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Zeee SDL-9545180 4S 9000mAh 14.8V 100C RC LiPo Battery

Zeee SDL-9545180 is a relatively large and heavy 4S LiPo battery intended for heavy-duty use - the battery features metal plates on 5 sides for additional protection, a large 9000mAh capacity, and a maximum discharge current of 100C!

Zeee SDL-9545180 is intended for RC cars, trucks, tanks, and similar vehicles, but it can be used for large RC planes, robots, electric vehicles, and other applications that require such batteries.

Published: November 18, 2021.

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Zeee SDL-9545180 LiPo Battery Features and Specifications

The physical dimensions of the Zeee SDL-9545180 battery are (L x W x H) 6.53 x 1.95 x 1.61 inches (166 x 49.5 x 41mm) and it weighs 25.96oz (736g).

Zeee SDL-9545180 battery features a 4S1P cell configuration, a nominal voltage of 14.8V, and a nominal capacity of 9000 mAh - it is able to store ~133 Wh of energy with an energy density of ~181 Wh/kg (~82 Wh/pound).

Zeee SDL-9545180 battery is designed to be a mechanical tough battery, resistant to mechanical impacts and vibrations - the battery features 5 metal plates for additional protection.

The maximum allowed cell voltage is 4.2V/cell and the minimum allowed cell voltage is 3.2V/cell - the maximum allowed charging voltage is 16.8 volts and the minimum allowed discharging voltage is 12.8 volts, with all the cells being well balanced.

The maximum allowed discharging current is 100C, while the maximum recommended charging current is 0.5-1.0C - Zeee SDL-9545180 battery features EC5 plug and JST-XH plug, with the professional balanced charger being highly recommended (practically "a must-have" for LiPo batteries).

Note: never leave LiPo batteries unattended while charging. Also, be sure to check their temperature periodically - if they are warm, that is OK, but if they tend to get hot, there may be something wrong with the battery or charger.

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When carrying or storing your LiPo batteries, having a fireproof bag can be of great help - such bags are cheap and provide an additional layer of protection.

Long Story Short: Zeee SDL-9545180 is a reliable, tough, and durable 4S 14.8V 9000mAh 100C LiPo battery, intended for mechanically demanding applications, including various RC vehicles and even planes.

Also, it can be used for robotics and other DIY projects.

But, like all other LiPo batteries, Zeee SDL-9545180 must be always charged using balanced LiPO battery chargers.

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