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Kobalt 80V Battery System

Kobalt 80V lithium-ion batteries are intended for cordless tools ranging from string and hedge trimmers to self-propelled cordless lawn mowers and cordless chainsaws, providing almost corded-like performances.

All Kobalt 80V batteries are compatible with all Kobalt 80V tools and chargers, but one should choose carefully to provide the best balance between the runtime on a single battery charge and the weight of the battery.

Published: September 1, 2022.

kobalt 80v 6ah battery

Kobalt 80V Batteries Features and Specifications

Most popular Kobalt 80V batteries range from 2.0Ah to 6.0Ah, and as their names suggest, they feature a nominal voltage of 80V.

Such a high voltage ensures excellent performances with relatively low currents, increasing efficiency and prolonging the runtime on a single battery charge.

Also, thanks to such high voltage, these batteries are able to store plenty of energy. For example:

- Kobalt 80V 2.0Ah: ~160 Wh

- Kobalt 80V 2.5Ah: ~200 Wh

- Kobalt 80V 3.0Ah: ~240 Wh

- Kobalt 80V 4.0Ah: ~320 Wh

- Kobalt 80V 5.0Ah: ~400 Wh

- Kobalt 80V 6.0Ah: ~480 Wh

But, such performances also increase these batteries' weight and price.

However, when such batteries are combined with Kobalt 80V lithium-ion battery fast chargers, they allow the users to power an entire line of Kobalt 80V cordless tools using just a few Kobalt 80V batteries.

All Kobalt 80V batteries feature a "fuel gauge" - a built-in battery remaining charge tester, allowing users to check the battery charge quickly.

Also, each battery features an intelligent built-in Battery Management System (BMS), which monitors the battery and protects it from unwanted events, prolonging the battery lifetime.

kobalt 80v 3ah battery

Kobalt 80V Battery Problems

The most common Kobalt 80V battery issues are overheating and not storing correctly.

When the battery is too hot or too cold, intelligent battery chargers will not start charging the battery until the battery reaches an acceptable temperature.

Hint: After the use, wait 10-15 minutes for the battery to cool down a little bit, and only then try to charge it. Also, after charging, let the battery cool down for 10-15 more minutes and only then use it.

When the battery is going to be stored for a long time, it is recommended by Kobalt to charge it fully and store it in the area at room temperature.

We agree with storing the battery at room temperature, but lithium batteries should be stored when charged at 50-60% of their nominal charge - before the next use, recharge them fully and use them as usual.

Note: both battery chargers and the batteries come with their manuals/Owner Guides, so when they arrive, be sure to read them carefully.

How To Restore The Kobalt 80V Battery?

Like many similar lithium-ion batteries, when discharged Kobalt 80V battery is being stored for a longer period of time, its voltage may drop too low for the battery charger to be able to start the normal charging process.

kobalt 80v krc 30 06 w400px

Kobalt offers several Kobalt 80V lithium battery chargers, with one of them being Model KRC 30-06 (Amazon link, opens in the new window), which features "low voltage charging mode," which takes up to 20h to recharge highly discharged battery fully.

However, sometimes not even KRC 30-06 battery charger can recover a deeply discharged battery, raising the question of how to restore such a battery.

First of all, this is NOT a recommended method and, if done wrongly, can lead to battery overheating, fire, and maybe even explosion, rendering the battery warranty void. This is a serious warning - whatever You do, it is your own responsibility.

So, take one Kobalt 80V fully charged battery and connect it with two wires to the bad battery and let them sit that way for a few minutes, carefully checking the batteries' temperatures (manually, of course).

After a good battery transfers a part of its charge to the bad battery, place the bad battery on the charger - now, it should have high enough voltage for the charging to start.

Also, charge a good battery as soon as possible.

Note: If the Kobalt 80V battery is not charging in the first place, check its temperature - if it is too hot or too cold, the charging process will not start until the battery's temperature stabilizes.

What Is The Warranty On A Kobalt 80V Battery?

Kobalt 80V batteries come with a 3-year limited warranty. During these three years, their batteries should operate without issues caused by errors during the manufacturing process.

kobalt 80v 2ah battery

How Long Will A Kobalt 80V Battery Last?

In terms of how long they can operate properly, when they are properly charged, stored, and not pushed to their limits, Kobalt 80V batteries may last up to 2-4 years.

Note:  when we say "not pushed to their limits," it means that, for example, Kobalt 80V Self-Propelled  Lawn Mower (which comes with an 80V 6.0Ah battery) is not powered regularly with, for example, 80V 2.0Ah battery.

These are good batteries, but the load on a 2.0Ah battery would be simply too high.

Also, don't store the battery fully discharged or fully charged - and when storing it, be sure to store them at room temperature or at just a little bit lower temperature.

How long will a Kobalt 80V battery last in a certain tool, depends on the battery capacity, tool being used and the way the tool is used - if the tool is pushed at the full throttle, battery runtime on a single charge will be shorter, of course.

Is Greenworks 80 Volt Battery The Same As Kobalt 80 Volt Battery?

Greenworks 80V and Kobalt 80V batteries are "almost" the same, and with a small hack, they can be used interchangeably - which is NOT recommended.

Such a hack can render the warranty void and lead to battery failure, overheating, etc.

kobalt 80v 5ah battery

Are Kobalt 80V Batteries Interchangeable?

All Kobalt 80V batteries are interchangeable and can be used in all Kobalt 80V tools.

However, Kobalt 80V 2.0Ah Battery and Kobalt 80V 2.5Ah Battery (Amazon links, open in the new windows) should be used in tools that don't require extra high output power, like cordless blowers, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, and similar.

Kobalt 80V 3.0Ah Battery and Kobalt 80V 4.0Ah Battery should be used on tools that require high output batteries, but the battery weight is still important.

On the other hand, Kobalt 80V 5.0Ah Battery (Amazon link, opens in the new window) and Kobalt 80V 6.0Ah Battery should be used on tools where battery weight is not that important, but the battery performances are.

Long Story Short: Kobalt 80V batteries offer performances very similar to the performances of the corded tools, allowing the users freedom to move around with no cord to pull.

When compared with, for example, 18V and 24V batteries of the same capacity, these batteries are not cheap, and they weigh more, but they also pack more energy and offer larger output power levels.

These batteries are easy to use and maintain, but when they arrive, be sure to read the instructions/Owner Manuals. Also, forget battery hacks and tampering with these or any similar batteries - at best, You may lose the battery warranty. At worse, they may overheat and even explode ... This warning goes for all lithium-ion batteries, not just Kobalt 80V batteries!