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DeWalt DCL043 20V MAX LED Work Light

DeWalt DCL043 20V MAX LED Work Light is strong, robust, and durable work light, suitable for illuminating construction sites and work areas, but also for general use when the occasion arises, especially in emergencies and other off-the-grid situations.

DeWalt DCL043 20V MAX LED Work Light features 4 LEDs, providing bight white light for everyday use and red light, for protecting the night vision. DeWalt DCL043 is anything but an everyday flashlight but can come extremely handy in many situations.

Published: May 11, 2021.

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DeWalt DCL043 LED Flashlight Features and Specifications

First of all, DeWalt DCL043 is sold without the battery and without the charger, for a very simple reason - most potential users of DeWalt DCL043 flashlights already own DeWalt's lithium 20V Max and 20/60V FlexVolt batteries and chargers, required/accepted by DeWalt DCL043 flashlight.

However, if You don't own the required battery/charger, purchasing them with a DeWalt DCL043 flashlight can be your starting point for using DeWalt cordless tools, since one battery system can be used to power a broad set of cordless tools.

DeWalt DCL043 20V MAX LED Work Light features two light modes:

- bright white: when the unit is turned ON, three upper LEDs are turned ON, providing 1000 Lumens of light,

- red light: when the power switch is pressed again, the lower LED is turned ON, providing 90 Lumens of red light, protecting the night vision.

Another press on the power switch and the light is turned off completely.

When the DeWalt DCL043 is powered by, for example, DeWalt DCB201 20V MAX battery, one may expect 3.5 hours of bright white light or 13 hours of red light.

dwalt dcb201 battery

Of course, when the larger batteries are used, the runtime is increased, too. Also, larger batteries would make the DeWalt DCL043 more stable when placed on a flat surface.

DeWalt DCL043 20V MAX LED Work Light also features:

- a belt hook (near the battery) which enables the flashlight to be carried hooked to the belt,

- an integral hook (near the pivoting head), which allows the user to hang the flashlight, helping with the hands-free operation,

- 90° pivoting head which projects the light in multiple directions while standing on its base (battery),

dewalt dcl043 2

Note: unfortunately, when the battery is placed on its base, light can be pointed horizontally or upwards, but not downwards, which would be very useful in many situations.

- over-molded lens cover protects the flashlight and increases its durability.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a strong and durable work light, consider DeWalt DCL043 flashlight.

It provides 1000 Lumens of white light, 90 Lumens of red light, it features a dust/waterproof level of IP54, it weighs 1.42 pounds (~0.65 kg) without the battery, and it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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