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GoWISE PS1002 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter

GoWISE PS1002 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter is a simple but robust and reliable power inverter with a nominal output power of 1000W and surge power of 2000W.

As a pure sine wave power inverter, the GoWISE PS1002 power inverter is suitable for powering various sensitive devices at home, in RVs, boats, cars, trucks, etc., during emergencies or blackouts, or simply as part of an off-the-grid electric system.

Published: August 27, 2022.

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GoWISE PS1002 Power Inverter Features and Specifications

GoWISE PS1002 power inverter is a 1000 Watt pure sine wave power inverter, designed to be a reliable unit that comes in a rather sturdy and robust casing with improved passive cooling.

GoWISE PS1002 power inverter provides 1000 Watts continuously and 2000 surge Watts, and it comes with a set of safety features, including:

  • Thermal protection (149ºF±40ºF; 65ºC±5ºC) combined with temperature controlled cooling fan,
  • Overload protection,
  • Over-Voltage protection,
  • Under-Voltage protection,
  • Low-Voltage protection alarm.

These features improve the unit's overall safety and protect both the battery and the power inverter.

However, the GoWISE PS1002 power inverter doesn't feature electronic reverse polarity protection, requiring the DC circuit from the battery to the inverter to be equipped with a disconnect and over-current device (circuit breaker, fuse).


Also, the GoWISE PS1002 power inverter comes with a remote control unit with a 15 feet (~4.6m) long control cable and a pair of battery cables (one black, one red) intended for connecting the battery to the inverter.

The unit's front panel features output ports, an ON/Off switch, output ports, control LEDs, and a remote cable port.

When the unit is not in use, be sure to turn it off to prevent it from discharging the battery - the unit draws a small current when turned ON, even without the external load.

Note: GoWISE PS1002 power inverter features energy efficiency of ~90%, but when doing calculations regarding the wire thickness, the power inverter's maximum power requires ~12V 100A, and surge power requires ~12V 200A - and that is a lot of currents.

GoWISE PS1002 power inverter features three output ports, including:

  • two 120V AC,
  • one 5.0V/1.0A USB charging port.

Note:  Yes, the maximum charging current of a USB port is "only" 1 (one) Amp.

The physical dimensions of the inverter are ~11.5 x 5.5 x 3 (~29.1 x 14 x 7.6 cm) and it weighs 5.3 pounds (~2.4 kg).

The casing is designed with passive cooling in mind, regardless of its position or orientation.

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GoWISE PS1002 power inverter is very easy to use and maintain, but when it arrives, be sure to read the Owner's Guide, just in case.

How To Dimension Battery (or Battery Pack) For GoWISE PS1002 Power Inverter

Well, it all depends on the planned output power and the required length of operation.

First of all, lead-acid starting batteries are not suitable for powering this or any other 300-500+ Watts power inverters over a longer period of time.

In an emergency, if You must recharge your smartphone to contact emergency services, feel free to connect it to the car battery, and recharge the smartphone (no need to recharge it completely) using either a USB charging port or a USB charger connected to one of the 120V AC ports.

After that start your car/truck to recharge the car's/truck's battery, although this is not absolutely necessary if the battery was (almost) completely charged.

But what if You intend to power more appliances over a longer period of time? In that case, go for 12V lithium batteries that are able to provide at least 100 Amps continuously and at least 200 Amps surge power.

For example, Ampere Time 12V 100Ah Lithium Battery can provide 100A continuously and 280A for 5 seconds and features a nominal voltage of 12V.

That means that if the GoWISE PS1002 power inverter is providing 500W, it draws from the battery:

Pbat (W) = 500 W/ 0.9 = ~555W

Since lithium batteries are energy more efficient than lead-acid batteries, they have their output voltage above 12V almost all the time during discharge. Thus:

Ibat (A) = 555W / 12V = ~46 Amps

With its 100Ah nominal capacity, Ampere Time 12V 100Ah and other similar 12V 100Ah lithium batteries can provide 46 Amps for at least 2 hours.

If a larger battery pack is required, the Ampere Time 12V 100Ah battery can be connected in parallel and series (4P/4S) in order to create battery packs up to 48V and 400Ah.

But, since GoWISE 1000W power inverter is a 12V device, perhaps it is much simpler to buy a larger deep cycle lithium battery, for example, a 12V 400Ah model, which can provide 46 Amps for at least 8 hours...

gowise ps1002 inverter mLong Story Short: GoWISE PS1002 power inverter features a one-year limited warranty and is a rather popular unit for various off-the-grid applications. Also, thanks to its affordable price, many people purchase GoWISE PS1002 or similar units "just in case" - they can come in very handy during blackouts for charging USB devices (tablets, smartphones) or smaller appliances like refrigerators, TVs, LED lights and similar.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the GoWISE PS1002 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Amazon link (link opens in the new window).