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Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) Heavy Duty/Commercial Battery

Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) Heavy Duty/Commercial Battery is an Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA), maintenance-free, spill-proof dual-purpose battery, intended for both starting and deep-discharge applications.

Thanks to its design and sturdy construction, Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery features a very broad operating temperature range, supports a large number of charging/discharging cycles (for a lead-acid battery), can provide huge currents, accepts charge fast, can be recovered from very deep discharges, etc.

Of course, such battery is anything but lightweight and cheap, but ...

Published: March 15, 2022.

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Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) Battery Features and Specifications

Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery was originally labeled as "Odyssey PC2250" battery, but just like all batteries from Odyssey, it was renamed into "Odyssey ODS-AGM6M" battery - the battery is still very often labeled as Odyssey PC2250, hence we use the "Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M)" label.

The battery feature physical dimensions of (L x W x H) 11.26 x 10.59 x 9.17 inches (286 x 269 x 233 mm) and it weighs 86 pounds (39 kg).

Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) belongs to the BCI 6T Battery Group - it features a nominal voltage of 12V and a standard 20h capacity of 126Ah.

The battery is a sealed AGM VRLA battery and can be operated in practically any position, except upside-down.

But, it is a maintenance-free, spill-proof battery, which is a great improvement over wet/flooded lead-acid batteries.

On top of the battery, there is a pair of carrying handles, allowing the two adults to carry the battery to the shorter distances - we emphasize the "two adults"!

Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery comes with a pair of stud and SAE battery terminals, allowing the users to easily connect the battery, regardless of the application.

The battery features a CCA rating of 1225 Amps, an MCA rating of 1550 Amps, an HCA rating of 1730 Amps, a 5s PHCA rating of 2250 Amps (hence the name) and features a Reserve Capacity value of 240 minutes.

Obviously, the battery features excellent cranking characteristics and can start surprisingly large gas and diesel engines.

But, the battery also tolerates up to 400 charging/discharging cycles down to 80% DoD, with the capacity loss down to 80% of the nominal capacity (20h, 126Ah).

When the DoD% is decreased, the number of supported charging/discharging cycles is increased:

- 80% DoD: up to 400 cycles,

- 70% DoD: up to 480 cycles,

- 60% DoD: up to 560 cycles,

- 50% DoD: up to 650 cycles,

- 40% DoD: up to 880 cycles,

- 30% DoD: up to 1050 cycles, etc.

Note: when the battery arrives, it comes with a very detailed Owner's Manual, so feel free to read it thoroughly before using the battery. Better safe than sorry.

Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery is an excellent low-temperature performer, operating even down to -40°F (-40°C) - and that is very cold!

As such, it is used in the most demanding automotive, marine and industrial applications.

The following Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery chart list constant power and constant current discharge values - data are given for a new, fully charged Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery being discharged down to 10.05 volts, at 25°C.

Note: again, down to 10.05 volts and not to "standard" 10.50 volts.

Time Watts
2 min. 7090 671.6 22.4 236.1
5 min. 4820 443.8 37.0 401.5
10 min. 3291 296.4 50.4 559.5
15 min. 2553 227.1 56.8 638.3
20 min. 2107 185.8 61.3 695.3
30 min. 1583 137.9 69.0 791.5
45 min. 1170 100.9 75.7 877.5
1 hour 937 80.2 80.2 937.0
2 hour 536 45.2 90.4 1072.0
3 hour 382 32.0 96.0 1146.0
4 hour 299 25.0 100.0 1196.0
5 hour 247 20.6 103.0 1235.0
8 hour 165 13.8 110.4 1320.0
10 hour 137 11.4 114.0 1370.0
20 hour 76 6.3 126.0 1520.0

As one can see, like all other AGM batteries, Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery also features capacity loss with the increase of discharge current/power, but that capacity loss is better than most similar AGM battery - 1h capacity is ~63.65% of its nominal 20h capacity, while most AGM batteries are in the 55-60% range.

Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery is built using thin pure lead plates (so-called Thin Plate Pure Lead TPPL technology) and features a relatively low self-discharge rate of 1.25% per month when the battery is stored at room temperature.

Combined with the fact that the battery tolerates very low discharges, Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery can be left in storage even longer than 2 years at lower temperatures - as soon as its voltage reaches 12.6 volts, it should be fully recharged.

Personally, if You are going to store the Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery for a longer period of time, fully charge it and store it in a cool area connected to the quality battery maintainer - it is not a cheap battery, so taking care of it is highly recommended.

 How to Charge the Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) Battery?

When the battery is connected to the electric system of the boat, vehicle, or some industrial application that features a proper battery charger, let the charger keep the battery charged.

However, if the battery is charged in the workshop or similar, using a battery charger, there are a few things to consider.

Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery supports rapid charging using large currents but with limited voltage - Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery charging voltage should never exceed 15 volts!

For example, when the battery is discharged down to 100% DoD, it can be quickly recharged:

Recharged Capacity % Inrush Current (Amps)
91.2A (0.8C10) 182.4A (1.6C10) 354A (3.1C10)
60% 44 min 20 min 10 min
80% 60 min 28 min 14 min
100% 90 min 50 min 30 min

Note: During such charging, it is also highly recommended to monitor the battery's temperature. Again, for more details of such charging, please check the Owner's Manual.

Personally, in order to prolong the battery's lifetime, it is recommended to charge the battery with an advanced AGM battery with the maximum charging current in the 15-25 Amps range and a temperature probe to compensate the charging voltage according to the local/battery temperature.

noco geniuspro25

One of the recommended models is NOCO Genius PRO25 Advanced Battery Charger (Amazon link, opens in the new window) - this is a multifunction intelligent battery charger, intended to charge 6V (25A), 12V (25A), and 24V (12.5A), flooded, Gel-cell, AGM and Lithium batteries.

Also, it can be used to recover deeply discharged batteries and can detect battery sulfation and acid stratification, etc. It is not a cheap battery charger, but neither are the batteries charged by this unit.

Of course, there are other suitable chargers on the market.

Advanced AGM battery chargers with lower maximum charging current can also be used, but that will prolong the battery charging time.

However, it is recommended to charge the battery with at least 10 Amps battery chargers.

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Long Story Short: With its estimated float life of 8-12 years and service life of 3-10 years, Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) battery is a common choice for BCI 6T battery applications - these batteries are somewhere between BCI Group 31 Batteries and BCI Group 4D, 6D and 8D Batteries in terms of size and performances.

When compared with large lithium batteries, Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) is heavy and doesn't support a large number of charging/discharging cycles like typical deep discharge lithium batteries.

However, it can operate at temperatures where lithium batteries are useless and can provide strong currents that are beyond the reach of deep discharge lithium batteries.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Odyssey PC2250 (ODS-AGM6M) Battery Amazon link (link opens in the new window).