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Hiluckey HI-S025 25000 mAh Solar Power Bank

Hiluckey HI-S025 25000 mAh Solar Power Bank is a relatively compact solar power bank with four foldable solar panels and with two 5.0V USB charging ports, suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, in emergencies, but also in everyday situations.

Hiluckey HI-S025 25000 mAh Solar Power Bank is compatible with the most 5V USB devices, ensuring fast charging even when being off-the-grid.

Published: August 20, 2021.

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Hiluckey HI-S025 Solar Power Bank Features and Specifications

Hiluckey HI-S025 Solar Power Bank is a relatively compact and lightweight solar power bank. Its physical dimensions are 6.1 x 1.37 x 3.35 inches (~155 x 35 x 85 mm) with folded solar panels and 6.1 x 13.9 inches (~155 x 353 mm) with solar panels unfolded.

Also, it weighs ~1.2 pounds (~540 g).

Hiluckey HI-S025 Solar Power Bank is available in several colors, including black, blue, and orange.

The unit features a large 25000 mAh (25 Ah) 3.7V lithium polymer battery being able to store a respectable 92.5Wh of energy, which is enough to recharge most smartphones 8-10 times and most tablets 3-4 times.

For example, it can recharge iPhone 8 8 times, Samsung S8 6.4 times, and the iPad mini 4 3.5 times.

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Hiluckey HI-S025 comes with two 5.0 USB charging ports with a maximum output current of 2.1 Amps.

Also, it features 5.0V 1.8 Amps recharging port - with a 2 Amps wall charger it takes 12-15 hours to recharge the battery, and with a 1 Amp wall charger, it takes longer, up to 25-26 hours to fully charge it.

Hiluckey HI-S025 comes with 4 foldable solar panels providing a total of 5W and that can charge the unit with 1 Amp - in ideal conditions, solar panels can fully recharge the battery in 3-4 days (remember that this is a 25 Ah battery).


Unit comes with D-Ring, allowing the user to hook up the unfolded unit and recharge it while walking, hiking and similar - such solar charging conditions are not ideal, but it will collect some sunlight and charge the battery as much as it can. And that is much more than solar power banks with a single solar panel.

ipx7 waterproof

Hiluckey HI-S025 is a strong and durable unit, designed to withstand water, dust, and mechanical impacts - feel free to use it outdoors, but don't abuse it.

According to the manufacturer, Hiluckey HI-S025 features IPX7 waterproof rating.

Note: IPX7 waterproof rating means that the device is resistant to immersion in water, up to a meter deep, for 30 minutes. Personally, Hiluckey HI-S025 is a good solar phone charger that can withstand some splashing water (IPX4 or IPX5), but IPX7 ... not 100% sure. IMHO, of course...

Hiluckey HI-S025 also comes with 9 LED flashlight, which features three light modes including continuous, strobe and SOS.

hiluckey hi s025 power bank mLong Story Short: If You are looking for a solar phone charger and large foldable solar panels are too large and solar phone chargers with a single solar panel are too small then consider this model.

It has two charging ports, a rather large 25000 mAh battery, 4 (four) foldable solar panels providing up to 5W of charging power, an LED flashlight, etc. All in all, it is a very balanced design that comes at an affordable price.

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