Lithium CR2032, DL2032, BR2032, ML2032, LiR2032, LR2032 Batteries - Equivalents and Replacements

Lithium CR2032 is very popular non-rechargeable lithium 3.0 V battery, often used in watches, calculators, medical equipment, remote controls, and other smaller electronic devices. Due to its very long shelf life (5-10+ years) and stable voltage, it is often used as memory battery in computers, servers, cameras, and other high-end electronic devices.

Thanks to its high demand and many manufacturers that offer these batteries, there is slight confusion regarding CR2032 battery equivalents and replacements. No wonder, since one can find batteries labeled as CR2032, DL2032, BR2032, ML2032, LiR2032, LR2032, E-CR2032, SB-T51, 5004LC etc.

cr2032 battery 1

According to the standard, CR2032 battery is 20 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm in height - hence the '2032' part of the name. On average, these batteries weigh around 2.5 and 3.0 grams, with typical CR2032 weighing around 2.9 grams.

Nominal voltage, cut-off voltage, capacity, operating and storage temperature ranges, recommended and maximum drain currents and other features depend on the exact chemistry of these batteries.

The Differences Between 2032 Batteries

panasonic cr2032CR2032 battery is based on Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMn02) chemistry. Positive electrode is manganese dioxide and negative electrode is lithium.

Nominal voltage of CR2032 battery is 3.0 V and cut-off voltage is 2.0 V, with typical capacity in the 210-230 mAh range.

CR2032 operating temperature range is between -20°C (-4°F) and 70°C (158°F).

CR2032 typical maximum discharge current is ~3mA with maximum pulse discharge current of ~15 mA.

Although nominal voltage of CR2032 battery is 3.0 V, it quickly drops to 2.7-2.8 volts in real life applications. Self-discharge rate is very low and the CR2032 battery is often used for nonvolatile computer BIOS memory and the real-time clock (RTC) backup batteries.

Note: Many manufacturers simply print on the battery label all the types that their battery replaces, somewhat increasing the confusion, but often helping the users find the battery they need.

br2032 batteryBR2032 battery is based on Lithium Carbon Monofluoride chemistry. Positive electrode is carbon monofluoride and negative electrode is lithium.

Nominal voltage of BR2032 battery is 2.8 V, and a cutoff voltage is 2.25 V, with typical capacity in the 180-190 mAh range

BR2032 operating temperature range is between -30°C (-22°F) and 85°C (185°F).

Although typical voltage of 2.8 V is smaller than CR2032's 3.0V, in real life applications it drops to 2.6 - 2.7 V, which is just slightly lower than CR2032's 2.7-2.8 V.

BR2032 doesn't tolerate high discharge currents as good as CR2032 chemistry and it is not the best choice for applications that periodically require relatively large currents, like key-chain flashlights, remote devices and similar.

But, for applications that require constant voltage over longer period of time, and over broad range of temperatures, BR2032 is better choice than CR2032 battery.

ML2032 battery is Maxell's rechargeable Lithium Manganese Dioxide with 3.0 V nominal voltage. It is used in certain electronic devices like solar charging Logitech K750 wireless keyboard and similar.

lir2032 battery chargerLiR2032 or LR2032 battery is rechargeable lithium 3.6 V battery. Just like any other standard 2032 battery, it 20 mm in diameter and 3.2 mm in height.

LiR2032 battery nominal voltage is 3.6 V, but it also depends on the exact chemistry (lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lithium nickel cobalt aluminum oxide, etc.) and varies from 3.2 to 3.9 volts.

Nominal cut-off voltage is 2.6 V, but varies from 2.0 to 3.0 V. Maximum charging voltage also differ, and it is in the 3.65 to 4.3 volts.

Note: Common LiR2032 battery is 3.6 V battery, with typical capacity in 50-70 mAh range. Their capacity is obviously lower than CR2032's average 220 mAh capacity, but LiR2032 batteries can be recharged 500+ times.

Modern LiR2032 batteries feature relatively low self-discharge rate, when compared with NiCd and NiMH batteries, but still their discharge rate is much higher than self-discharge rate of CR2032 and especially BR2032 batteries.

LiR2032 batteries require special charger which are often powered via USB cable and are capable of charging other similar lithium ion batteries.

CR2032/BR2032 vs LiR2032 Batteries

LiR2032 batteries are very cost-effective solution for watches, medical devices and other electronic devices that use 2032 batteries, that tolerate 0.6V nominal voltage difference and that drain the batteries quickly enough that the use of rechargeable batteries make sense.

On the other hand, LiR2032 batteries should not be used for computer BIOS memory and similar applications where constant, uninterrupted voltage is require for years - in such situations consider good CR2032 or BR2032 battery.

energizer ecr2032ECR2032, DL2032 and other similar batteries are often just a 'standard' CR2032 battery, but having customized label by their manufacturer.

For example, ECR2032 is Energizer's CR2032 battery, DL2032 is Duracell's CR2032 battery etc.

For Short: If you need 2032 button/coin cell battery, regardless of its label (CR2032, DL2032, BR2032, ML2032, LiR2032, LR2032, E-CR2032, SB-T51, 5004LC, etc.) consider following:

- CR2032: 3.0 V nominal voltage, good drain currents, long shelf life, ~220 mAh capacity,

- BR2032: 2.8 V nominal voltage, low drain currents, extra long shelf life, broad operating temperature range, ~190 mAh capacity,

- LiR2032: 3.6 V nominal voltage, rechargeable, good drain currents, relatively high self-discharge rate, ~50-70 mAh capacity.

If you need non-rechargeable 2032 battery and you are not sure which one to take, consider CR2032 battery from reputable brands with good reviews and you will do just fine.