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Kinverch JS88-K Portable Power Station/Jump Starter/Air Compressor

Kinverch JS88-K is a rather versatile piece of equipment that any fisherman or outdoors enthusiast may find very useful in many situations.

Kinverch JS88-K is powered by 12 volts 18 Ah lead-acid battery and is designed to be used as a portable power station, as a jump starter, as an air compressor, and if required during the night, as a strong LED flashlight. And everything is packed into the compact, ergonomically designed casing that is not lightweight, at least not when compared with similar lithium battery-powered units. But, lithium battery-powered units rarely pack 216 VA batteries ...

Published: January 19, 2022.

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Kinverch JS88-K Features and Specifications

With its dimensions of (W x D x H) 12 x 8.6 x 9.4 inches (~30.5 x 21.9 x 23.9 cm) Kinverch JS88-K is a rather compact unit, considering all its features. But, since it is powered with a lead-acid battery (12 volts, 18 Ah, for a total of 216 VA), it weighs 18.07 pounds (~8.2 kg) and it is not something that one may carry around, 'just in case', in the backpack.

But, outdoor enthusiasts and all other people wanting to be prepared for emergencies can store Kinverch JS88-K in the trunk of their vehicles or on the boat and be sure that they have additional options in the case of need.

Kinverch JS88-K may be used as:

- Jump Starter: with instant 750 Amps and 1500 Amps peak, Kinverch JS88-K can be used to start internal combustion engines of various vehicles and boats, including gas and diesel engines commonly found in cars, trucks, RVs, leisure and fishing boats, bikes, and similar. Also, it can be used to jump-start diesel/gas powered generators, riding lawn mowers, and similar.

- Air Compressor: internal air compressor features maximum air pressure of 150 PSI (~10 bars) and is able to fully inflate regular car tires to 30 PSI (2 bars) in 6-8 minutes. Obviously, the maximum air volume of the built-in air compressor is not 'breathtaking' but again, it is a rather compact unit and the air compressor is just one of its features.

Note: Although analog, the built-in pressure gauge is fairly accurate.

kinverch js88 k features

- Portable Power Station: Kinverch JS88-K features one USB (5V, 2.4 Amps), 2 DC ports (12V, 150 W), and two AC ports, helping the user to keep the devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops charged. Also, these ports allow the user to power smaller devices like fans, car vacuums, smaller searchlights, coolers and similar. Maximum AC output is 300 watts continuously, with 600 watts peak. AC output waveform is modified sine wave - recommended for most electronic devices that don't react very well to the ramp and other similar waveforms but not recommended for highly sensitive devices like medical equipment and similar.

- strong LED flashlight ensures that Kinverch JS88-K may be used even during the night. Or it can be used as the long-lasting LED light in the camp or on the boat for night fishing, without discharging the main starting/cranking battery.

The battery power indicator signals to the user the battery condition and the remaining charge. Also, the unit features a battery alarm that signals low battery condition (~10.5 volts) and the automatic shut down when the battery voltage drops down to ~10.0 volts, which is rather low for lead-acid batteries in general.

Note: before the very first use, be sure to read the manual completely. Kinverch JS88-K is a simple to use and maintain the unit, but better safe than sorry. Also, charge the battery before the first use and charge it every two months, if the unit is kept in a dry and cool place. Personally, I would never keep such a unit in the trunk of the car during the summer heat - it is not the healthiest place for lead-acid batteries, even though the cars' starting batteries are almost 100% lead-acid batteries...

When the battery is fully charged, the unit is able to provide power for:

- 4W cell phone: ~30 hours,

- 9W car fans: ~ 14 hours,

- 48W 12V cooler: 3 hours,

- 55W spotlight: 2 hours.

Note: To protect the unit, the inverter over-temperature protection shuts off the inverter at 222°F (~106°C).

Kinverch JS88-K comes with 18 months warranty, which is a good warranty (nothing special, but more than OK) for the devices in this class.

How to Charge Kinverch JS88-K?

Kinverch JS88-K can be charged using a wall power socket or using a car's cigarette lighter adapter.

kinverch js88 k charging

However, charging the Kinverch JS88-K using the car's cigarette lighter adapter when the engine is OFF is NOT recommended - Kinverch JS88-K uses a 12V 18Ah battery, and if requires, for example, 9Ah to get fully charged, it will drain the main battery by more than that 9Ah (there are some energy loses, which are inevitable).

While most modern car/truck/boat starting batteries don't have issues when being discharged by 10-12 or slightly more Ah, older or already discharged batteries (car alarms, multimedia devices, GPS, etc.) may have issues with starting the gas/diesel engines.

So, when the main engine is working, plug in your Kinverch JS88-K in the cigarette lighter adapter and charge it while traveling.

When at home, just plug it into the wall power socket, charge it fully, disconnect it and forget about it for a month or two ...

Kinverch JS86-K vs JS87-K vs JS88-K

At the moment, there are three similar Kinverch Portable Power Stations, labeled as Kinverch JS86-K, Kinverch JS87-K, and Kinverch JS88-K.

They differ in size, weight, size of internal lead-acid batteries, and a few more features.

Kinverch JS86-K features 12V 9 Ah lead-acid battery, 900 peak Amps car jump starter, 5V 2.4A USB charging port, 12V 150W output port, 150 PSI air compressor. Battery time: 4W cell phone ~18 hours, 9W car fan ~8 hours, 48W 12V cooler ~1.5 hours. Kinverch JS86-K does NOT come with AC power outlet. It weighs 10.14 pounds (4.6 kg).

Kinverch JS87-K features a 12V 12 Ah lead-acid battery, 1000 peak Amps (500 Amps continuously) car jump starter, 5V 2.4A USB charging port, 12V 150W output port, 150 PSI air compressor. Battery time: 4W cell phone ~24 hours, 9W car fan ~10.6 hours, 48W 12V cooler ~2 hours, 55W spotlight ~1.3 hours. Kinverch JS87-K does NOT come with an AC power outlet. Also, it weighs 14.1 pounds (6.41 kg).

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Personally, none of these units may be carried around in a backpack or similar. And since the price difference is relatively small and because they are generally carried in the car/truck/boat, a preferred choice should be the largest, the heaviest, and most expensive of these three units - Kinverch JS88-K. It comes with the largest battery and most features that justify the price and weight difference. IMHO, of course.

If you are looking for a lead-acid battery-powered portable power station, consider this unit - similar lithium-ion battery-powered units are lighter, but they also tend to cost much more.

For more reviews and recommendations, check the Kinverch JS88-K Portable Power Station/Jump Starter/Air Compressor Amazon link (link opens in the new window).