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Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight

Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight is a very compact, popular, and rather affordable LED flashlight powered by a single 1.5V AAA battery, which is not included.

Considering its dimensions and price, the flashlight features excellent output, and a sturdy and durable body that can withstand plenty of abuse, just be sure not to overdo it.

As such, Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight is commonly used as an excellent pocket-size Every Day Carry (EDC) flashlight, but also in any other imaginable situation.

Published: December 8, 2022.

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Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight Features and Specifications

The physical dimensions of the Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight are (D x L) 0.59 x 3.55 inches (~15 x 90 mm) - the flashlight is small and compact enough to be easily carried in a pocket, purse, backpack, bag, and similar.

The flashlight is also rather lightweight, and it weighs ~30g (just slightly more than one ounce). Thanks to the pocket clip, the flashlight can be attached to practically anything, even to a hat/cap, and act as a small headlamp.

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The flashlight is made using strong 6061T aluminum alloy, making the body strong and durable. Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn't state the maximum drop height and IPX rating, but the flashlight can endure splashing by strong rain.

The controls are very simple - only one light mode, which is activated with a tail push switch.

Maximum light output is ~150 lumens for 45-50 minutes, depending on the quality of the used AAA battery.

Recommended AAA Batteries

The following comparison chart lists some of the most popular AAA battery chemistries and their most important features:

Chemistry Common Name Rechargeable Typical Capacity (mAh) Voltage
Zinc Carbon R03, 24D No 500-600 1.5
Alkaline LR03, 24A Mostly No 850-1200 1.5
Li-FeS2 FR03, 24LF No 1100-1300 1.5 (1.8 max)
Li-ion 10440 Yes 350-600 3.6 - 3.7
LiFePO4 IFR10440, IFR10450 Yes 250-300 3.2
Li-SOCl2 (10450) No 600-800 3.6-3.7
Lithium - Yes 400-600 1.5
NiCd KR03, 24K Yes 300-500 1.2
NiMH HR03, 24H Yes 600-1300 1.2
NiOOH ZR03 No 1000-1200 1.5 (1.7 max)
NiZn - Yes 500-700 1.6 - 1.65

Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight must be powered by ~1.5V AAA battery. The use of lithium rechargeable and non-rechargeable 3.0+ volts batteries not only that it is not supported/recommended, it is forbidden since the difference in voltage can kill the flashlight.

Personally, for this or similar flashlights that are used as EDC flashlights, go for high-quality alkaline or Lithium Iron Disulfide (Li-FeS2), which have high capacity and very low self-discharge rate.

Note: if the flashlight is going to be used after being stored for years, tap it gently onto the palm of your hand a few times, just to improve the contact between the battery and the flashlight.

For flashlights that are used on a daily basis, good alkaline batteries are highly recommended. Also, some manufacturers offer rechargeable lithium AAA batteries with output voltages of 1.5V and a nominal capacity of 400-600 mAh. Although such batteries are more expensive, if the flashlight is used regularly, such batteries can save some money in the long run.

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Thanks to its features and characteristics, Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight is one of the most popular and affordable pocket-size EDC LED flashlights on the market.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to follow the Hatori Super Small Mini LED Flashlight Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).