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BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter

BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter is a very popular compact DC/AC inverter, suitable for powering smaller loads via a pair of 110 AC outlets and for charging devices using its two USB charging ports.

BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter may be connected to any 12V battery using its alligator battery clamps or to the car's cigarette lighter port using the cigarette lighter plug.

Published: February 22, 2021.

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BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter Features and Specifications

Depending on the power source, BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter is able to provide:

- connected to the 12V battery using alligator clamps: 500W continuously, 1000W surge,

- connected to the 12V cigarette lighter port: 150W continuously.

BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter is modified sine wave Power Inverter that accept voltages between 11 and 15 volts. It is not designed to be connected to 24 volts systems - such voltage may damage the unit and render its 18 months warranty void.

Note: most cars feature cigarette lighter port protected with 10 Amps fuse and with car voltage being 12.5-13.0 volts, which translates to approximately 120 VA, or 100W effectively. If the engine is running and if the voltage is increased up to 13.4-14.0 volts (or slightly more), one may expect 140-150 VA (input) or 120-130W effectively (output).

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Also, BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter features two AC outlets and two smart USB 5V charging ports with a maximum current of 4.8 Amps (2.4 Amps per port) - USB ports are 'smart' and they automatically adjust charging current according to the device being connected and charged.

Note: if one needs to charge a device with more than 5V and 2.4 Amps, simply connect the charger to the AC port directly and charge it.

BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter Safety Features

In order to prevent any accident, BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter features several safety features, including overheating protection, under/overvoltage charging, overload protection, and short circuit protection.


Also, on the back side of the housing, there are two 40 Amps fuses placed externally - one needs a small screwdriver to remove their protection in order to replace them.

During operation BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter is very quiet. The only movable part is cooling fan withing its housing, protecting the unit from overheating - be sure that air ports are free and that cooling air can easily some in and out of the unit.

What's in the Box?

When BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter arrives, its box contains:

- 1 (one) BESTEK 500W Power Inverter,

- 1 (one) Cigarette Lighter Plug (27.5 inches, ~70 cm),

- 2 (two) Alligator Battery Clamps Red/Black (24 inches, ~61 cm),

- 2 (two) Spare 40A Fuses,

- 1 (one) User Manual.

Note: BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter is very simple to use Power Inverter, but when it arrives, before the very first use, please, read the User Manual in order to get accustomed to your new inverter - better safe than sorry.

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Recommended Battery for BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter

The recommended battery for BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter depends on the user's need to power 110V AC loads - time and actual wattage.

For example, if the BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter is connected the cigarette lighter port, it may draw up to 10 Amps continuously.

One hour of such load can discharge the car's battery by 10Ah, which should not be a problem for modern car battery with 50+ Ah capacity, even if it is starting battery, not designed for deep cycle applications.

However, few hours of such use may discharge the battery almost fully, preventing it from cranking the engine next time the user tries it.

mighty max ml75 12 mWhen going camping, hunting, fishing and simply enjoying outdoors, it is a good practice to have a spare, deep cycle battery and use it for powering inverters and required 110 volts loads.

For example, Mighty Max ML75-12 12V 75Ah Battery is able to provide ~580 watts for one hour constantly (586.2W down to 9.6 volts, 543.0W down to 10.8 volts), allowing the BESTEK MRI5011BU to operate at full power for an hour.

If longer operating times are needed, larger and heavier batteries are required, unless more expensive (at least initially) lithium batteries are used.

bestek mri5011bu mLong Story Short: BESTEK MRI5011BU 500W Power Inverter is one of the most popular power inverters in it class - it is well designed and built unit, reliable and robust and can be used in various situations, in the car, on the boar, during camping, etc.

If you are looking for versatile power inverter in the 500W range, consider this unit - it has been tested by countless users and it passed the tests with flying colors.

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