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BONAI 20000mAh Power Bank/Portable Charger

BONAI 20000mAh Power Bank/Portable Charger is a relatively compact and sturdy power bank intended for fast recharging of up to 4 different devices with an output current of up to 4.8 Amps, total.

Also, the BONAI 20000mAh Power Bank/Portable Charger features two input ports (4 Amps total), ensuring fast recharging of the internal lithium polymer battery.

The unit is suitable for recharging a broad range of USB-charged devices, including iPhone 8 (6.9 charges), iPhone 11 (4.1 charges), iPhone XR (4.3 charges), Galaxy S7 (~5 charges), Galaxy S20 (3.2 charges), etc.

Published: October 18, 2021.

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BONAI 20000mAh Power Bank Features and Specifications

BONAI 20000mAh Power Bank features physical dimensions of 5.9 x 2.8 x 0.75 inches (~15 x 7.1 x 1.9 cm) and features a built-in high-capacity lithium-polymer battery, ensuring compact dimensions, considering the energy it is able to store.

Also, the body is made from durable aluminum, ensuring good resistance to vibrations and mechanical impacts.

BONAI 20000mAh Power Bank is a handheld power bank that comes in several colors, including Black, Rose Gold, Silver, Red, and Mint Green.

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BONAI 20000mAh portable charger features 4 output USB ports, allowing the user to charge 4 devices at the same time with up to 4.8 Amps total.

Also, the unit features two input ports for charging the internal battery, including one Micro-USB port and one Apple 8-pin Lightning cable port (cable is NOT included).

Thus, it is possible to recharge the internal battery:

- charging using one micro USB cable with 5V/2A adapter: 10~12 hours to full charge,

- charging using the Lightning cable with 5V/2A adapter: 13~15 hours to full charge,

- charging using one micro USB cable and lightning cable with two 5V/2A adapters: 6~8 hours to full charge.

Note: for safety reasons, lithium batteries are delivered in semi-charged conditions - before the very first use, be sure to fully charge the device.

bonai 20000mah 4 port power bank 2

BONAI 20000mAh portable charger feature four indicator lights on the front side, signaling the user remaining battery charge:

- 0~1 Lights: 0~25% Capacity,

- 1~2 Lights: 25~47% Capacity,

- 2~3 Lights: 47~69% Capacity,

- ‚Äč3~4 Lights: 69~100% Capacity.

bonai 20000mah 4 port power bank mLong Story Short: Although BONAI 20000mAh portable charger requires at least 6-8 hours to have its battery recharged, however when recharged, it holds the charge for quite some time, and is able to recharge a broad range of various USB devices like smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and similar.

For people often going off-the-grid (travelers, campers, hikers, etc), BONAI 20000mAh portable charger can be an excellent companion. Also, in emergencies, it allows its users to recharge telecommunication devices when most needed.

And thanks to its size, it can easily fit backpacks, purses, and even larger pockets.

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