Battery Equivalents and Replacements

Milwaukee Battery Adapters for M12, M18, and M28 Batteries

Milwaukee batteries and their cordless tools are very popular thanks to their quality and acceptable price. With all the batteries available around, many people wonder if they can be used to power other tools, DIY projects, power wheels, robotics, etc.

And the answer is yes, Milwaukee lithium batteries are used for powering a broad range of devices, gadgets, toys, etc.

Of course, every use of Milwaukee batteries except for powering Milwaukee cordless tools is not supported/forbidden by Milwaukee.

Published: September 16, 2022.

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Milwaukee Battery Systems

At the moment, Milwaukee offers several battery systems, with the M12, M18, and M28 being the most popular, especially the M18 battery system.

These batteries are intended for use with the Milwaukee M12, M18, and M28 line of cordless tools, but many third parties offer various adapters, allowing the owners of these batteries to use them for other purposes, not just for powering Milwaukee cordless tools.

Note: again, this is not supported by Milwaukee. On the contrary, if something happens to the battery using a third-party adapter, the battery's warranty will most likely be void.

Milwaukee M12 Battery Adapters

Milwaukee M12 batteries are used for compatible Milwaukee M12 cordless tools but also for powering various toys, devices, gadgets, robots, and similar.

Milwaukee M12 to 12V Battery Adapter

m12 to12v adapter

Milwaukee M12 to 12V battery adapters allow the owners of Milwaukee M12 batteries to power various 12V loads.

Such battery adapters are attached to the Milwaukee M12 batteries, providing the users with a simple two-wire connection; the red wire is positive ("+"), and the black wire is negative ("-").

Depending on the complexity of the adapter, it can also provide protection from over-discharge, overcurrent, and other unwanted events that may harm the battery.

Note: Milwaukee lithium batteries feature built-in Battery Management Systems (BMSs) that already protect the batteries, but having another layer of protection is a good idea.

Milwaukee M12 to 12V battery adapters are available on the market, but they are not as common as Milwaukee M18 battery adapters.

Milwaukee M18 Battery Adapters

Milwaukee M18 battery adapters are much more numerous thanks to the popularity of Milwaukee M18 batteries and their compatible cordless tools.

Milwaukee M18 to 18V Battery Adapter

m18 to 18v adapter

Milwaukee M18 to 18V battery adapters simply slide on any compatible M18 battery, providing a pair of wires for external loads.

Additionally, a battery adapter may include an On/Off switch, fuse, protection from overload, over-discharge, etc.

Such power adapters are very popular for power wheels, robotics, and many other DIY projects.

Milwaukee M18 to V18 Battery Adapter

milwaukee m18 to v18 adapterMilwaukee M18 to V18 battery adapters are by far the most popular ones.

Milwaukee M18 to V18 battery adapters allow the users to power older V18 compatible tools with newer M18 compatible batteries.

Such adapters help the users to simplify the transition from V18 tools and batteries to M18 tools and batteries.

Using such battery adapters is very simple - just slide the adapter on the Milwaukee M18 battery and then attach it to the Milwaukee V18 tool. And that's it.

Note: You still have to charge the M18 battery with the battery charger compatible with the M18 battery system.

Milwaukee M18 to 12V Step-down Battery Adapter

m18 to 12v adapter

Milwaukee M18 to 12V step-down battery adapter takes the battery's 18V and converts it to 12V with an energy efficiency of up to 95%.

Such battery adapters allow the users to power various 12V loads using Milwaukee M18 18V battery, including DIY projects, toys, power wheels, etc.

Note: since such adapters drain the battery even when there is no load, when not in use, either turn them off or detach them from the battery.

Milwaukee M18 Battery USB Chargers

 m18 usb charger flashlight

Milwaukee manufactures Milwaukee 49-24-2371 M18 Power Source, which features one USB charging port, allowing the users to charge the USB-charged devices via their Milwaukee M18 batteries.

However, many third parties also offer similar devices, sometimes with two or more USB charging ports and even with additional functions, like LED flashlights and similar.

Such adapters can come in rather handy in various situations, including blackouts and emergencies, but also for camping, fishing, hiking, and in other off-the-grid situations.

Milwaukee M28 Battery Adapters

Milwaukee M28 battery adapters are not as common as M18 battery adapters, mostly thanks to the fact that the M18 battery system is still much more popular and that M28 batteries are compatible with both M28 and V28 lines of Milwaukee cordless tools.

But, as the M28 battery system and tools become increasingly popular, one may expect adapters like M28 to M18, M28 to M12, M28 to 12V, etc., to appear on the market.

But that remains to be seen ...