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Northstar NSB-AGM65 and NSB-AGM65M Batteries

Northstar NSB-AGM65 and NSB-AGM65M are dual purpose automotive and marine batteries, based on the Northstar's pure lead AGM technology, featuring both good CCA ratings and reserve capacity, with excellent cycling capabilities.

Northstar NSB-AGM65 and NSB-AGM65M are sealed, non-spillable AGM batteries, differing only in a few minor details, suitable for use as strong cranking batteries, deep cycle, standby and off-the-grid applications, for security and medical devices, etc.

Updated: May 22, 2024.

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Northstar NSB-AGM65 vs. NSB-AGM65M Battery

Northstar NSB-AGM65 and NSB-AGM65M are two very similar batteries, with few minor differences, including:

  • generally, Northstar NSB-AGM65 is intended for automotive, while Northstar NSB-AGM65M is intended for marine applications. However, both batteries are commonly used for a broad range of applications that require strong, durable, and reliable Group 65 battery.
  • Northstar NSB-AGM65 features SAE terminal posts, while NSB-AGM65M features a combination of SAE/Marine (threaded) terminal posts, typically for marine batteries.
  • by default, Northstar NSB-AGM65 comes with a 4-year warranty, and NSB-AGM65M comes with a 3-year warranty. Note: both batteries are sturdy and well built, except that marine environment is more harsh to the equipment, AGM batteries included, leading to slightly shorter warranty.

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Northstar NSB-AGM65 and Northstar NSB-AGM65M physical dimensions are (H x W x L) 7.42 x 7.32 x 11.76 inches (188 x 186 x 299 mm), and they easily fit any standard battery compartment intended for BCI Group 65 battery.

Both Northstar NSB-AGM65 and Northstar NSB-AGM65M weigh ~55 pounds (~24.9 kg) and thanks to the built-in handle, can be carried around more or less easily by an adult - just don't carry it too far (don't underestimate 55 pounds!).

Native (20h) capacity of Northstar NSB-AGM65 and Northstar NSB-AGM65M is 69 Ah, with a CCA rating of 930 Amps, CA/MCA rating of 1070 Amps, PHCA rating of 1750 Ah, and Reserve Capacity of 135 minutes.

Internal resistance is 3.3 mΩ, and short circuit current is around 5000 Amps - that is a lot of current...

When used for cycling, deep discharge applications, according to the manufacturer, Northstar NSB-AGM65 and Northstar NSB-AGM65M can withstand 400 cycles down to 80% DoD and 900 cycles down to 50% DoD, which is very good and comparable with the best deep cycle marine and automotive batteries.

Northstar NSB-AGM65 and Northstar NSB-AGM65M batteries are designed to be recharged faster than conventional lead acid batteries - when charging them, use vehicle's/vessels alternator, or intelligent, microprocessor controlled AGM battery charger.

Northstar NSB-AGM65 and NSB-AGM65M As Trolling Motor Batteries

minnkota endura c2 mNorthstar NSB-AGM65 and NSB-AGM65M can be used as very good trolling motor batteries - they feature 135 minutes Reserve Capacity and as such are able to power smaller trolling motors (max. current less than 25 Amps) for at least 2 hours (120 minutes) and still have some energy left.

When used for powering stronger trolling motors, stronger currents are not problem in terms of shortening their operating life, but runtime is shorter.

Unfortunately, Northstar doesn't provide discharge tables for these batteries, but it is safe to assume that 50 Amps motor can be powered at full throttle for at least 45 minutes, but that should be tested by real-life test.

Note: always 'over-dimension' your trolling motor battery - You never know when you will need that extra energy. Better safe than sorry.

If larger capacity is required, these batteries can easily and safely be connected in parallel, just be sure to use the cables of proper length and thickness.

Northstar NSB-AGM65 vs. Odyssey 65M-PC1750 Battery vs. Optima D27F YellowTop

Northstar NSB-AGM65 and Odyssey 65M-PC1750 are both BCI Group 65 batteries while Optima D27F YellowTop is Group 27 battery, but they all have similar features and specifications, which are  given in the following table:

Model Odyssey 65M-PC1750 Northstar NSB-AGM65M Optima D27F YellowTop
Nominal Voltage 12 V 12 V 12V
Pulse Current 1750 Amps (5 sec) 1750 Amps (? sec) ?
CCA 950 Amps 930 Amps 830 Amps
MCA 1070 Amps 1070 Amps 1025 Amps
Nominal Capacity (20h) 74 Ah 69 Ah 66 Ah
Reserve Capacity 145 min 135 min 140 min
Weight 58 lbs (26.3 kg) 55 lbs (24.9 kg) 53.2 lbs (24.1 kg)
Terminals SAE SAE SAE
Number of Cycles, 80% DoD 400 400 300+ (DoD?)
Internal Resistance 2.0 mΩ 3.3 mΩ 2.5 mΩ
Short Circuit Current 5000 Amps 3000 Amps ?
Amazon Link Odyssey 65-PC1750T Northstar NSB-AGM65 Optima D27F YellowTop

Note: Amazon affiliate links open in the new windows, feel free to check them for most up-to-date offers and prices.

Northstar NSB-AGM65 weighs less than the Odyssey 65M-PC1750 battery and more than the Optima D27F YellowTop.

Also, Northstar NSB-AGM65 features 69 Ah 20h capacity, which is somewhat less than Odyssey 65M-PC1750 (74 Ah) and more than Optima D27F YellowTop (66 Ah).

Although lighter than Odyssey 65M-PC1750, the Northstar NSB-AGM65 battery has starting features almost as Odyssey 65M-PC1750: CCA is 930 vs 950 Amps, but MCA is equal (1070 Amps). Optima D27F YellowTop in terms of starting power is slightly weaker (CCA 830, MCA 1025 Amps), but it is also the lightest battery in this comparison.

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Reserve Capacity of the Northstar is 135 min which is less than the Reserve Capacity of the Odyssey (145 min) and Optima (140 min) battery.

Number of 80% DoD cylces is similar for Odyssey 65M-PC1750 and Northstar NSB-AGM65 batteries (400), while Optima D27F YellowTop is rated at 300+ deep discharge cycles, but the manufacturer doesn't state exact Depth of Discharge (DoD) - nonetheless, Optima batteries are known as good deep discharge battery and very popular for such applications.

How to Charge Northstar NSB-AGM65 and NSB-AGM65M Batteries

When being connected to the electrical system with the battery charger (for example, alternator + charge controller), one should let this onboard charger keep these batteries fully charged.

However, when they are charged, for example, workshop bench, with their capacity of 69Ah, Northstar NSB-AGM65 and NSB-AGM65M batteries should be charged with an advanced AGM battery charger with the charging current of ~10 Amps.

It is highly recommended for this charge to feature temperature probe, desulfation, equilization, and the maintenance charging modes, that it can recover deeply discharged batteries, etc.

noco genius 10 w350px

One such battery charger is the NOCO Genius10 10A 6V and 12V Smart Battery Charger (Amazon link, opens in the new window), which is suitable for charging various lead-acid 6V and 12V batteries and 12V lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.

Also, it can be used to recover deeply discharged batteries.

When the batteries are fully recharged, NOCO Genius10 automatically switches to the maintenance charging mode.

Although such a battery charger is not the cheapest on the market, it is one the most popular chargers in its class.

northstar nsb agm65 mLong Story Short: Northstar NSB-AGM65 and NSB-AGM65M are reliable and durable BCI Group 65 batteries.

They are well balanced dual purpose batteries that can be used as starting/cranking batteries, as trolling motor batteries, for providing reliable power to medical and security devices, off-the-grid applications etc.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Northstar NSB-AGM65 Battery Amazon link (link opens in the new window).