Battery Equivalents and Replacements

J-Cell Battery Equivalents and Replacements

J-cell batteries are flat, non-rechargeable, 6V batteries intended for a broad range of devices that require a reliable power source that has to be flat and can be inserted only one way into the battery compartment.

J-cell batteries are not the most common batteries on the market, but they can be found at online stores rather easily. Nonetheless, some people use special J-cell battery adapters that can hold four AAAA batteries connected in series allowing them to replace J-cell batteries with four AAAA batteries.

Published: April 23, 2022.

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J-Cell Battery Features and Specifications

J-cell battery is a flat battery featuring physical dimensions of (H x L x W) 48.5 x 35.6 x 9.18 mm (~1.909 x 1.401 x 0.361 inches), a nominal voltage of 6V, a cutoff voltage of ~3.6V, with a nominal capacity usually between 500 and 650 mAh.

As such, the J-cell battery is commonly used in medical devices, measuring/monitoring equipment, key fobs, remote controls, GPS trackers, security systems, and similar.

Internally, J-cell batteries contain 4 (four) alkaline LR61 batteries which are very similar to AAAA batteries (8.3 x 42.5 mm; ~0.3268 x 1.6732 inches) connected in series.

Both battery terminals are on one side of the battery, with a negative terminal on top of the battery and a positive battery terminal being positioned under a certain angle - this angle and special grooves on the battery, prevent the users from placing the battery in the wrong way in the battery compartment.

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J-cell battery is also known as 7K67 battery, 4LR61 battery, 1412 battery, and 539 battery.

When replacing the J-cell battery with adapters holding several smaller batteries, be sure that the batteries used by adapters/holders must have proper voltage, capacity, and strong-enough discharge currents in order to replace one J-cell battery.

For example, the Duracell J-Cell Battery (Datasheet PDF) features a nominal capacity of 575 mAh, but in the reality, the exact capacity depends on the battery age, storage and discharge temperature, discharge current, and similar.

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Long Story Short: If You are looking for a J-cell battery, also known as 7K67 battery, 4LR61 battery, 1412 battery, or 539 battery, go for the alkaline J-cell battery from one of the reputable brands - these batteries are popular models and already been tested by many users in the real-life situations.

If the battery cannot be found locally (hardware stores, office products, photo equipment stores, etc.), order it from online stores.