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NITECORE P20iX Xtreme LED Tactical Flashlight

NITECORE P20iX Xtreme is a tough and durable tactical LED flashlight with one of the strongest light outputs, while still keeping the battery's size and weight in check.

NITECORE P20iX Xtreme supports the use of Nitecore NL2150HPi 21700 battery, but also CR123A and RCR123A batteries, making it an excellent EDC (Every Day Carry) flashlight. However, the full potential of the flashlight can be achieved using only Nitecore 21700 rechargeable battery.

Published: January 17, 2023.

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NITECORE P20iX Xtreme Features and Specifications

NITECORE P20iX Xtreme flashlight features physical dimensions of (L x W) 5.57 x 1.25 inches (141.5 x 31.8 mm), and it weighs 4.09 ounces (116g) - the flashlight is too large to be considered as pocket-size, but it is not much larger and can be easily carried at the belt, in the backpack and similar.

The flashlight supports the use of a high-power 21700 battery or the use of a pair of CR123A/RCR123A batteries using a special battery holder.

The use of the Nitecore NL2150HPi 21700 battery is highly recommended since it offers better performance than a pair of CR123A/RCR123A batteries. Personally, if You want an EDC flashlight that will be used rarely, a pair of CR123A batteries is a good choice, just be aware of reduced output and don't try to charge them via USB-C cable.

4 leds

NITECORE P20iX Xtreme flashlight features stainless steel strike bezel and can be used for physical protection. The unit also supports the use of non-linear Strobe light to confuse any potential attacker.

Also, the unit comes with four (4) independently controlled CREE XP-L2 V6 LEDs, ensuring excellent performance.

The maximum beam strength is achieved using Nitecore i-Generation 21700 batteries and the Turbo Mode, with an output of 4000 lumens, a light intensity of 12200 candelas, and a maximum beam range of 220 meters.

NITECORE P20iX Xtreme flashlight comes with lenses that ensure good coverage (flood light) without extremely concentrated light spot.

tail switches

The flashlight comes with two different user modes, including:

  • Daily Mode (Default): 6 brightness levels (Turbo, Higher, High, Mid, Low, Ultra Low) and a Strobe Mode,
  • Tactical Mode: 4 brightness levels (Turbo, High, Mid, Low) and Strobe Mode.

When the flashlight is powered by Nitecore i-Generation 21700 battery, the output modes feature:

  • Turbo Mode: 4000 lumens, 30 minutes, 220m, 12200 candelas,
  • Higher Mode: 1700 lumens, 2h, 145m, 5250 candelas,
  • High Mode: 850 lumens, 2h 30 min, 103m, 2670 candelas,
  • Mid Mode: 300 lumens, 7h 15min, 60m, 920 candelas,
  • Low Mode: 50 lumens, 38h, 25m, 150 candelas,
  • Ultra-Low Mode: 2 lumens, 350h, 5m, 5 candelas,
  • Strobe Mode: 4000 lumens.

Note: Turbo Mode runtime of 30 minutes is tested without temperature regulation. In real life, that means that the actual Turbo Mode will last less due to the overheating. Personally, use Turbo Mode only for very brief periods of time in order to prolong the runtime on a single battery charge.

When the flashlight is powered by a pair of CR123A (1700 mAh) batteries, the output modes feature:

  • High Mode: 1060 lumens, 1h, 116m, 3360 candelas,
  • Mid Mode: 300 lumens, 3h 30min, 60m, 920 candelas,
  • Low Mode: 50 lumens, 14h, 25m, 150 candelas,
  • Ultra-Low Mode: 2 lumens, 120h, 5m, 5 candelas,
  • Strobe Mode: 1060 lumens.

 Obviously, when the flashlight is used often and when performances are important, use Nitecore 21700 battery.

nitecore nl2150hpi

Nitecore NL2150HPi battery is a 21700 battery featuring a nominal voltage of 3.6V, a nominal capacity of 5000 mAh, and a maximum discharge current of 15A. Also, it is a rather specific battery - it features both positive and negative ports on both the top and bottom of the battery.

Thus, for Nitecore flashlights, always use Nitecore i-Generation 21700 batteries.

When the flashlight is used as an EDC flashlight, consider having a pair of high-quality CR123A batteries with a storage life of up to 10 years.

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When the Nitecore 21700 battery is used, the battery is recharged using a USB-C port with a rubber cover.

Regardless of the battery type, the power indicator displays the battery voltage with an accuracy of ±0.1V.

NITECORE P20iX Tactical Flashlight features a strong body with an impact resistance height of 2 meters and an IP68 rating, allowing the flashlight to be submerged down to 2m.

For people looking for a strong and versatile LED flashlight with a somewhat shorter beam range (but with a wider beam, without extremely concentrated light spots), NITECORE P20iX Xtreme LED Tactical Flashlight is an excellent choice. Considering its output when using a 21700 battery, this is also a rather affordable high-brightness flashlight.

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