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Group 47 (H5, L2, 55L2) Batteries - Dimensions, Features, and Recommendations

Group 47 (H5, L2, 55L2) batteries are medium size batteries, mostly used in automotive and light industrial applications as cranking or dual-purpose batteries for starting mid-range diesel and gas engines and for powering various electric and electronic devices while the main engine(s) are turned off.

Most BCI Group 47 (H5, L2, 55L2) batteries are designed as spill-proof, maintenance-free AGM batteries, but there are also other models on the market as well.

Updated: March 13, 2023.

group 47 acdelco

Group 47/H5 Battery Dimensions and Specifications

Standard BCI Group 47 battery features dimensions of (L x W x H) 9 9/16 x 6 7/8 x 7 1/2 inches (9.5625 x 6.875 x 7.5 inches, 242 x 175 x 190 mm) and is very similar to the standard DIN H5 battery (also labeled as L2 battery) and EN 55L2 battery that has exactly the same physical dimensions of (L x W x H) of 242 x 175 x 190 mm.

The positive terminal is on the Right side of the battery, when the battery is placed in front of the user.

Terminals are commonly automotive terminals, but there are also models with 'Nuts and Bolts' terminals.

The list of most popular BCI Group 47/H5 batteries is given in the following comparison chart:

Model Battery Type
Cell Type
Capacity (Ah)
RC (min)
Weight (lbs/kg)
ACDelco 47AGM Professional Starting
39.2 lbs; 17.8 kg
ACDelco 47AGMA Gold Starting
39.24 lbs; 17.8 kg
Deka 9A47 Intimidator Dual Purpose
39 lbs; 17.7 kg
Delphi BU9047 MaxStart Starting
38.5 lbs; 17.5 kg
Interstate Group 47/H5 Battery Starting
32.9 lbs; 14.9 kg
Interstate Group 47/H5 AGM Battery Starting
38.9 lbs; 17.6 kg
PowerTex Group 47 Battery Dual Purpose
13.5 lbs; 6.1 kg
XS Power D4700 Battery Dual Purpose
41.2 lbs; 18.7 kg

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On average, group 47 AGM battery features 20h capacity in the 50-60 Ah range, CCA value of 600-630 Amps, MCA value of 700-750 Amps, Reserve Capacity (RC) of 100-115 minutes, and weighs around 38-42 pounds (17-19 kg).

Sometimes it is very hard to distinguish "starting" from "dual-purpose" AGM batteries, and the group 47 batteries are no exception - AGM batteries are maintenance-free batteries that feature increased resistance to vibrations and mechanical impacts and tolerates deep discharges much better than starting wet/flooded lead-acid batteries.

While some batteries are labeled as "Starting," they are very often designed for "Stop&Go" ("Stop&Start") applications - they crank diesel and gas engines well, but they also accept charge quickly, tolerate medium to deep discharges well (not as true deep-cycle batteries, but better than "classic" starting batteries), etc.

Thus, dual-purpose batteries are often used in single-battery systems where the battery is required to power various systems while the main engine is off and still be able to crank the engine.

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 Lithium Group 47/H5 Batteries

Lithium group 47/H5 batteries are not as common as lead-acid batteries, but they offer several advantages over lead-acid batteries, AGM models included:

  • Lithium batteries are 2.5-3x lighter, leading to some weight savings,
  • Lithium batteries feature somewhat higher nominal voltage, leading to better cranking,
  • Lithium batteries feature a built-in BMS, which protects the battery from unwanted events,
  • Lithium batteries are more energy efficient,
  • Lithium batteries are maintenance-free batteries that can operate in any position,
  • Lithium batteries tolerate deep discharges much better than AGM batteries,
  • Lithium batteries may feature a higher CCA rating ensuring better cranking, etc.

However, group 47/H5 lithium batteries cost more than AGM lead acid batteries and are more sensitive to lower temperatures.

powertex group47 h5 battery

Group 47/H5 Equivalent/Similar Battery Groups

The physical dimensions of the group 47 batteries are very similar to several other BCI battery groups, allowing these batteries to be used almost interchangeably.

Here is the list of several such groups with their maximum dimensions (L x W x H):

  • Group 47: 9.5625 x 6.875 x 7.5 inches (242 x 175 x 190 mm),
  • Group 78: 10.25 x 7.0625 x 7.3125 inches (260 x 179 x 186 mm),
  • Group 35: 9.0625 x 6.875 x 8.875 (230 x 175 x 225 mm), etc.

There are other battery groups of similar size, and they all differ in one or more dimensions. Also, one has to be careful about battery type, chemistry, terminal type, orientation, and similar when replacing one battery group with another.

Long Story Short: if you are looking for a new group 47 lead-acid battery, go for a good AGM battery from a reputable brand, just be sure to check the battery CCA/Ah rating, terminal type and orientation, base hold-down type, etc.

If you are looking for a way to save some weight in your vehicle or industrial application, lithium group 47/H5 batteries are not as common as AGM batteries, but they are, nonetheless, present on the market.

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