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GOOLOO GP37-Plus 800A Peak 18000 mAh Car Jump Starter

GOOLOO GP37-Plus is very popular 12V car jump starter and power bank, featuring 800A peak current and 18000 mAh lithium battery, which is able to store 66.6 Wh of energy.

GOOLOO GP37-Plus is able to start gas engines up to 7.0 liters and diesel engines up to 5.5 liters, although these values depend on many other factors. Thanks to the numerous safety features, GOOLOO GP37-Plus is very safe to use, just be sure to follow the instructions!

Also, GOOLOO GP37-Plus may be used as power bank, and flashlight.

Published: September 6, 2019.

gooloo gp37 plus jump starter 1

GOOLOO GP37-Plus Features and Specifications

Most important features of GOOLOO GP37-Plus are:

- Peak current: 800 Amps,

- 3 seconds start current: 350 Amps,

- 5 seconds start current: 300 Amps.

GOOLOO GP37-Plus is very compact unit, with physical dimensions of ~6.2 x 2.95 x 1.42 inches (157 x 75 x 36 mm) and it weighs ~1.17 pounds (530 grams) - it is very light and compact and easily carried around in the car, on the boat, in the backpack and similar.

Operating temperatures are:

- jump starting: from -4°F to 104°F (from -20°C to 40°C),

- charging temperature: from 32°F to 113°F (from 0°C to 45°C).

Storage temperature is not stated, but personally, I would never leave such device in the car during summer heat! Better safe than sorry...

When the unit is fully discharged, it can be recharged in approximately 5 hours.

gooloo gp37 plus jump starter 2

When the unit arrives, the box contains:

- GOOLOO Compact Jump Starter GP37-Plus,

- Smart Jumper Clamp,

- Wall Charger,

- Car Charger,

- Micro-USB Cable,

- Carry Bag,

- User Manual.

Additional features of the GOOLOO GP37-Plus jump starter include dual USB output charging ports (5V/2.1A, 5V 2.4A/9V 2A) and LED flashlights featuring three light modes: normal light, strobe light and SOS light.

 GOOLOO GP37-Plus Jump Starter Safety Features

GOOLOO GP37-Plus comes with full set of safety features, including: short circuit protection, high temperature protection, reverse connection and reverse polarity protection, over-current/surge protection, over-voltage/surge protection and over-discharge protection.

All these features don't mean that this or any other jump starter is a toy - it can provide strong currents that can do plenty of damage, cause injuries or worse. So, read the manual and be careful when using it.

gooloo gp37 plus jump starter use

 In order for GOOLOO GP37-Plus to be able to jump start an engine, it must be charged over 60% - this can be done by pressing power button once.

Next, plug the jumper cable into the battery pack and connect the jumper cable to the car battery (red clamp is positive/plus, black clamp is negative/minus - actually, ground in most situations!).

Now, wait for the indicator to turn green and only then start the car by turning on the ignition. And that is all.

Note: if the green light is blinking with buzzing sound, vehicle's battery is low. In this situation press 'Boost' button and wait for the Green Light to turn on (no flashing) - after that, start the engine within 30 seconds. If there is any red light turned on on the jump starter, DON'T start the engine - something is somewhere wrongly connected, so check everything!

How to Charge GOOLOO GP37-Plus

GOOLOO GP37-Plus can be charged at home using Home Charging Adaptor and wall power socket, or it can be charged in the car using Car Charging Adaptor cable and cigarette lighter adaptor.

If the GOOLOO GP37-Plus is not used for more than two months, it is recommended to recharge it.

Also, if you plan on using GOOLOO GP37-Plus as power bank and/or flashlight, be sure to regularly recharge the unit - one never knows when it may be needed.

According to the manufacturer, internal battery is able to withstand more than 1000 charging cycles - use your device, but don't abuse it! :)

gooloo gp37 plus jump starter flashlight

GOOLOO GP37-Plus comes with 12 + 6 month extended warranty.

Long Story Short: GOOLOO GP37-Plus is simple, affordable and rather versatile jump starter and power bank device, which can be used even as the flashlight.

It is very practical device that can be of enormous help - nobody appreciate jump starters until they are really needed, regardless if you are in the car on the parking lot in the city, in the SUV/truck stuck miles away from civilization, or on your boat, far away from the nearest port :)

Just be sure to charge it regularly and not to over-discharge it by charging smartphones and similar devices ...

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