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Pulsar G450RN Portable Inverter Generator

Pulsar G450RN Portable Inverter Generator is a relatively compact power generator that offers low-noise operation, simple use, and maintenance.

Also, it is a 4000W inverter generator with Eco-Mode, remote start, and is parallel-ready, making it suitable for many situations ranging from blackouts and emergencies to camping, tailgating, and similar.

Published: August 14, 2023.

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Pulsar G450RN Portable Inverter Generator

Pulsar G450RN power generator is powered by a 224cc gasoline engine, ensuring 3700 Running Watts and 4500 Starting Watts.

The gas tank features a capacity of 3.4 gallons (~12.9 liters), providing enough fuel for 11h of operation at 50% load.

The engine comes with remote start, electric start, and as backup, manual recoil start - the remote start feature allows the user to start the unit from a distance of 80 feet (~24m) which is a great feature that can come in handy in many situations.

The unit features fully enclosed construction keeping the noise levels relatively low at 64dB.

The list of receptacles includes:

  • AC: 120V Duplex 5-20R, 120V 30A TT-30R,
  • DC: 12V 8A, USB 5V 2.1A.

Note: A 12V 8A battery charger should be used to charge medium lead-acid batteries. If you are going to charge large deep-cycle batteries, especially large(r) deep-cycle lithium batteries that may be charged with 20-50+ Amps, use a dedicated battery charger and connect it to one of the 120V AC ports. Also, Pulsar G450RN is strong enough to power more than one such battery charger...

For example:

If the Pulsar G450RN power generator operates at 50% load (1850W) and is powering a high-power battery charger with 85% energy efficiency, it can be used to recharge ~17kWh during its 11h of operation on a single battery charge.

This 17kWh can be used to recharge deep-cycle batteries, for example, 29V (two 12V batteries connected in series charged to 14.5V each) and ~585Ah battery pack. And that is a lot of energy ...

The physical dimensions of the generator are (L x W x H) 27.5 x 21 x 23.5 inches (~70 x 54 x 60 cm), and it weighs ~102 pounds (~46.2 kg) dry.

Pulsar G450RN power generator comes with built-in handles that allow two adults to lift and even carry the unit to very short distances.

But, the unit also comes with a very convenient telescopic handle which, combined with a pair of transport wheels, allows one adult to easily pull the unit to shorter distances.

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One of the very important Pulsar G450RN features is that it is an inverter generator, meaning that:

  • it features Eco-Mode for improved fuel economy in certain situations,
  • it is a parallel-ready unit,
  • it provides output AC voltage with relatively low THD levels.

Also, Pulsar G450RN comes with standard safety features, including 3 indicator LEDs (Output Ready, Overload, Low Oil), electric breakers, etc.

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Pulsar G450RN portable inverter power generator comes with a limited 3-year warranty and is EPA, CARB, CSA certified.

Also, it comes at a rather acceptable price.

Pulsar G450RN doesn't support dual-fuel operation, it doesn't come with Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, it doesn't feature Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor/alarm, etc., but all in all, it is a good product, simple to use, and maintain.

Note: when the unit arrives, be sure to read the manual/Owner's Guide thoroughly in order to familiarize yourself with a new power generator. Also, keep the Owner's Guide close by, just in case. And always, but really always, use your power generator outside - the open garage door, for example, is NOT outside.

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