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Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter

Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter is a rather versatile e-bike/e-scooter, intended for persons 16+, featuring relatively large air-filled wheels, a strong motor, sturdy and strong construction, and a few more interesting features like seat, luggage rack, basket, and similar.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter features a very balanced design which surprisingly also includes lead-acid batteries and not lithium ones. But, the unit has a powerful-enough motor, good range, and hill-climbing ability, which would be better, of course, if lithium batteries of the same weight were used - that would also increase the price of this electric scooter ...

Published: May 20, 2022.

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Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter Features and Specifications

Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter features a construction of steel tubes and is a very robust unit.

The unit features physical dimensions of 57 x 20 x 42.9 inches (146 x 51 x 109 cm) and it weighs 65.12 lbs (29.6 kg) - this electric scooter is anything but a lightweight unit. Also, it supports users up to 220 pounds (~100 kg)

When the scooter arrives, it must be assembled, which can be done quickly, just follow the instructions.

Although the unit is easy to use and maintain, just in case, read the rest of the Owner's Guide in order to get accustomed to your new e-scooter.

rear wheel

As its label suggests, the Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter comes with a 500W electric motor, which powers the rear wheel via protected chain drive.

Razor also manufactures several similar models with a rear hub motor, but these models come with somewhat weaker 350W motors. Also, with chain drive, the motor is out and easier to cool, maintain, and if required service/replace.

Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter comes with two, relatively large, 16 inches (406 mm) air-filled tires which help smooth out the ride even over uneven terrain - very important since the unit doesn't feature shock absorbers.


The rear wheel also features a mechanical brake, allowing the user to stop the scooter in a controlled manner.

Note: Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter features only one brake, so be sure that it functions properly.

front wheel

With most of the weight to the rear, a light front wheel ensures smooth and accurate control of the scooter. Personally, I would like to see another brake here, even the one with caliper construction...

luggage rack and basket

Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter comes with a very comfortable seat, a luggage rack, and even a basket, allowing the user to carry more things than with other scooters.

The deck is made of durable and lightweight bamboo.

Under the deck is a battery compartment consisting of 3 (three) lead-acid 12V 6-7Ah batteries connected in series (36V total).

Such battery pack in combination with a 500W electric motor ensures a range of 6-7 (9-11 km) miles over hilly terrain and 10-12 miles (16-19 km) over flat terrain with a maximum speed up to 18 mph (29 km/h).

Note: range depends on the rider's weight, terrain, tire pressure, battery pack condition, etc.

Lead-acid batteries should be always recharged as soon as they are discharged. Also, if possible, they should not be discharged below 70-80% DoD, since such cyclic use may significantly shorten their operating life.

When replacing old batteries with new ones, always replace all old batteries with three new AGM/Gel-Cell batteries of the same brand and model.

Lead-Acid or Lithium Batteries?

The use of lead-acid batteries keeps the price of this unit at an acceptable level, but the lithium battery pack of the same weight would, in theory, ensure a 2-4x longer range. However, such a battery pack would be larger, bulkier, and much more expensive.

Also, replacing three lead-acid batteries with three lithium batteries would in theory increase the range since lithium batteries don't suffer from capacity loss (at least not as lead-acid batteries) when being discharged with strong currents.

Personally, this is not recommended since this battery pack comes with a 30A circuit breaker, and with a 500W motor, the battery pack must provide, in theory, at least 13.8A continuously at full throttle.

When the electric motor starts, it can draw a much stronger current.

Although there are several 12V 7-10Ah lithium batteries that feature a maximum constant output current of 15A and have surge current in the 25+ Amps range, this is too close to the actual requirement that the safety margin is almost non-existent.

For more about these batteries, feel free to check our 12V 7Ah Rechargeable Batteries - Features, Dimensions, and Cross Reference Chart article.

razor ecosmart metro chain mLong Story Short: Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter features a very balanced design regarding its performance and price.

It is a very versatile city commuter that can be used for other purposes as well.

Also, Razor manufactures several very similar models, including 350W Razor EcoSmart Metro Hub Driven Electric Scooter with and without seat and luggage rack - so feel free to choose according to your own needs and requirements.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Razor EcoSmart Metro Chain Driven Electric Scooter Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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