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OLIGHT Marauder Mini Rechargeable Flashlight

The OLIGHT Marauder Mini Rechargeable Flashlight is a robust and versatile rechargeable LED flashlight designed for a variety of outdoor and emergency applications.

Thanks to its high light output, it is one of the brightest handheld flashlights on the market that is rather compact and that comes at acceptable price.

Published: July 6, 2024.

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OLIGHT Marauder Mini Rechargeable Flashlight Features and Specifications

OLIGHT Marauder Mini Rechargeable Flashlight offers a maximum output of 7000 lumens and 90000 candelas and a throw distance of up to 600 meters, making it highly effective for illuminating large areas.

Note: some people may consider 600m as a relatively low beam range, but even in a spot mode, the flashlight illuminates a far larger area than some, for example, LEP flashlight.

The flashlight's construction includes an aluminum alloy body with a hard-anodized finish, ensuring durability and resistance to impacts (drop test height of 1.5m) and water, with an IPX8 rating.

The physical dimensions of the unit are a length of 5.12 inches (13 cm), a head diameter of 2.58 inches (~66 mm), and a body diameter of 1.73 inches (4.4 cm). With a weight of only 16.3 ounces (~462g) with the battery included, the flashlight is not too heavy and can be easily carried and used as needed.

The flashlight is powered by a customized 24Wh 32650 rechargeable lithium battery with a maximum runtime of 43.5 hours on lower settings, which provides longevity in the field.

This flashlight supports both flood and spotlight modes, allowing users to switch between a wide beam for area lighting and a focused beam for distant objects.


Additionally, it includes RGB lighting options - red, green, and blue - which are useful for various practical purposes like preserving night vision or signaling.

The user interface is straightforward yet versatile, featuring a rotary switch and a toggle switch for easy mode transitions. It has seven brightness levels for both flood and spotlight modes and special modes, including a strobe.

These features are complemented by a mode memory function, which recalls the last used setting when the flashlight is turned back on.

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The following list shows the output levels depending on the mode used:

  • Level 1: 100 lumens (Floodlight), 50 lumens (Spotlight), 50 lumens (Red Light), 100 lumens (Green Light), 55 lumens (Blue Light).
  • Level 1 Runtime: 35.5 hours (Floodlight), 43.5 hours (Spotlight), 30 hours (Red Light), 22.5 hours (Green Light), 17 hours (Blue Light).
  • Level 2: 200 lumens (Floodlight), 100 lumens (Spotlight), 100 lumens (Red Light), 140 lumens (Green Light), 80 lumens (Blue Light).
  • Level 2 Runtime: 21 hours (Floodlight), 21.5 hours (Spotlight), 16.5 hours (Red Light), 14 hours (Green Light), 10.5 hours (Blue Light).
  • Level 3: 400~180~90 lumens (Floodlight), 200 lumens (Spotlight), 150~135~90~45 lumens (Red Light), 180~170~90 lumens (Green Light), 100~40 lumens (Blue Light).
  • Level 3 Runtime: 10 hours 30 minutes + 10 minutes + 10 minutes (Floodlight), 11.5 hours (Spotlight), 100 + 430 + 10 + 10 minutes (Red Light), 490 + 10 + 10 minutes (Green Light), 420 + 10 minutes (Blue Light).
  • Level 4: 800~400~200 lumens (Floodlight), 300~100 lumens (Spotlight), 200~180~120~80~40 lumens (Red Light), 220~200~120~90 lumens (Green Light), 120~40 lumens (Blue Light).
  • Level 4 Runtime: 320 + 5 + 15 minutes (Floodlight), 420 + 20 minutes (Spotlight), 5+305+10+10+10 minutes (Red Light), 30+250+10+10 minutes (Green Light), 260+40 minutes (Blue Light).
  • Level 5: 1600~800~400 lumens (Floodlight), 500~300~100 lumens (Spotlight).
  • Level 5 Runtime: 160 + 10 + 15 minutes (Floodlight), 220 + 30 + 20 minutes (Spotlight).
  • Level 6: 3200~1300~450 lumens (Floodlight), 700~500~105 lumens (Spotlight).
  • Level 6 Runtime: 10 + 170 + 10 minutes (Floodlight), 40 + 175 + 45 minutes (Spotlight).
  • Level 7: 7000~1600~900 lumens (Floodlight), 900~500~330 lumens (Spotlight).
  • Level 7 Runtime: 2 + 160 + 10 minutes (Floodlight), 10 + 200 + 40 minutes (Spotlight).
  • Strobe: 13Hz at 3200 lumens.

As one can see, OLIGHT Marauder Mini is able to provide 7000 lumens for about 2 minutes, after it falls back to 1600 lumens to prevent overheating - this behavior is absolutely normal for high-output flashlights.

Some users "complain" that the flashlight doesn't come with SOS mode, but with Red-only light mode and Strobe mode, one can signal for an emergency/danger and be spotted from a long distance.

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How to Charge OLIGHT Marauder Mini?

OLIGHT Marauder Mini flashlight comes with USB Magnetic Charging Cable 3 (MCC3), which allows the user to charge the battery directly - no need to open the flashlight in any way (looking for a USB charging port or taking the battery out).

If the battery loses its capacity over time, it is replaceable. Also, if you don't have time to charge the battery every time it is kept inside the flashlight, you may easily remove the discharged battery and replace it with a new, fully charged battery (and charge the discharged battery with some standard lithium battery charger).


MCC3 cable is ~0.5m long. Also, it takes ~5 hours to fully recharge the battery using standard CC/CV (Constant Current/Constant Voltage) charging algorithm.

What's in the Box?

When the unit arrives, the box contains:

  • Marauder Mini (Battery Included),
  • MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable,
  • Lanyard,
  • Holster,
  • User Manual.

Personally, OLIGHT Marauder Mini is relatively easy to use and maintain high-output LED flashlight, but nonetheless, when it arrives be sure to read the User Manual. With the output of 7000 lumens/90000 candela, this is a very powerful flashlight that should be used carefully.

OLIGHT Marauder Mini features a limited warranty of 5 years on the flashlight itself, 1 year for the battery, and 1 year for the MCC3 charger - this is a very fine warranty for such a tool.

The flashlight is available in several colors, including Midnight Blue, Green, Orange, and Black.

olight marauder mini 4 blue

Long Story Short: the OLIGHT Marauder Mini is a powerful, highly functional flashlight suitable for users who need a reliable light source for outdoor activities, search and rescue operations, or general utility in challenging conditions.

Its combination of high output, versatile lighting modes, and durable construction make it a valuable tool, and one of the most popular flashlights in this class.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the OLIGHT Marauder Mini Rechargeable Flashlight Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).