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LR44 Battery Keychain LED Flashlights

LR44 and SR44 batteries are very often used for small EDC (Every Day Carry) keychain LED flashlights, intended for various emergencies and situations which require compact LED flashlights to be available as soon as possible.

LR44 battery flashlights usually feature three or four LR44/SR44 batteries that feature a storage life of 3+ years and can provide 5 to 50 or more lumens for 50 or more hours. The actual runtime of the flashlights depends on the storage conditions, battery type and age, previous use, and similar.

Updated: October 15, 2022.

LR44 Battery Flashlights Features and Specifications

LR44/SR44 battery flashlights are mostly used for just a few seconds at a time, usually in situations where one has to find a keyhole, doorknob, or something has fallen on the floor, or similar.

But, there are also situations where small EDC flashlights are required to operate for long periods of time.

lr44 led flashlight

Due to their compact design, LR44 battery flashlights are designed to be attached to keychains or can be hung from practically anything.

With 5-10 lumens, they can be very helpful in many everyday situations, but also when camping, hiking, and similar.

Of course, when going camping, hiking, fishing, hunting or simply spending some time outdoors, it is highly recommended to have a larger, sturdier, and more powerful flashlight. But, nonetheless, having one or more LR44 EDC keychain flashlights can increase overall safety.

lr44 led flashlight 1

Due to their ultralight design, LR44 battery flashlights are very resilient to drops, mechanical impacts, and vibrations, just be sure not to abuse them.

Also, keychain flashlights usually feature IPX4 or higher waterproof rating, ensuring their operation in the rain - unless they have IPX7 or preferably IPX8, they will not operate reliably if submerged.

Actually, submerging the IPX4 flashlight in the water will very soon cause it to malfunction (a matter of seconds) - such activity can destroy the flashlight easily.

lr44 led flashlight 2

Some of the LR44 battery flashlights feature a very stylish design and can be used as excellent and affordable gifts.

Also, thanks to their simple operation, children can use them as well, just be sure to explain to them how to use them and what NOT to do (don't look directly into the flashlight, don't point it into someone's eyes and similar).

magnetic pick up tool

LR44 and especially SR44 batteries are excellent energy sources for LED flashlights which can be combined with other tools and aids, like sound alarm/flashlight combo, whistle/flashlight combo, or part of magnetic pick-up tools, etc.

For flashlights that use three (3) LR44 or SR44 batteries, it is recommended to use the LR44/SR44 batteries from reputable brands that have long shelf-life - EDC keychain flashlights may be required to operate reliably even years after replacing the old batteries with the new ones.

cr11108 2lr44 batteryFor LR44 flashlights that use two or four LR44/SR44 batteries, it is also recommended to use the LR44/SR44 batteries from reputable brands that have long shelf-life OR to use one or two CR1/3N (CR11108, 2LR44) non-rechargeable lithium 3V batteries, which feature a nominal capacity of 160-170 mAh, a nominal voltage of 3.0 volts, a cutoff voltage of 2.0 volts, and a very long shelf-life.

A pair of CR1/3N batteries feature nominal voltage of 6 volts and capacity in the 160-170 mAh range, which is better than the capacity of four LR44 batteries and very similar to the capacity of four SR44 batteries, with a generally somewhat longer shelf life.

Note: SR44 and CR1/3N batteries feature similar shelflife, but high-quality CR1/3N batteries feature somewhat longer shelf life than the high-quality SR44 batteries - in both cases, we are talking about shelf life of 5 or more years.

For more about CR11108 (CR1/3N) batteries, feel free to check our CR11108, CR1/3N, CR-1/3N, DL1/3N, 2L76 Battery Equivalents, and Replacements article.

lr44 led flashlight mLong Story Short: LR44 battery flashlights are small, ultralight, EDC flashlights that can come in very handy in many situations. Due to their compact dimensions, they are often carried with the keys, hence the "keychain flashlight" label.

They are easy to use, rather affordable, and can also be a very nice gift.

If You are looking for a keychain flashlight for your own use, choose according to your own needs and preferences - with so many different models on the market, it is very easy to find "the best" one to suits your requirements.