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OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 1750 Lumens Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight

OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 is a versatile tactical/EDC rechargeable LED flashlight designed to be reliable and offer great performance in a relatively small and compact package.

OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 is powered by a custom rechargeable 3500 mAh 18650 battery which is recharged using a magnetic MCC3 cable - there is no need to plug in the charger and no need to "open" the battery or charging port.

Published: October 27, 2022.

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OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 Features and Specifications

OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 is a compact and relatively lightweight high-output LED flashlight.

The physical dimensions of the flashlight are 4.65 x 0.98 (0.91) inches (~118 x 25 (23) mm), and it weighs ~4.3 ounces (~122 g), including the battery, pocket clip, and lanyard clip.

The body is made of durable aluminum alloy and, in combination with a contact charging system, ensures a drop test height of 1.5 meters and an IPX8 waterproof level.

When the flashlight arrives, the box contains:

  • 1x Warrior Mini 2 (battery included),
  • 1x MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable,
  • 1x Two-Way Pocket Clip,
  • 1x Lanyard Clip
  • 1x Lanyard
  • 1x Carabiner-Style Ring (not for climbing),
  • Warrior Mini 2 User Manual.

Note: the flashlight is very simple to use, but when it arrives, please, read the User Manual. Also, remove the insulating film from the battery.

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OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 LED flashlight features a tactical tail switch and a side switch - dual switch configuration allows the users to control their flashlights in the best possible way, depending on the situation.

The maximum output of the OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 is 1750 lumens, the light intensity is 12300 candelas, the maximum runtime is 45 days, and the maximum beam throw is 220 meters.

OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 offers several light modes, including:

  • Turbo: 1750/500/200 lumens, 4/206/40 minutes, distance 200m, light intensity 12300 candelas,
  • High: 500/200 lumens, 218/55 minutes, distance 117m, light intensity 3400 candelas,
  • Medium: 120 lumens, 19 hours, distance 57m, light intensity 820 candelas,
  • Low: 15 lumens, 164 hours, distance 19m, light intensity 94 candelas,
  • Moon: 1 lumen, 45 days,
  • Strobe: 1750 lumens, 13 Hz.

To prevent any issues with potential overheating and accidental activation, OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 comes with several very important safety features:

  • Proximity Sensor is positioned in the head of the flashlight, and it detects the objects in front of the flashlight - when the object is detected, the light output is automatically decreased.
  • Lockout Mode can be activated when the flashlight is turned off by pressing and holding the side switch for 2+ seconds. Lockout mode can be turned off by pressing and holding the side switch for 1+ seconds.

These two features significantly increase the flashlight safety, especially when it is carried in a pocket, backpack or similar.

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OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 flashlight also comes with a battery level indicator, allowing the user to check the battery's remaining charge easily:

  • Green Indicator: battery charge >60%,
  • Orange Indicator: battery charge ~10-60%,
  • Red Indicator: battery charge ~5-10%,
  • Blinking Red Indicator: battery charge <5%.

The battery is recharged using an MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable, requiring 5V 2A input and providing a maximum charging current of 1.5A.


When the 18650 battery is fully discharged, it takes ~3.5h to recharge it fully.

The voltage of the fully charged battery is 4.2±0.05V - the charger charges the battery using a standard CC/CV (Constant Current/Constant Voltage) charging algorithm with an end voltage of 4.2V.

If the user replaces OLIGHT 18650 battery with a third-party 18650 battery, the battery must support this end voltage (4.2±0.05V) and charging current (1.5A). olight 18650 battery

As a tactical flashlight, OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 flashlight features a strike bezel, which is not aggressive as seen on some tactical flashlights, but it can do its job well since the body is rather robust - just be sure to hold the flashlight firmly when using it as a strike weapon.


OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 flashlight is offered in many colors, including black, camo, desert, brass, etc.

Also, the flashlight comes with a 5-year limited warranty on the flashlight itself and a 1-year limited warranty on the battery.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a flashlight that is compact enough to be carried in a pocket but still strong enough and durable enough to provide up to 1750 lumens, to endure a drop from 1.5m, while featuring an IPX8 waterproof rating, consider this rechargeable flashlight.

When compared with other tactical/EDC flashlights on the market, OLIGHT Warrior Mini 2 flashlight is not the cheapest model, but what You pay is what You get - an excellent, durable, and reliable rechargeable LED flashlight.

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