (~120 kg), which is generally a good result for a foldable unit with air-filled 14" (~35.6 cm) tires.

In order to increase the comfort, Gyroor C3 electric bike comes with a rear suspension system, which in combination with air-filled tires does a rather good job.

And, in order to increase the safety, Gyroor C3 electric bike features front light and rear brake light, a dual disc brake system, and even a horn.

gyroor c3 folded

Gyroor C3 electric bike features IP54 waterproof rating - it can get wet (rain, for example), but the bike's motor, battery, and the rest of electronics should NOT be submerged in the water. For short, avoid ponds of water, since the lower part of the motor is just ~4.5-5 inches above the ground.

According to the manufacturer, Gyroor C3 electric bike can traverse the 15% slopes - considering its 450W motor, Gyroor C3 electric bike is an agile and maneuverable bike, even on slopes.

However, its ability to climb depends very much on the user's weight, since it is not the same to climb with 100 pounds user (total weight ~150 pounds) or with a 250 pounds user (total weight 300 pounds).

Also, slopes and uneven terrain, in general, decrease the effective range in both Full Electric Mode and Pedal Assist Mode.

Gyroor C3 electric bike supports Pedal Only Mode, but it doesn't feature chain derailleur - Gyroor C3 electric bike features only one gear, although some sources state that it comes with a 15-speed gear system.

In Pedal Only Mode, the average Gyroor C3 electric bike speed is somewhat faster than the speed of pedestrians - the bike can go even faster, but the rider must spin the pedals faster, of course.

Long Story Short: Gyroor C3 is a compact, relatively lightweight, and versatile city commuting electric bike. It is comfortable and easy to ride and it doesn't require much space for storage.

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Also, it offers a good range and speed and supports most users, at least regarding their weight.

Gyroor C3 electric bike comes with a 1-year limited warranty for the bike and a 6-months warranty for the battery.

Again, the battery is not removable and the bike features only a single-speed gear system. Other than that, this is a very good smallish electric bike, very popular in its class.

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