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Odyssey Group 34 AGM Batteries - Models 34-PC1500, 34R-PC1500, 34M-1500 and 34/78-PC1500

Odyssey Group 34 batteries are Odyssey 34-PC1500, Odyssey 34R-PC1500, Odyssey 34M-1500 and Odyssey 34/78-PC1500 batteries, featuring similar electrical features, with differences mostly being in the terminals arrangements.

Odyssey Group 34 batteries are true dual purpose battery, suitable for use in the automotive and marine applications, of-the-grid, medical and security systems and other situations where durable and reliable source of power is required. As usual, Odyssey Group 34 batteries are not the cheapest group 34 batteries on the market ...

Updated: October 16, 2019.

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Odyssey BCI Group 34 AGM Batteries - Features and Specifications

Odyssey BCI Group 34 AGM batteries are Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM), Sealed Lead Acid (SLA), Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries.

They feature spill proof design, low self-discharge rate and are practically maintenance free batteries.

Their nominal voltage is 12 volts and nominal 20h capacity is 68 Ah. Like all other AGM batteries, when these batteries are being recharged faster, their capacity drops and for example, when being discharged for 10h, capacity drops down to 62 Ah.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) rating is 850 Amps, except for the 34M-1500 model, which features CCA rating of 880 Amps.

Marine Cranking Amps (MCA) rating is 1050 Amps and the Hot Cranking Amps (HCA) rating is 1250 Amps.

Also, these batteries feature PHCA (5 seconds) rating of 1500 Amps (hence the '1500' as part of the label), and thanks to the very low internal resistance of 2.5 mΩ, they feature short circuit currents of 3100 Amps.

Odyssey BCI Group 34 batteries weigh 49.5 pounds (~22.4 kg) and come with the carrying handle.

Their physical size is (L x W x H) 10.86 x 6.77 x 7.88 inches (~27.6 x 17.2 x 200.2 cm), except for the 34M-1500 model which is slightly taller due to the different terminals (7.95 inches, 201.9 mm).

Warning: Odyssey BCI Group 34 batteries are slightly longer than 'official' BCI Group 34 batteries - 10.25 vs 10.86 inches. This 0.61 inches (~1.55 cm) difference may be important, so BEFORE ordering any of Odyssey group 34 batteries, check your battery compartment!

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Odyssey BCI Group 34 batteries come in several versions:

- Odyssey 34-PC1500: 'standard' group 34 battery, featuring SAE only terminals.

- Odyssey 34R-PC1500: very similar to 34-1500 model, it is featuring SAE only terminals, but terminal sides are reversed.

- Odyssey 34M-PC1500: 'standard' terminal orientation, but it also features additional terminals for marine applications - SAE terminals, and 3/8” Stud (Positive), 5/16” Stud (Negative) terminals.

- Odyssey 34/78-PC1500: 'standard' terminal orientation, but it features top SAE terminals, and side terminals in the form of 3/8” receptacle. Note: Odyssey 34/78-PC1500 is also slightly wider than other group 34 batteries - 7.09 inches
(180.1 mm), making it both longer and wider than 'standard' 34 battery.

Odyssey Group 34 Batteries - Discharge Features

Following chart lists discharge values of the Odyssey Group 34 batteries, when the batteries are being discharged at 77°F (25°C) down to 10.02 volts (1.67 volts per cell). Note:

Watts Column: constant power discharge power given in Watts.

Amps Column: constant current discharge current given in Amps.

Capacity Column: effective battery capacity, when the battery is being discharged with constant current.

Energy Column: effective battery energy, when the battery is being discharged with constant power.

Time Power (W) Current (A) Capacity (Ah) Energy (Wh)
2 min 5234 497.7 14.9 157.0
5 min 3367 306.4 25.5 280.6
10 min 2194 194.4 32.4 365.7
15 min 1655 144.7 36.2 413.8
20 min 1339 116.0 38.7 446.3
30 min 978 83.9 41.9 489.1
45 min 704 59.9 44.9 528.1
1 hour 565 47.8 47.8 565.4
2 hours 311 26.0 52.0 621.2
3 hours 217 18.1 54.4 651.2
4 hours 168 14.0 56.0 672.2
5 hours 138 11.5 57.4 688.8
8 hours 93 7.7 61.8 741.7
10 hours 76 6.3 63.5 762.1
20 hours 42 3.5 70.3 840.2

As one can see, with excellent CCA/MCA features, Odyssey group 34 batteries are suitable for wide range of applications, regardless of the load.

Depth of Discharge (DoD) vs Number of Cycles

When these batteries are used in standby applications, their float life is up to 10-12 years. However, when they are used in cycle operations, their operating life depends on the Depth of Discharges (DoD) during use.

When the battery capacity drops down to 80%, it is considered that it is time to replace the battery.

odyssey 34m pc1500st 1- 100% DoD: ~320 cycles,

- 90% DoD: ~360 cycles,

- 80% DoD: ~400 cycles,

- 70% DoD: ~470 cycles,

- 60% DoD: ~550 cycles,

- 50% DoD: ~650 cycles,

- 40% DoD: ~880 cycles,

- 30% DoD: ~1300-1400 cycles,

- 20% DoD: ~2300-2400 cycles.

 As one can see, in the applications where the battery is not being discharged fully, number of its charging/discharging cycles increases rapidly.

Odyssey Group 34 Batteries Discharge Rate

Odyssey batteries are made using pure lead plates and feature very low self-discharge rate, which depends on the storage temperature:

- storage temperature 41°F/5°C: 48 months storage,

- storage temperature 59°F/15°C: 36 months storage,

- storage temperature 77°F/25°C: 24 months storage,

- storage temperature 95°F/35°C: 12 months storage,

- storage temperature 113°F/45°C: 6 months storage.

When the battery voltage drops down to 12.0 volts, it is time to charge the battery in order to avoid permanent damage to the battery.

Personally, these batteries can be left during colder months for longer period of time with no worry that they will self-discharge. However, connecting a smart AGM battery charger/maintainer is always recommended...

How to Charge Odyssey Group 34 Batteries

When the batteries are used in the vehicle or boat, they should be charged via vehicle's/boat's charging system (alternator, solar panels, wind turbines, etc.).

In all other applications, it is highly recommended to charge them using smart microprocessor controlled AGM battery chargers with maximum current in 20-25 Ah range.

When they are fully discharged (100% DoD), 10-Amps charger requires some 11 hours to fully charge them, and 20-Amp charger requires some 5.5 hours to charge these batteries.

One of the important features of Odyssey batteries is the optional rapid charge - batteries are charged with the constant ~14.7 volts.

Depending on the rapid charging current (ranging from 0.8C10 to 3.1C10 max!), these batteries can be recharged to 60% SoC in 10-44 minutes, 80% SoC in 14-60 minutes and 100% SoC in 30-90 minutes.

Excellent feature, but personally, should not be used regularly - IMHO of course :)

Possible Use of Odyssey Group 34 Batteries

odyssey 34 pc1500t mOdyssey BCI Group 34 batteries are versatile batteries intended for use in automotive, marine, industrial, off-the-grid and other applications, where strong and reliable source of power/energy is needed.

Modern cars with single battery systems require good dual purpose battery, which is able to power devices while the engine is off for longer period of time, like GPS, alarm system, multimedia system etc. Also, such battery must be able to safely start the engine even in very cold conditions.

Since Odyssey batteries safely operate down to -40°F (-40°C), they are excellent choice even for such conditions.

And when the engine is turned ON, Odyssey batteries are recharged quickly (typical voltage of vehicle's alternator is 14.2 volts).

As the trolling motor battery, when the battery is powering small trolling motor (20-25 A range), user can expect 2h+ operating time at the full throttle, with some spare energy for additional safety.

As the wheel chair battery, its runtime depends on the wheelchair motors and driving conditions. Weaker wheelchair motors usually draw up to 25 Amps, while stronger wheelchairs feature motors that draw up to 50 Amps, especially on the bumpy terrain. Odyssey Group 34 batteries are able to provide 25 Amps constantly for at least 2 hours, and 50 Amps for slightly more than 50 minutes.

Note: all these numbers and times are for a fully charged, new Odyssey Group 34 battery at 77°F (25°C).

Odyssey Group 34 batteries can be used in many other applications, just be sure that they fit your power/electric needs and that they can fit your battery compartment (due to their length!).

Long Story Short: If you are looking for high-end, robust, durable and powerful dual-purpose group 34 battery, consider one of the Odyssey group 34 batteries.

They are not the cheapest batteries around, but what you pay, is what you get. Also, check the actual size of your battery compartment, due to the length of these batteries.

For most up-to-date offers and prices, check Odyssey 34-PC1500 Automotive and LTV Battery Amazon link (link opens in the new window).

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