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ACEBEAM Pokelit AA Rechargeable Mini LED Flashlight

ACEBEAM Pokelit is a lightweight and compact, pocket-size EDC LED flashlight powered by a rechargeable 14500 lithium battery, ensuring a strong beam of light and a rather long range.

While the aluminum body ensures robust construction, the onboard LED driver allows the use of lithium 14500 batteries but also standard Alkaline and NiMH AA batteries.

Published: July 7, 2023.

acebeam pokelit 1

ACEBEAM Pokelit AA Flashlight Features and Specifications

ACEBEAM Pokelit AA LED flashlight features an almost cylindrical body and comes with physical dimensions of 3.73 x 0.71 x 0.70 inches (~95 x 18.2 x 17.8 mm).

The flashlight is one of the lightest in its class, and it weighs 1.92 oz (~55g) with rechargeable lithium 14500 battery included.

The battery features a capacity of 920 mAh and is easily recharged using a USB port on the battery itself - when the battery is fully discharged, it takes 2-2.5 hours to recharge it fully.

As said before, ACEBEAM Pokelit AA supports the use of other AA battery chemistries, including alkaline (1.5V) and NiMH (1.2V).

ACEBEAM Pokelit AA supports three light modes (Low, Mid, and High), controlled via a tail switch - tail switch needs relatively strong force to operate, but since it is not a hidden tail switch, it is required to avoid accidental turning On.

Obviously, maximum performances are achieved using a lithium 14500 battery.

The following comparison chart lists the flashlight's performances according to the used battery:

AA Battery Type Low Mode Mid Mode High Mode
NiMH 0.5 lm
7 days
80 lm
230 lm → 150 lm → 70 lm → 50 lm
35 sec → 90 sec → 2h 35 min → 2 min
Alkaline 0.5 lm
9 days
80 lm → 70 lm → 50 lm
42 min → 13 min → 19 min
230 lm → 150 lm → 90 lm → 80 lm → 70 lm → 50 lm
35 sec → 90 sec → 21 min → 9 min → 9 min → 19 min
Lithium 5 lm
190 lm
550 lm → 330 lm
35 min → 1h 1 min

Personally, if You need a compact EDC LED flashlight, place good alkaline or similar low self-discharge rate AA battery and use it even years later. However, if You are going to use your ACEBEAM Pokelit regularly, a lithium 14500 battery is the way to go.

acebeam pokelit green

ACEBEAM Pokelit AA LED flashlight features one NICHIA 219F LED, ensuring:

  • 1849cd of light,
  • 5000K light temperature,
  • max. beam distance of 282ft (86m),
  • CRI≥90.

Anodized aircraft grade 7075 aluminum alloy ensures a 1m drop test height, while overall design and construction provide IP68 (2m) rating - the ACEBEAM Pokelit can be used even under severe weather.

acebeam pokelit orange

ACEBEAM Pokelit is offered in several colors, including black, orange, green, and titanium.

Also, the flashlight comes with a two-way body clip, allowing the user to carry/set the flashlight in many ways. Also, the body clip doesn't allow the flashlight to roll away on uneven surfaces.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a compact and light LED flashlight that can be used as an EDC flashlight or on an everyday basis, consider ACEBEAM Pokelit LED flashlight.

With a maximum beam range of 86m, 550 lumens on light, IP68 rating (2m depth), CRI≥90, etc., this is one of the best buy flashlights in its class - it is not the cheapest, of course, but You pay is what you get.

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