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Duracell 300W Portable Power Station/Solar Generator

Duracell 300W Portable Power Station/Solar Generator is a compact and relatively lightweight unit designed for various outdoor activities like camping, fishing, RV, and similar, but also for power outages, emergencies, etc.

Despite the size, the Duracell 300W portable solar generator features a long list of output ports and can be recharged in many ways, helping the user to power various AC and DC (12V, USB) devices.

Published: November 8, 2023.

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Duracell 300W Solar Generator Features and Specifications

As its label says, the Duracell 300W Solar Generator features a maximum output power of 300W, which is enough for smaller AC appliances and devices.

Note: just to be sure, always check the required power of the device/appliance you are going to connect to the Duracell 300W Solar Generator. For example, most smaller camping refrigerators are below 100W and can be powered by a Duracell 300W Solar Generator, but full-size home refrigerators are too large.

The physical dimensions of the Duracell 300W Solar Generator are (L x W x D) 8.5 x 6.2 x 6.3 inches (21.5 x 15.8 x 16.2 cm) and it weighs only 7.5 pounds (13.4 kg) - we say only since the unit is light enough to be carried in a stronger, more robust backpack, for example.

For carrying to shorter distances, the unit comes with a foldable handle.

Duracell 300W Solar Generator features a built-in 20Ah 14.6V lithium battery, which is able to store ~292Wh of energy - of course, some of the energy is wasted due to energy losses, but the user can expect at least real 250Wh to be available.

Note:  The battery retains at least ~80% of its nominal capacity even after 1000 charging/discharging cycles.

Duracell 300W Solar Generator comes with many safety protection features, including:

  • Over&Under Temperature Protection,
  • Short Circuit Protection,
  • Overload Protection,
  • Battery Over Charge and Over Discharge Protection,
  • DC Input Reverse Polarity Protection.

Nonetheless, when the unit arrives, be sure to read the Owner's Guide/manual to get accustomed to your new portable power station/solar generator.

The unit's operating temperature is 32-104°F (0-40°C), and the recommended storage temperature is 42-85°F (6-29°C) - for short, use it and store it at room temperature.

When the unit is stored, it is recommended that the battery be recharged every 3-6 months.

Also, when being purchased, the unit is delivered with the battery in semi-charged conditions (regulations!) and must be fully recharged before the very first use.

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Duracell 300W Solar Generator Ports

Duracell 300W Solar Generator comes with a long list of output ports, including:

  • 2x USB-A Port (Output): 5V (2.4A per port),
  • 1x USB-A Fast Charge Port (Output): 5V (3A), 9V (2A), 12V (1.5A), 18W Max,
  • USB-C Port (Input/Output): 60W,
  • 2x 120V AC Port (Output, Pure Sine Wave): 120V, 60Hz (300W continuous, 600W Peak),
  • 13V Cigarette Lighter Port (Output): 13V DC up to 10A,
  • 2x DC Port (Output): 13V up to 5A per port,
  • DC Charging Port (Input): 12-30V @3.78A (110W Maximum) DC4017 connector.

As one can see, the Duracell 300W Solar Generator comes with two charging ports, not just one, which allows faster charging when both are used.

Charging times depend on the charging method, and for charging the battery from 100% DoD (0% SoC) to 20% DoD (80% SoC), it takes:

  • Wall Charger (72W Charger): 5-6h,
  • Solar Panels: 4-5h,
  • Car Charger: 8-9h (12V), 4-5h (24V),
  • Type C Charger (60W): 6-7h,
  • Wall Charger (72W Charger) + Type C Charger (60W): 3-4h.

Note: by default, Duracell 300W Solar Generator doesn't come with a solar panel, but Duracell offers Duracell 300W Solar Generator as a unit and in kit with a 100W solar panel. If you don't have a suitable foldable solar panel, go for the Duracell 300W Solar Generator/Solar Panel kit.

duracell 300w with solar panel

Although the Duracell 300W Solar Generator supports pass-through charging, it can significantly slow down the charging process, even when both Wall Charger (72W) and Type C Charger (60W) are used combined.

For example, the combined power of these two chargers is ~130W, but if the output power of the unit is more than that, the battery will actually be discharged, not charged.

Other interesting features include:

  • LCD screen shows remaining battery percentage, remaining runtime, total output power, DC port On/Off, USB port On/Off, USB-C port On/Off, AC port On/Off, Cooling Fan On/Off, Overload warning, and Overtemperature warning.
  • USB-C (60W) has an auto-detect feature, while other ports must be manually turned On.
  • AC ports turn Off automatically after two hours of inactivity.
  • DC port and Car charger port turn off automatically after eight hours of inactivity.
  • LED flashlight supports Low, High, and SOS light modes.

As one can see, the Duracell 300W Solar Generator/Portable Power Station has some very interesting features regardless of its physical dimensions and affordable price. But, just like many similar units, it should NOT be used as a UPS.

Duracell 300W Solar Generator comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

duracell 300w power station mLong Story Short: If you are looking for a small and lightweight but versatile power station/solar generator at an affordable price, consider this one - it features pure sine wave 300W AC output (600W surge), it can power/recharge several devices at the same time, it supports pass-through charging, doesn't require much storage area, etc.

And if you don't have a suitable 100W solar panel, note that Duracell also offers this unit in combination with a 100 solar panel.

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