Best Portable Power Banks/Chargers

Portable power banks are small, sometimes pocket-size devices suitable for recharging smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and similar devices.

Portable power banks store energy at onboard lithium batteries and recharge devices via various USB ports or by implementing wireless charging.

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Power banks themselves may be recharged using wall chargers, via USB ports, using the built-in solar panels, etc. In many ways, portable power banks/chargers resemble portable power stations, except that power banks/chargers are smaller and lighter.

Various means of charging combined with different charging ports for charging other devices, make power banks very flexible and versatile devices, very popular not only among travelers, campers, hikers, etc. but also among all the people that want to have energy reserve for emergencies and other off-the-grid situations.

In order to increase their versatility even further, many power banks also feature additional LED flashlights which can come in very handy when, for example, camping.

Thanks to the standardization, many devices featuring high-capacity lithium batteries also feature USB charging ports suitable for charging smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and other similar devices.

For example, many car jump starters also feature USB charging ports combined with LED flashlights. Similarly, some power tools' batteries also feature USB charging ports, etc.

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However, small, compact, lightweight power banks are a class of their own. And as the number of energy-hungry devices is increasing, so does the importance of having a good power bank, ready to be used at the moment's notice.

When looking for a new power bank, pay attention to the unit's physical dimensions and weight, battery capacity, available charging ports, if the unit features wireless charging, compatible devices, and of course, the price.

But, considering all pros and cons, most of the power banks are rather cheap units that come at really acceptable prices.

Here is the list of our latest Power Banks reviews, ordered according to the added date:

Hiluckey HI-S025 25000 mAh Solar Power Bank

hiluckey hi s025 power bank mHiluckey HI-S025 25000 mAh Solar Power Bank is a relatively compact solar power bank with four foldable solar panels and with two 5.0V USB charging ports, suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, in emergencies, but also in everyday situations.

Hiluckey HI-S025 25000 mAh Solar Power Bank is compatible with the most 5V USB devices, ensuring fast charging even when being off-the-grid.

Errbbic S1008D 20000 mAh Solar Power Bank

errbbic s1008d 20000mah solar power bank mErrbbic S1008D 20000 mAh Solar Power Bank is a versatile portable USB charger, suitable for everyday use, but also for camping, backpacking, hiking, in emergencies, and other off-the-grid situations.

Errbbic S1008D 20000 mAh Solar Power Bank is a robust and tough unit, with increased protection against water, dust, and mechanical impacts.

With affordable price and many features, it is one of the most popular portable USB chargers on the market.

Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger

anker powercore 1000 mAnker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger is one of the lightest and smallest 10000mAh portable power banks, featuring high-speed charging technologies supporting most of the modern phones, tablets, and other devices that are charged via USB port.

Thanks to its compact and robust design, affordable price, the Anker PowerCore 10000 Portable Charger is one of the most popular portable phone chargers, highly appreciated by its users.

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