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Mighty Max ML35-12 - 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM Solar Battery

Mighty Max ML35-12 is a 12V 35Ah deep cycle, sealed lead acid (SLA) AGM battery, suitable for use in a wide variety of applications like power sports, solar, electric vehicles, as cranking battery, golf carts, lawn and garden tools, security, etc.

Although it is designated as a deep cycle battery, it is often used as dual purpose battery on small boats and in lighter vehicles with internal combustion engines.

Updated: October 14, 2022.

mighty max ml35 12 battery

Mighty Max ML35-12 is a maintenance-free battery, which can be safely mounted in any position, and has increased shocks and vibrations resistance, thanks to its SLA-AGM design.

Mighty Max ML35-12 is advertised as having a high discharge rate, wide operating temperatures, long service life, and deep discharge recovery - since the battery lives up to the manufacturer's promises, it is one of the most popular batteries in its class.

Also, the battery features a relatively lightweight design and small dimensions, acceptable price, good warranty conditions, and perhaps most importantly, the battery has shown to be a reliable power source in all kinds of situations - as starting battery for small petrol engines, as dual purpose battery, as deep discharge (trolling) battery, in standby or cyclic use, etc.

Mighty Max ML35-12 battery nominal voltage is 12V, and its 20h capacity is 35 Ah - hence the label ML35-12.

The battery is 7.68 inches (19.5 cm) long, 5.16 inches (13.1 cm) wide, and 7.13 inches (18.1 cm) high and weighs 23.15 pounds (~9.6 kg) - the battery belongs to the battery U1 group.

Battery terminal type - nut and bolt. Also, ML35-12 comes with a plastic handle, so it is easily carried around.

Mighty Max ML35-12 as a Trolling Battery

nv 36 tMighty Max ML35-12 battery nominal capacity is 35Ah - it can supply 1.75 A current, at 80°F (~25°C), for 20 hours, without voltage falling below 10.5V. When supplying much larger currents, nominal capacity drops, especially when being discharged with stronger currents.

Note that even small electric trolling motors require plenty of amps - for example, Newport Vessels 36lb Thrust NV-Series electric trolling motor draws ~30A at full throttle.

Such load would fully discharge the Mighty Max ML35-12 battery in less than an hour - if You check the constant current and constant power discharge charts, You can find that the battery is able to provide 30.8 Amps for 30 minutes with the battery voltage falling down to 10.5V.

To preserve the SLA-AGM batteries, they should never be discharged down to 20-30%, preferably not below 40% of their nominal capacity.

Considering all of this, if you plan on using 30-40 pounds electric trolling motors at full throttle with an ML35-12 battery, don't expect more than 30-40 minutes of operation.

However, most fishermen using fishing kayaks or other similar smaller boats don't operate their electric trolling motors on a full-throttle all the time. Decreasing the power, the required current is decreased, and thus operating time is extended.

Depending on the fishing conditions, size of the boat, and fisherman's habits, this operating time can be up to, or even more than, 2 hours.

But, in the worst-case scenario, a 30-40 pound electric trolling motor can discharge the ML35-12 battery in 30-40 minutes.

Mighty Max ML35-12 as a Fish Finder Battery

garmin echo 550c fishfinder 1mMighty Max ML35-12 can be used as a high-capacity Fish Finder Battery

Most fish finders for small boats and kayaks draw around or even less than 1 Amp of current. Larger fish finder/GPS combo units can draw more than that, but on average, around 2.5-3 Amp.

So, if you plan on using the ML35-12 battery as a fish finder battery, be sure to find out how many amps your device requires.

If it is a small fish finder, the MP35-12 battery will power it for at least 35 hours. If it is a larger unit, expect around 10 hours of operation.

Again, to preserve the battery, be sure not to discharge the battery fully.

Charging the Mighty Max ML35-12 Battery

Mighty Max ML35-12 can be charged like every other SLA-AGM marine battery, just be sure not to charge it with too strong current - to preserve the battery's operating life, the smart battery charger is recommended.

Such battery chargers check the battery first and, depending on its condition and state, charge it using the best possible charging mode.

mighty max ml35 12 battery mLong story short - Mighty Max ML35-12 deep cycle battery is an excellent small SLA-AGM battery, which has shown to be tough and durable.

Mighty Max ML35-12 can be used as a small deep cycle or dual-purpose battery, and it can be used even as a cranking battery for really small gas/petrol engines.

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