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Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator is one of the quietest inverter power generators on the market and despite its size and price, it is also a rather popular portable inverter power generator.

As such, the Westinghouse iGen4500 power generator is commonly used for camping, tailgating, in emergencies, and similar situations where its output power combined with extra quiet operation provides the user with ample of power without much disturbance.

Published: November 4, 2021.

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Westinghouse iGen4500 Generator Features and Specifications

Westinghouse iGen4500 is a portable generator, but it is not small and lightweight - its physical dimensions are (L x W x H) 24.5 x 17.5 x 20 inches (~62.2 x 44.5 x 50.8 cm) and it weighs 104.7 pounds (~47.4 kg) without fuel.

Due to the dimensions, Westinghouse iGen4500 comes with a pair of carrying handles, allowing at least two adults to carry the unit around.

Also, Westinghouse iGen4500 features a pair of transport wheels and a telescopic handle, allowing one adult to easily move the unit on the flat terrain if required.

The unit is powered by a 224cc 4-stroke OHV engine, featuring manual recoil start, electric start, and a remote fob.

When the Eco mode is used, the engine speed is variable, improving the fuel economy - Eco mode should be used for smaller, continuous loads. When the unit is used to power tools and larger appliances, turn the Eco mode off.

Note: like all other power generators, Westinghouse iGen4500 should NOT be used indoors - during operation, it burns fuel and emits fumes that contain very dangerous and lethal Carbon Monoxide (CO). When the Westinghouse iGen4500 arrives, be sure to read the Owner's Guide/manual, especially safety warnings.

Manual recoil start should be used only as a backup starting method since electric start via the press of a button or remote fob saves time and effort.

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Westinghouse iGen4500 features 3700 Running Watts and 4500 Surge Watts, with THD levels ≤3% - it is a true inverter power generator and features very low Total Harmonic Distortions (THD) levels, allowing the unit to be used for powering sensitive tools and appliances directly.

Fuel tank capacity is 3.4 gallons (~12.8 liters) providing the runtime of 18 hours @25% (925 watts) load - Westinghouse iGen4500 power generator uses unleaded gasoline (gas) containing up to 10% of ethanol.

Note: stale fuel or unapproved fuels (like E15 or E85) can cause issues with engine operation and may even damage the engine, rendering the warranty void.

Recommended oil for Westinghouse iGen4500 is 10W30 engine oil - if the power generator is used in extreme temperatures, other oil types should be used:

- 5W30 engine oil for extremely cold weather,

- 10W40 engine oil for very hot weather.

Note: for exact temperatures and oil types, check the documentation that comes with the unit.

Despite its output power, Westinghouse iGen4500 is one of the quietest inverter power generators on the market generating only 52 dB of noise @25% (925W) load.

Of course, as the output power is increased, so are the noise levels, but they are still more than acceptable.

Such low noise levels are possible thanks to the high-quality engine muffler and the enclosed body construction.

Westinghouse iGen4500 Control Panel and Outlets

control panel

Westinghouse iGen4500 features a control panel at the front of the unit.

Output ports include 120V 20A AC 5-20R Duplex, 120V 30A AC TT-30R, and 2x USB (2.1A, 1A) 5.0 volts ports. All receptacles feature physical protection which protects them from sand, dust, and even moisture/rain - nonetheless, the Westinghouse iGen4500 generator should NOT be used exposed to rain, snow, and similar weather conditions.

As such, the Westinghouse iGen4500 inverter generator is RV ready power generator and is able to power almost all most popular loads, including smaller RV AC units combined with other loads.

Also, Westinghouse iGen4500 features a so-called LED Data Center showing fuel level, power output, remaining runtime, current and voltage output, and the unit's lifetime hours.

Safety features include output ready, overload protection, and automatic low oil engine shut-off feature.

The Westinghouse iGen4500 is a parallel ready generator, allowing the user to combine two compatible units in order to provide more power. The following comparison chart lists output power levels when the Westinghouse iGen4500 generator (the first generator connected in parallel) is combined with some of the compatible units:

Second Generator Rated Power (W)
Running Amps (A)
Starting Amps (A)
iGen4500 6000 50 75
iGen4500DF 6000 50 75
iGen2600 5900 49.1 59.1
iGen2500 5900 49.1 58.3
iGen2200 5500 45.8 56.6
iGen1200 4700 38.3 47.5

One of the most common parallel kits used for the Westinghouse iGen4500 generator is a Westinghouse 50 Amp Inverter Generator Parallel Cord.

50 amps parallel kit

Westinghouse 50 Amp Inverter Generator Parallel Cord (Amazon link, opens in the new window) allows the user to connect two compatible Westinghouse power generators in parallel. Also, it provides the user with an additional 120/240V 14-50R power outlet.

Westinghouse iGen4500 comes with a 3-year limited residential warranty and a 1-year commercial warranty.

 Westinghouse iGen4500 Battery

Westinghouse iGen4500 generator comes with a starting battery that is used to crank the engine when the electric or remote start is used.

When the unit comes, the battery is disconnected and must be connected prior to the very first use.

After the engine starts, the unit automatically recharges the built-in battery, requiring no additional maintenance tasks from the user.

However, when the unit is stored and the unit is not being used for a longer period of time, it is recommended to recharge the battery once a month using a charging port on the Control Panel and provided battery charger.

Westinghouse iGen4500 Maintenance Tasks

Regular maintenance is required in order to ensure proper operation and to prolong the operating life of the unit.

Most common maintenance tasks include checking the levels of engine oil, changing the oil, cleaning and replacing the air filter, checking and cleaning the spark arrestor, checking, cleaning and replacing the spark plug, replacing the fuel filter, checking and adjusting valve clearance, etc.

Power generators are far from being the maintenance-free units, Westinghouse iGen4500 generator included, but all these tasks are rather simple to do, especially when following the instructions with pictures.

For the exact timing of specific maintenance tasks, check the Owner's Guide.

Note: when the unit is operated in adverse conditions, maintenance intervals should be shorter than normal.

Westinghouse iGen4500 vs Westinghouse iGen4500DF

westinghouse igen4500df

Westinghouse iGen4500 and Westinghouse iGen4500DF are two very similar units differing practically only in the fact that Westinghouse iGen4500DF can operate using gasoline (gas) and propane.

Note: Westinghouse iGen4500DF - "DF" stands for "Dual Fuel".

When both units are running on the gas, they both feature 4500 Starting Watts and 3700 Running Watts.

When the Westinghouse iGen4500DF is running on propane, it features 4050 Starting Watts and 3330 Running Watts.

All other features are practically the same.

Because of the "Dual Fuel" feature, Westinghouse iGen4500DF power generator is a somewhat more expensive unit.

westinghouse igen4500 mLong Story Short: Westinghouse iGen4500 is not a small, ultralight, and cheap power generator - it is designed to be a robust and reliable power source that can be used in various situations like camping, fishing, hunting, tailgating, emergencies, and similar.

Also, it features 3700 Running Watts and 4500 Starting Watts, combined with the inverter electronics which ensures THD levels below 3%.

Relatively large fuel tank offer long runtime on a single fuel tank, especially when the load allows the use of Eco mode, which further improves the fuel economy.

Despite being far from the cheapest unit on the market, Westinghouse iGen4500 is definitely one of the most popular portable inverter power generators in its class.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the Westinghouse iGen4500 Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator Amazon link (link opens in the new window).