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TogoPower TSP-120F 120W Foldable Solar Panel Charger

TogoPower TSP-120F is a lightweight and compact foldable solar panel charger that can be used for direct charging of smartphones, tablets, laptops, drones, cameras, and other similar telecommunication devices, electronic equipment, high-tech toys, etc.

TogoPower TSP-120F features maximum output power of 120W, two built-in USB charging ports, two adapter cables, a carrying case, etc. making it a very versatile and popular unit in its class.

Published: February 22, 2021.

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TogoPower TSP-120F Features and Specifications

TogoPower TSP-120F is a lightweight and foldable solar panel charger. It weighs 10.25 pounds (4.65 kg) and features physical dimensions of:

- Unfolded: 65.35 x 20.47 x 0.98 inches (~166 x 52 x 2.5 cm),

- Folded: 20.47 x 14.57 x 2.17 inches (~52 x 37 x 5.5 cm).

The unit features ECTFE (ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene - used in a heavy-duty corrosion applications) laminated solar panels, designed to be water-resistant (exact IPX level not provided by the manufacturer), making TogoPower TSP-120F solar panel charger suitable even for outdoor activities during bad weather.

Note: the junction box is NOT waterproof in any way and should be kept dry. Also, in bad weather, this (or any other) solar panel can produce only a fraction of power that can be produced during the periods of nice, sunny weather.

TogoPower TSP-120F features built-in charge controller with 1.5m Anderson 30A cable and two USB ports:

- USB QC3.0 (24W max),

- USB-C (PD 45W max).

Additional adapter cables include 3m Anderson 30A to DC 8mm (DC7909) adapter and 3m Anderson 30A to MC4 adapter, allowing the user to connect TogoPower TSP-120F to most battery-operated devices (power stations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) without additional adapters.


The charging port features a maximum of 18V and 6.6 Amps (~120 watts) output in ideal conditions. In real life, TogoPower TSP-120F can easily achieve 70 - 80 watts, and if the sky is clear and panels placed under proper angle, 100+ watts can be achieved.

TogoPower TSP-120F features a 12-months warranty.

Long Story Short: If You are looking for a lightweight and compact, foldable solar panel charger that can be easily carried and used when camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and similar, consider this unit.

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