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How To Change Omron MC245 (MC-245) Thermometer Battery?

Omron MC245 (MC-245) thermometer is a simple-to-use and very accurate pen-like thermometer intended for measuring body temperature in several ways.

Omron MC245 (MC-245) thermometer comes with many interesting features, but unlike Omron MC246 (MC-246) thermometer, the Omron MC245 (MC-245) thermometer appears as if the battery replacement was not planned at all. But, Omron MC245 (MC-245) thermometer battery can be replaced.

Published: January 10, 2023.

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Omron MC245 Digital Thermometer Battery

Omron MC245 (sometimes written as "MC-245") digital thermometer uses a single LR41 battery, which is enough for ~5000 measurements (10-minute measurements per day), and in most cases, the battery will run low because of its age.

When the battery is discharged, it can be replaced relatively easily, but the method is not described in the Omron MC245 Digital Thermometer manual.

Also, we are not sure if the manufacturer supports this, so if something goes wrong, consider that You will most probably lose your warranty.

But there isn't much that could go wrong, and pen-like thermometers are rather affordable.

Note: If your Omron MC245 thermometer died for who knows what reason, consider Omron MC246 thermometer for your new thermometer because it comes with an easy-to-replace battery.

The following YouTube video clearly shows how to replace the LR41 battery in the Omron MC245 digital thermometer:

As one can see, a method is relatively simple and straightforward, just one must be very careful:

  • Using a sharp knife, remove the bottom of the thermometer,
  • Using a sharp knife, partly (and very gently) detach the front sticker where it says "OMRON",
  • Push out the battery holder and remove the battery,
  • Place the new battery in the battery holder - be careful about the battery orientation,
  • attach the front sticker ("OMRON" letters) to the thermometer,
  • attach the bottom of the thermometer.

And that's it. It sounds complicated, but it is not.

If you don't like the idea of replacing the battery this way, go for Omron MC246 Digital Thermometer - it is designed with the battery replacement in mind.

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Visually, OMRON MC246 is very similar to MC245, but on the back side, one can see a battery removable cover.

SR41 vs. LR41 Battery

maxel lr41 mThe default batteries for OMRON MC245 and MC246 are LR41 alkaline batteries, while silver-oxide SR41 batteries are not even mentioned.

Although SR41 batteries feature more stable voltage and larger capacity and they last longer, just in case, when replacing the batteries in OMRON MC245 and MC246, go for alkaline LR41 batteries.

Better safe than sorry.