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Populo Curve Folding Electric Bike

Populo Curve Folding Electric Bike features a very balanced design, making it a very versatile electric bike, suitable for everyday commuting, but also for off-road adventures.

As its name suggests, Populo Curve Folding Electric Bike comes with an aluminum folding frame and is powered by a 250W rear hub motor from a 36V 6.6Ah removable lithium battery which can be used as a USB charger as well.

Very nice for a unit that folded can fit easily into most sedans and SUVs.

Published: July 9, 2022.

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Populo Curve Folding Electric Bike Features and Specifications

Populo Curve Folding Electric Bike is an easy-to-use and maintain electric bike with most features being very intuitive to use.

However, when the unit arrives, be sure to check the Owner's Guide in order to get accustomed to your new eBike.

Populo Curve comes with 20x2.2 inches (~50.8 x 5.6 cm) tires, suitable for both flat and even roads, but also for some off-road adventures.

Larger tires would help the bike absorb rough trails even better, but 20x2.2 inches tires handle rough terrain acceptably well and allow the unit to be folded in a very small package.

Also, the bike comes with a front suspension system, ensuring smooth rides in general, not just over flat terrain.

Adjustable seat and handlebars make the ride comfortable for users from 5' to 6'1" (152.5 - 185.5 cm).


The aluminum frame ensures good load capability - up to 260 pounds (~118 kg), although heavier users can't expect agility on hilly terrain like lighter riders.

To help users carry some load, Populo Curve comes with a rear rack that is able to hold up to 55 pounds (~25 kg).

Populo Curve is powered by an energy-efficient 250W rear hub motor that supports all three electric bike ride modes: Full Electric Mode, Power Assist Mode, and Pedal-Only Mode (Shimano 6-speeds system).

Unit is powered by removable lithium 36V 6.6Ah battery which also features a USB charging port, allowing the user to recharge smartphones, tablets, and similar USB rechargeable devices - personally, this is not a must-have option but can come in very handy, for example, to recharge any discharged telecommunication device in an emergency.

The bike comes with a battery charger that requires ~4 hours to recharge it completely.  features

To increase the safety of the rider, the bike comes with front and rear lights and mechanical disc brakes on both wheels.

Populo Curve features a range of 15 miles (~24 km) on flat and even terrain - heavier users on hilly terrain cannot expect that long range.

Personally, Populo Curve and similar bikes show their strength in Pedal Assist Mode, allowing the users to easily traverse great distances without much effort, regardless if they are commuting to work, college, school, or similar, or they are having a fun time riding the bike away from paved roads.

Populo Curve Folding Electric Bike comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Long Story Short: Populo Curve Folding Electric Bike comes with many features that are required by the bike that pretends to be universal means of transport, regardless if You plan to use it for commuting, off-road trips, leisure rides, etc.

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The foldable aluminum frame is sturdy enough to support users up to 260 pounds, it is light enough to be easily loaded On and Off cars, trucks, and SUVs, and when folded, the bike requires very little storage space.

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