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DOKIO FFSP-200 220W 18V Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kit

DOKIO FFSP-200 220W 18V Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kit is a rather versatile and popular solar panel kit, suitable for camping, fishing, and similar off-the-grid trips and for emergencies.

DOKIO FFSP-200 solar panel kit is intended for charging various 12V batteries, including lead-acid, lithium-ion, and LiFePO4 batteries, for charging power stations/solar generators and for charging USB-charged devices.

For people who like to travel and camp and for people who want to be ready in emergencies, DOKIO FFSP-200 solar panel kit provides energy even during no-so-sunny days...

Published: October 24, 2022.

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DOKIO FFSP-200 220W 18V Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kit Features and Specifications

DOKIO FFSP-200 220W 18V Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kit is based on the 4 (four) 55W solar panels folded in an easy-to-carry bag.

When the solar panels are not in use, they are folded in the package with dimensions of 29 x 21 x 1.1 inches (~73 x 54 x 2.8 cm), and it weighs ~11.7 lbs (~5.3kg), requiring a little bit of storage space.

Also, the bag features handles, allowing one adult person to carry and position the DOKIO FFSP-200 solar panel.

When the solar panels are unfolded, the unit's dimensions are ~85 x 29 inches (~216 x 73 cm).

In ideal conditions, DOKIO FFSP-200 is able to provide up to 220W, with an open circuit voltage of 22.50V, maximum power voltage of 18.00V, short-circuit current of 12.36A, and maximum power current of 12.22.

In ideal conditions, DOKIO FFSP-200 solar panels are able to provide 220 watts, but in real life, the panels are able to provide ~140-170W, depending on the season, solar panel angle, weather, and similar.

Note: solar panels feature IP65 water/dust protection, but they should not be used outside during rain and bad weather. The solar charge controller should be kept away from moisture and direct sunlight.

Smart PWM DOKIO 20A solar charge controller features protection against reverse polarity, overcharging, low-voltage (over-discharging), and short-circuit.

What's In The Box?

whats in the box

When the unit arrives, the box contains:

  • 1x DOKIO 20A solar charge controller,
  • 1x JY60 to DC cable,
  • 1x 3.3 ft (1 m) XT60 to Alligator clip cable,
  • 1x 9.8 ft (3 m) SAE to XT60 cable.

Also, when the unit arrives, it is highly recommended to read the manual in order to get accustomed to your new solar panel kit, especially the functions of the DOKIO 20A solar charge controller.

How To Connect DOKIO Solar Panels

DOKIO FFSP-200 solar panel kit can be used to charge up to two USB-charged devices via charging ports on the solar charge controller.

connect batteries

When charging the 12V batteries, first connect the batteries to the charge controller, check the charging parameters and set new values if required, and then connect the solar panels.

connect power stations

When charging the power stations/solar generators, there is no need to use DOKIO 20A charge controller - first, connect SAE to XT60 cable to the solar panels, then JY60 to DC cable, and using one of the DC conversion adapters, connect the power station/solar generator.

Note: despite all these cables and adapters, it is not impossible to need another adapter/cable...

Example: Charging 12V 100Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery Using DOKIO FFSP-200 Kit

This is just an example of charging deep cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 12V 100Ah battery using a DOKIO FFSP-200 solar panel kit.

In order to charge such a battery, one has to:

  • Connect the battery to the charge controller using XT60/Alligator Clip cable,
  • Set the battery charging parameters, especially the battery type,
  • Connect the charge controller to the solar panel using XT60/SAE cable,
  • Position the solar panels to ensure maximum sunlight exposure.

In ideal laboratory conditions, solar panels are able to provide 220W, but in real life, 150-170W are good results. Also, the 20A DOKIO charge controller is a PWM controller with an efficiency of ~80%, leading to effective charging power of 120-136W.

With 120-136 effective Watts and an average charging voltage of ~13.5V (which may go from 11 to 14.4V), the average charging current is 8.9-10.1 Amps (~9.5 Amps).

So, to recharge a fully discharged 12V 100Ah lithium deep cycle battery, DOKIO FFSP-200 solar panel kit requires 11-12 hours of light.

Of course, this time can be shorter if solar panels are carefully positioned to collect more sunlight. Also, if You have an MPPT instead of a PWM charge controller, that can also speed up the charging process.

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Long Story Short: If You are looking for an all-in-1 solar panel kit, consider DOKIO FFSP-200 solar panel kit.

The kit includes foldable solar panels, a smart PWM solar battery charger, cables, and adapters. The kit is relatively lightweight, it doesn't require much storage space, and it comes at an acceptable price.

Also, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

If DOKIO 220W solar panel kit is not strong enough for your needs, DOKIO also offers a very similar 300W solar panel kit.

For more reviews and recommendations, feel free to check the DOKIO 220W and 300W 18V Foldable Solar Panel Kits Amazon link (the link opens in the new window).